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    Recommendation for $50,000-$65,000 SAN

    What's the application? Are you booting off the SAN? iSCSI or FC? Do you have an existing FC infrastructure? Looking for dumb storage or do you need snapshot, replication, etc...?
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    How much does it cost to leave a PC on overnight? This will tell you exactly what your power draw is. These are actually kinda handy. You'd be amazed at the amount of juice a lot of your...
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    10 GB Ethernet -- the advent of storage over ethernet

    Infiniband is not a storage interface, it's more ideal for clustering servers together. iSCSI is the way the market is going and this was true before 10Gb started shipping.
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    Vista x64 "Save as..." and "Open." window OFTEN freezes when trying to browse

    Nothing in the CD drives, although I am running Daemon Tools, although nothing is typically mounted. Other than that, not showing any mapped network drives or card readers in "My Computer".
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    Vista x64 "Save as..." and "Open." window OFTEN freezes when trying to browse

    When attempting to save a document or browse to open a file from within an ap, the dialogue box freezes for 10 secs or so when trying to browse to preferred save location. The ap shows as not responding. I don't have any mapped network drives and can't seem to find any other solution. This...
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    Seagate changes warranty from 5 year to 3 year on some models

    Seagate Updates Warranty Terms Effective January 3, 2009, Seagate will be making some important changes to its limited warranty terms for selected bare drive products. The warranty period for consumer electronics, notebook and personal storage bare drives sold to Seagate Authorized...
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    Vista for me? HTPC for Netflix and Slingbox

    Some of the new Samsung Blu players can stream Netflic content. If that is priority 1 it may not be a bad option for you.
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    protection for your gear

    Get something with Voltage Regulation and it should solve the issues you're seeing. TrippLite actually has has a live of Home Theater battery backups that do voltage regulation and power conditioning.
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    best blu-ray player software for windows xp?

    depends. Do you just want HD video or need something that will decode the advanced audio codecs? DTS-MA is pretty sweet if you have the ability to play it.
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    HTPC Video csrd that outputs 7.1 LPCM over HDMI

    Are there any cards other than the 4850 and 4870 that will output 8 channel uncompressed audio over HDMI? Looking for something low power if possible. No gaming, just movies, so audio capabilities are more important than video (as long as it will do 1080).
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    Comparing XBMC to an HTPC They have versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even instructions to use w/ Apple TV. You may want to try using the Live CD before you install. It's still in Alpha stage and as of a month or so ago when I played around with it, it's still a bit buggy. **Edit**...
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    HDMI cables

    HAHAHA. I have a similarly priced system and until recently bought into the spendy cables as well (Kimber, AudioQuest, Monster). They really make no difference as long as the cable is well constructed. There is a difference between cheap and inexpensive, but you are foolish for spending as...
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    How do you feel about Refurbish hard-drives?

    Just keep in mind what a refurb drive is. They don't "refurb" the drive, they just rewrite the servo data to the disk and slap a green label on it. Seagate claims that 95% of the RMAs they get back are no problem found.
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    Afforable Multiple Terabyte Storage Solution for NAS?

    I completely agree. There are many solutions out there (Infortrend, Promise) that offer rack mountable, RAID systems w/ hotswapable redundant components that are hardly a thrown togather system. Just because it doesn't say EMC or HDS on the front doesn't mean it's not more than adequate for an...
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    Afforable Multiple Terabyte Storage Solution for NAS?

    What about iSCSI? An iSCSI SAN will provide most of the benefits of FC without the expensive infrastructure. Also, are you using SAS or SATA drives? You should be able to get into a dual controller iSCSI system w/ 16 1TB SAS drives for about 1/3 of that pricepoint.
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    alternative to HTPC (ps3 + nas)?

    The only downside is that the PS3 is fairly limited compared to a HTPC in terms of what media formats it will play.
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    Unable to Play HD DVD or Blu Ray

    Did you download the updates to PowerDVD to support HD-DVD and Blu? I had to download updates before I could get any HD discs to play.
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    New Receiver Integra DTR-7.9

    And less cabling. If you're hanging a tv on the wall for example it's much easier to just string one HDMI cable to a receiver than hook all video sources direct to TV. Also, some do video processing. My Integra 9.8 has the HQV Reon chip in it and upscales everything to 1080P.
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    New Receiver Integra DTR-7.9

    Not anymore. That is a terrible analogy. Ford and Mercury would be more accurate. The Integra stuff is exactly the same as the Onkyo except for cosmetic differences and custom installer features (RS232 integration and such).
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    Asus SupremeFX II or Audigy2?

