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    2016 4k TVs suitable for movies and gaming?

    At 1500 OLED should be on your watch list. That being said the Sony 800D and up are very good TVs. They have very fast processors internally and their implementation of Android TV is top notch.
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    Feenix Aria Gaming Headset $219

    Not really a "gaming" headset. They are really Yoga CD-2500's with a lavelier microphone.
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    Feenix Aria Gaming Headset $219

    They sound nice too. Love the bass on these with the FiiO e10K
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    WTB: Server Rack Cabinet Atlanta, GA area

    Man I wish you were in Houston. I have a Dell 4210 that needs a new home. I would give it away if you could come get it ;)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I like the PLP. What stand are you using with the 3?
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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. I don't currently liquid cool my GPUs, but with 290s in there I have considered it. 2. I would do it with an All in one solution that had cabling to reach the radiator mounting locations. Having a liquid cooling solution for both the CPU and GPU looks great, but they need to match and need...
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    YouTube Subscription Model And Rise Of The Online Paywall

    You are just getting old... ;) Many and I mean many people below the age of 20 watch youtube content more often than high-production made for TV content. When you dip down in the teens there is even more of a gap. Just look for kids watching minecraft videos or vloggers that just copy...
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    290x Insanity: $233 AR + $20 gift card

    I have 2 R9 290s modded to 290x on a HX850 and they are running perfectly fine. You should be ok with the HX850, but the HX750 would be cutting it really close.
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Same here in the Houston Area. My 4220 now has the 120mm fan divider as it is definitely necessary if you intend on having it in your area. It is just too noisy to be in my office by default and still a bit noisy for my tastes with Hardwoods and such in the space. I don't know how you are...
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    Headphone experts, please chime in!

    Yes the Beyer does have better construction. I noticed each can suggested is on ear versus over the ear. I prefer the latter. If you haven't purchased yet I would say in order: Beyerdynamic DT-770-M-80 Audio Technica A700x AKG K701 Audio Technica M50x Technically I would take any...
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    XFX R9 290X DD vs EVGA GTX 780 Ti SC (what to choose)

    That Sapphire R9 290 vapor-x is a beautiful card. MonarchX mentioned a hassle-free experience, or not having one with the R9 290 / R9 290x. I must say that I have had no issues with drivers on either my R9 290s. I ran them in 2 different machines independently, one with Windows 7 and the...
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    Pilgrim in a Strange Land

    Yes, yes they do. Now my mind is wondering who / what group will be the first to drink from the trough of Microsoft enlightenment.
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    TechEd 2014

    I was there today...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    Looking for a bit-hdtv invite. I have iptorrents invites in return. 3:1 ratio guy here.
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    Dell UltraSharp 2007FP 20-inch $86.64

    Man they are out of stock again. I want a 2007FP as I have a U3014 and 1 2001FP that I would like to replace with 2 2007FPs.
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    Intel Xeon L5639 Hexa(6) Core LGA1366 Price:US $79.80 Used Ebay Seller

    In your case I would just go with a Haswell 4770K and here is my logic. The Haswell setup is not as robust, but equally as fast. Also the power difference isn't as significant when you throw in the fact that most likely you will be running a gaming class Video Card. Also since you have 2...
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    [Local - Microcenter] EVGA GTX 770 Dual FTW ACX 4GB $319.99

    Amazon must be watching us... They just dropped there price. Still not this good, but getting better.
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    [Local - Microcenter] EVGA GTX 770 Dual FTW ACX 4GB $319.99

    Tried that. Called and found out the 2 showing in the webstore are already taken as well.
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    [Local - Microcenter] EVGA GTX 770 Dual FTW ACX 4GB $319.99

    Yeah Houston has 6, but they are all gone...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I thought about it, but went with 2 HP Micro Gen8 Servers. Replaced the processors and added 8GB ram and 3 TB of storage to each for my testing.
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    Intel Xeon L5639 Hexa(6) Core LGA1366 Price:US $79.80 Used Ebay Seller

