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  1. auntjemima

    Pictures of your DC rigs

  2. auntjemima

    Pictures of your DC rigs

    Unexpected maintenance....
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    [Debian 10 / Nextcloud] probably an easy problem...

    Over my head, sorry!
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    Long time pc gamer that loves pcs but age makes me like consoles now

    I WANT to enjoy console games, but I'll be honest, I cannot get the hang of the analog sticks. I can use them, sure, but do I trust my ability in a fast paced game or online? Nope. I avoided them as long as possible. On the ps1/2 and to an extent the PS3, I used the directional pad as much as...
  5. auntjemima

    [Debian 10 / Nextcloud] probably an easy problem...

    Try... /etc/init.d/nginx start I can't remember if this world's in Debian or not. Edit: replace start with restart or stop or status. Edit2: you need to be root to do this. So use Sudo.
  6. auntjemima

    Need help with CMOS battery.

    I have never seen a battery on anything newer that wasnt a CR2032. Older PC's sometimes had ones soldered on, but I don't think you can go wrong with the above.
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    The thing is, if it's rape related I would expect a mug shot, a bail hearing, something with law enforcement. Not a contract that was ended.
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    yeah, that was something.
  9. auntjemima

    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    Oh man, when he called you a MS shill I was HOWLING.
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    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    So! This medic service is an issue for newer installs. It will revert your old settings on the windows update service. The medic service is protected, however, and you cannot change its settings in the services window. You need to edit it in the registry. Go to...
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    Graphics Card Autopsy - MSI 980 Ti "Golden Edition"

    This thread is amazing,
  12. auntjemima

    How do you configure Windows to start/stop a service when opening/closing an application?

    I would make a batch file for the opening, but unsure on the closing. Probably able to be done the same way, but I don't know the commands.
  13. auntjemima

    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    But there is already SO MUCH software written for their phones that should be easily portable to the laptop, no?
  14. auntjemima

    Apple ARM Based MacBooks and iMacs to come in 2021

    I'm surprised Apple took this long to move chips to their laptops. They have been running in house chips in their phones for ages and they aren't any slouch.
  15. auntjemima

    unable to recover as many deleted files on ssd vs hdd

    I don't know if SSD's write sequentially, but if they do, and TRIM has flagged blocks at the beginning as empty or useable, I would expect it to write to them first.
  16. auntjemima

    Billy Mitchell Has His Guiness Book Of World Record Scores Reinstated.

    The guy does seem like quite the pretentious twat, but he has been witnessed beating scores live, so there isn't much to refute those claims.
  17. auntjemima

    Rate this soldering job?

    Pad coverage is fine, but you are looking for a concave "blob", or at the very least one that's like a cone. Less solder will do the job. Practice and you'll pick it up quickly.
  18. auntjemima

    Man, I miss power supply deals

    The deals are there to be had. I snagged an i5-6600k yesterday for $90.
  19. auntjemima

    Geforce 1660 Super overheating

    I haven't worried about anything less than 90C in ages.
  20. auntjemima

    What is a Ventus card?

    Never heard of it. I would avoid.
  21. auntjemima

    Intel Ice Lake CPUs Have a System Crashing Bug

    Yes. They will be bailed out long before they disappear.
  22. auntjemima

    Man, I miss power supply deals

    I buy used units on eBay. Managed to snag EVGA 1300w and 1600w units for $100 each. Just luck, I suppose.
  23. auntjemima

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revival

    I agree. I grabbed a v3 3000 from a thrift store a few years ago for $1.99 and put an old ATI rage fan on it. Had to wire it up to be powered from a system fan connector though. I don't think he's running them, so just for look, I wouldn't bother.
  24. auntjemima

    Mint Has Restored My Faith In Linux

    I have TONS of experience with both and I would pick Mint every day of the week.
  25. auntjemima

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revival

    Top to bottom, left to right. TNT2, ATI Mach64 with upgraded ram, Diamond Stealth II S220 (this is a Rendition card), Intel i740 and another TNT2.
  26. auntjemima

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revival

    Those are two v3's on the top?
  27. auntjemima

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Revival

    I have a few others as well ;)
  28. auntjemima

    Videocardz: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 pictured? (now thats different)

    Riots, looting, pandemics, murder hornets and NOW an upside-down, inside-out card? I'm out.
  29. auntjemima

    Project CARS 3

    Interesting they showed it on the PS4. Still looks good though. I don't see much improvement over 2 though, unless I am missing something drastic.
  30. auntjemima

    Mint Has Restored My Faith In Linux

    Ubuntu with the cinnamon DE is basically Mint.
  31. auntjemima

    How to turn OFF auto updates Win 10 Pro?

    Never even heard of this medic thing. I just know it's effective, even on my 1909 install on my GPU rack.
  32. auntjemima

    Affordable Xbox One Pads?

    Never cheaper than $75 for me. I need new ones as the kids have dropped them 1400 times and the drift is something else. But there is no fucking way I'm paying nearly $90 with tax.
  33. auntjemima

    "My interesting results from dissasembling and messing around with monitor."

    You are correct. There is ZERO reason to use imgur here.
  34. auntjemima

    1 Billion Points Challenge

    Yay! Congratulations!
  35. auntjemima

    6 pin to 8 pin adapter

    Yeah, been there... more than once.
  36. auntjemima

    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Looks awesome!
  37. auntjemima

    Pictures of your DC rigs

    All of my PC's are back home now! So I just finished setting them up and off to work they go! Might be hard to see, but there is a 12c/24t dual 2643v3, a 16c/32t dual 2667v3 and a 64c 6378 g34 from back to front.
  38. auntjemima

    Vote: DC'er of the Month: May 2020

    Someone better start voting in here or I'm gonna scream.
  39. auntjemima

    Spring loaded handle...

    Those rivets need to be redone. They aren't far enough through the holes. I know the location was probably not helpful, but those need to be done again.