    I have the same soundcard on my ASUS board and I ended up putting my old Audigy II in the GF's Dell. The Supreme FX II is pretty slick for movies and music. Not much of a gamer, so can't comment on that.
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    Problems with my hard-disks

    Actually it's more of a used drive than a refurbished drive. All they do when you send them back is plug them into a machine that rewrites the servo data to the drive.
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    Seagate 1.5 TB starting to show up!

    They're always released to the OEMs before the channel. On a side note, the 2TB ES.2 SATA drives ship in May.
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    Seagate 1.5 TB starting to show up!

    I just got pricing on these as well, available Monday. We got 3 engineering samples of this drive a couple weeks ago. Pretty slick, but we're waiting on the NS version in early '09.
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    New Receiver Integra DTR-7.9

    Ha, i thought the same when I looked at their receivers. That note aside, I do really like Integra products. They lack polish in some aspects, but overall are a pretty solid product for the money. You really should have sprung for one of the units with the HQV Reon for processing. My DTC-9.8...
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    FS: RAID card, Monster cable, and misc...

    Monster Cable Z-Series, Z300 Ultra High-Resolution Precision Component Video Cable High End component video cables for analog applications. I used these on my Pioneer Elite HDTV and picture was suburb. 4Meter Z series component...
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    Upgrading my HTPC, A few parts questions...

    So any of the 4850s will do this? That is good to know. I just ordered all the rest of the components for my HTPC build the other day only to find that the 780G chipset (on my ASUS M3A78 Pro), will not pass 6 or 8 channel LPCM, only two channel. Kinda kills my plans dead in he water, guess I...
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    Upgrading my HTPC, A few parts questions...

    Which card are you referring to? All the 4850's I see are dual DVI and HDMI only though an adapter. It would have to be native HDMI to pass audio.
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    For HTPC, which is a better OS to use, XP or Vista?

    Vista is more resource intensive, but you do get access to DX10 and some other goodies. If it is strictly a HTPC, I'd go with one of the linux distros like ubuntu running MythTV as a front end. It's free, less of a resource hog, and overall makes a better HTPC. If it's being used as a PC...
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    SPDIF dropout issues w/ ASUS board

    I'll play around with it. I was really hoping it was software and not hardware, sending it in to ASUS is a pain.
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    SPDIF dropout issues w/ ASUS board

    Yes, used same cable.
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    SPDIF dropout issues w/ ASUS board

    I have an ASUS M3A78 Pro with on-board audio w/ SPDIF output. When connected up to a Denon receiver (via digital coax), the signal will intermittently drop out. I've tried rolling back the driver and get same issue. Output works fine when using the analog outputs to the receiver. I've also...
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    Chrome a security nightmare

    Hit Ctrl Shift N and chrome will open a new window in incognito mode, where it will not cache info or save browser history.
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    HTPC Sound solution

    Exactly. I have an ASUS M3A78 Pro that has the same 780G chipset with the HD-3200. If you go into the bios and assign 512mb of ram to the onboard video and it works quite well.
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    HTPC Sound solution

    Their TV should have an audio input on at least one of the HDMI ports for use with older devices that are DVI. In that case just run a DVI-HDMI cable for the video and a separate run for the sound. If their TV does not have this, then you're better off just ditching the 8800GT and using the...
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    6 cores?

    The only real benefit I can see to a 6 core chip would be running VM-Ware. Concurrently running multiple virtual machines would definitely benefit from such a CPU, but not much else at the moment.....
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    ASUS Crosshair, & SAS and SATA RAID cards

    bump, price on cards dropped...
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    ASUS Crosshair, & SAS and SATA RAID cards

    Moving in October / November. Need to clear out the closet. LSI MegaRAID SATA 150-6 6 port internal SATA RAID card, PCI-X. Supports RAID 0,1,5,10,50. $75 obo. LSI MegaRAID SAS 8408E SOLD TO sachem87184 PCI-E x8 SAS RAID card. 8 port internal. Supports RAID...
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    WTB Nvidia 590SLI or comperable board

    You still looking for a board? I have an ASUS Crosshair coming back from ASUS on RMA. Lan port died on origional board.