    I have one from Memory_more as well. It looks perfect, but I haven't gotten it up yet running. It came in the same stylish padded bubble envelope with a 2nd bubble rapped section with the CPU in there on styrofoam. Still looking for a bios that let's my x58 board work with this chip or it's...
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    WTB mATX 1366 motherboard

    I have an EVGA x58 SLI MATX that I may be willing to part with. This board is a replacement to my Rampage Gene and was an awesome board. Looking to move to x79 so make me a real offer. I have everything it came with from the box to the backplate to the zip ties. In perfect working condition...
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    New build - ESXi Home Server Lab

    It sounds fun and great to do this, but I am going to suggest something that makes way too much sense and just works well. Get 2 HP Gen 8 MicroServers. Replace their processors with Xeon E3-1220V2 processors and put in 16GB of ECC ram. Then you have 2 really small very powerful LAB devices...
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    Dell UltraSharp U3014 $899 - today only :(

    I have one of these and I must say it was worth the money. I paid a bit less than this, but it is an extremely good monitor period. I love the resolution and with 2 2007FPb monitors flanking it, I love the setup. Mine is an A02 version and I have not seen any issues with this panel gaming...
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    Sapphire Vapor-X HD 7970 Ghz Ed. w/ level-up bundle $349.99 AR @ The Egg

    Since the drivers for the 7970 are mature and working well I would go 7970 over a 770 right now. Especially at this price
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    Best speaker option to get close to headphone quality?

    I would suggest getting used speakers like Paradigm Monitor 3s and a T-amp if your are going with 2.0 sound that will kill those Logitechs. Or go with a full blown receiver and some real speakers on stands. Do realize that computer speakers are nearfield audio environments though. If you...
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    Want a new 60" tv for gaming, budget ~$1000

    He is going to have to either lower his expectations of the panel or up the price range to get the superb panels in the 60" range. Now if you drop down to 55 you might find some good options. Panels like the LG 5500 series Plasma or the Panasonic ST series will get you what you want, but the...
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    [Microcenter] Intel i7-3770 $229 (in store)

    I was just there and they were doing $40 off if you are buying a board in Houston.
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    What is the model number of that new norco? I so want that to be my new box.
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    Compellent vs NetApp

    Correct. If you have intentions of ever leaning on support, both NetApp and Compellent have good support, but Compellent's is better. Copilot is very nice. VNX vs. Compellent or NetApp is a fun argument, but when it comes down to it, and you have either in operations each is good...
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    Dell u2711 refurbished - $640 FS - eBay BIN

    I heard back from the seller. The U2711 panels they have are Grade A, B, and C and you get a lottery shot at which you get. I'll skip it.
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    Dell u2711 refurbished - $640 FS - eBay BIN

    I asked the seller about the panel grade. We will see.
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    Best mouse for bigger hands?

    I vote for the Microsoft x8. It is big, and great for those of us with big hands. Partially wireless (well always wireless, but wired charging) and it has all the buttons I use to game. I truly started to prefer the up and down thumb buttons to the forward and back ones considering the large...
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    Transporting a 2005FPW to the LAN

    Another satisfied customer here. Up over 50+ lans with my case as well. That think is a tank. Cross Country, no problem, just keeps working. I have contemplated cutting it up and making it 23 inch friendly for a 2311H as a replacement or a 22 if that doesn't work.
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    What happened to 7.1 Speakers systems

    Real 7.1 needs lots of space to breath. The vendors realized that and that is why you don't see many of them. Easily need a 15x21 space at the smallest to make 7.1 sound like it should. Also HTiB systems should never be 7.1
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    Good server board+ CPU + 8GB RAM > $500

    Oh yes. It will need a core clase processor and since you want to use ESXi ensure your processor choice works.
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    Does anyone make a 24" 1920x1200 S-PVA Monitor?

    I agree, the HP ZR24W or the Dell U2411 would be my choice. Both have excellent colors and Dell finally fixed the issues the U2411 had initially (pink edges).
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    Stick with 12gb or go for 24gb?

    Yeah I second the raided SSD or a RevoDrive instead of 24GB ram. I run 12GB as well and barely get near 10GB when runing a bunch of VMs.
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    what gaming mouse do you use/love?

    Most definately. It is a pretty heavy mouse for a claw grip.