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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    I'm just shocked that despite the obvious issue with being bottlenecked, the old dog put up close to 9300 on 3dmark11. When I finally put together my 6700K system, it will be nice to see that score skyrocket.
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    You obviously read the part where I said I had a Q9550. Did you just purposely NOT read the part where I already have a 1070 GTX and that it will be placed in a newly built system later this summer?
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    Appreciate the advice, but I didn't come here looking for it. OP asks whether anyone is pairing an older CPU to their new NVIDIA card.
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    Say what you will. But I only play one game right now and it has taken my fps from 50's to 120's at the same settings. At maxed settings I used to run in the low 20's fps and now it is running at 50-60 fps. The plan is to shift the R9 back into this system once I build my new one later this...
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    Oldest CPU pairing with a 1070/1080 GTX?

    Is anyone pairing an older CPU to their newly purchased 1070 or 1080 GTX than in my case? (Q9550 from 2010) My system was built in 2007 and the motherboard is just as old. I started out with the Nvidia 8800 for 4 years before jumping over to the 5850 for 3 years. I used the R9 280 for 2 years...
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    Zotac 980Ti AMP Omega $399.99 no rebate @ Newegg

    I was just about to bite on this card. Had it in the cart and was about to enter CC information when I thought I'd look to see if there were any 1070's in stock. Checked Amazon and they had one from Gigabyte that's in stock on the 10th for just $30 more than this 980 Ti. Hope I made the right...
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    Laser printer suggestions?

    I bought this two Black Fridays ago to use at work for something way too cheap like $79. I like it better than the $500 HP I have at home.
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    How much is the i7-2600K holding me back?

    /looks at cheat sheet /looks at signature /hangs head in shame
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    The Humble Capcom Super Turbo HD Remix Rebundle

    Came here to say this. Hopefully they'll put in SF or maybe even puzzle fighter!
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti FTW $475 AR @ Micro Center (online/B&M)

    With them touting their 1070 as a Titan & 980 Ti beater for less than $400, this card is much less tempting. $400 and I'd buy it right away.
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Appreciate the replies silent-circuit. I woke up dejected that I was not going to have my phone all day. Mentioned to my wife that if she could called the Samsung number that Verizon provided for me on the tech call last night (what a waste of 2 hours), I'd greatly appreciate it. She calls me...
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Ok, i said f it and did a factory reset. My phone won't even let me do that!!
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Oh wow, just realized that I *just* hit 10 years on this site tonight. :)
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Trying hard not to. Been on with tech support for last 40 minutes and they pretty much have me waiting around for five minutes at a time after I press certain buttons to see if it leaves the screen (it doesn't).
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    Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    So I updated the phone tonight. After 15 minutes of progress bar movement, the phone resets itself and now decides to not leave the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Boot screen. Booting in Safe mode doesn't do anything, nor does the USB debug mode. Disappointed and sad.
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    Dark Souls 3

    Pre-ordered the xbox one variant on Sunday off Amazon for $59.99 with free shipping. Ships on Thursday but oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Checked Amazon today to see they're selling the game for just under $70, plus tax, plus $3.99 shipping. Went to my order history to see that the game...
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    Finished my New PC

    Oops! Missed your dual monitors and the third and fourth hard drives! Thanks for the response!
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    Finished my New PC

    Looking to build another system soon around a 980 Ti so this post is relevant to my interests. Out of curiosity, how much did this cost to build? Just south of $2000?
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    EA Digital game deals on Amazon.

    Surprisingly good is the way I'd describe it. I played it on the XB1 and will likely purchase Garden Warfare 2 that comes out this month.
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    Hitman PC System Requirements

    Wow, minimum CPU is an i5-2500K? I guess my old dinosaur of a CPU doesn't even make the minimum cut-offs anymore.
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    Street Fighter V - 2/16

    Wow, great news! Maybe that's why XB1 wasn't included this time around.
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    Red Dead Redemption out for xbox one.

    For anyone that's used the BC feature of XB1 so far, does it actually improve the fluidity of the game? I played RDR a few years ago and remember that it ran at sub 30 fps during heavy sprite intensive screens. Also, if I have SOTN as a 360 download/purchase, is it automatically available...
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    You ever have a game completely crush your soul?

    I thought it was a decent game for what I paid for it, which I think was $9.99 on the last sale. I would have disappointed at full price though, especially if I was expecting anything remotely comparable to the Dark Souls series.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    LISA and The Golf Club
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    Bloodborne on PC?

    I don't believe Demon's Souls is backwards compatible. I own both the ps3 and ps4. I've only played and completed one game on each: Demon's Souls and Bloodborne respectively.
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014

    $5-$10?? Did it ever go that low? I got it on the Winter Steam sale for $17.99 I believe. I think they may have offered the game to PC players that already had vanilla DS2 for a discount. Is that what it was?
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014

    I put in about that many hours into DS2 as well and never bought the third DLC. The re-release of the game with the different placements does make the game feel new again if that's any encouragement for you to start up again. Losing that many hours is a bummer though.
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014

    My brother bought a new video card over winter break and wanted suggestions on games. I suggested DS2 as I had much fun with it. He said he'd buy it if I bought it (previously had ds2 on 360) on Steam. I had already gone to NG+++ with one character on the original ds2 and finished the game with...
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    Steam Winter Sale

    Wow... shocked that Shovel Knight is $10. I can swear it's been down to about $6 before.
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    It sure does.
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    Two-Thirds Of Early Tesla Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60K Miles

    Better to drive it 60,000 in 6 years and hopes that it breaks before the end of the 8 year warranty for the drivetrain.
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    I'm not so sure of that. I think mid 30's would be about the median age of members of this forum. It's been around since around 2000 when a lot of us were in high school and college. We all thought we would grow out of gaming by the time we had a family and were in our thirties. Boy were we wrong!
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    Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul Deals @ Amazon

    Better Call Saul isn't available for streaming yet, is it?
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    Best Buy : EVGA 600W 80+ Power Supply $39.99 - In Store / Shipping

    $39.99 for the 500W version on Amazon, $57.76 for the 600W Did the price change already?
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    Black Friday Booty! What Did You Get?

    A Blu-ray (Kingsman) from Target for $10 plus tax. Yeah... I didn't come out ahead on that one. Waited in line for twenty minutes for a Galaxy Note 5 purchase with a free $250 gift card and they told me they didn't have any more. I guess it didn't help that didn't get there until well after...
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    Fallout 4

    A bit over 25 hour of gameplay for me and I've CTD maybe 2 or 3 times. Nothing like vanilla FO3 where I had to save every 5 minutes so as not lose progress from untimely crashes.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver

    Ok... I don't really ever dip into low 20's anymore. Looks like the worst it gets now is high 20's. The driver definitely has boosted average fps across the board.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver

    I had beta 15.11 Installing beta 15.11.1... will chime in with results from my r9 280 in a bit. I run at 2560 x 1440, low settings and the fps dips to low 20's in outside areas where I can see into the distance for miles. Average fps is probably mid 30's overall and goes up to the 50's indoors.
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    HP Envy 750xt GTX 980 Ti & 4790 for under $1,000

    Seems almost too good to be true. So thank you for your opinion!
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    HP Envy 750xt GTX 980 Ti & 4790 for under $1,000 They had a deal similar to this with the gtx 970 these last few months that I almost bit on. But with this new deal, I'm even more tempted. Only...