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  1. D4rkn3ss

    Facebook Employees Panic After Apple Revokes the Company's Enterprise Certificate

    lol its 2019 and theres still people using fb and buying apple products? lol wtf :D
  2. D4rkn3ss

    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    pfft, i guess those scumbag monkeys would be better off peddling their services in some place more in tune with their values, like fucking china for example.
  3. D4rkn3ss

    The Original Ghostbusters Cast Will Return for New Movie

    hey, isnt those guys like, all fucking dead already? that movie from the 80's is really good, but they already looked old in there. is this gonna be like, some sort of geriatric ghostbusters? are they gonna poop their pants, or wear diapers or something? watch the clock for their meds and nap...
  4. D4rkn3ss

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Lays Out the Company's Vision for Its "Netflix for Games"

    lol microcrap "vision", they cant even count to 10 without messing up lol
  5. D4rkn3ss

    Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

    shove it up the ass, let it marinate in there, for a year or two.
  6. D4rkn3ss

    YouTube Bans Dangerous Challenges and Pranks Videos

    yaaawn... here comes the stalking ad parasite creeps once again...
  7. D4rkn3ss

    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    yeah, funny you forgetting to mention the censoring and pushing their own ideological shit akin to what socialist or communist dictatorships do.
  8. D4rkn3ss

    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    what can i say, enjoy your new freedom then.
  9. D4rkn3ss

    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    is like meaning behaves like, not like an american company, more like a chinese one with their values in their country, or from whatever other socialist based country.
  10. D4rkn3ss

    Google to Scrub US Military Deal Protested by Employees

    google is like a foreign communist company colleting data on us citizens, why you guys even give a pass to it i dont get it.
  11. D4rkn3ss


    hey, why the fuck they deleted that shit, it was awesome!
  12. D4rkn3ss

    Microsoft Patches Problematic OS to Deal With SSD Woes

    all fucking happy here with win8 + start8 since 2012, still no bugs, everything work and runs great, best home user OS ever made by ms (as long as you dump all the tablet interface and the metro crap).
  13. D4rkn3ss

    Facebook Fires Employee Using Facebook Tools to Stalk Women

    lol parasitic stalking company fires someone for stalking
  14. D4rkn3ss

    Facebook Announces New Dating Feature

    those catgirls are all fake! theyre human girls cosplaying as catgirls! i will not be fooled again!
  15. D4rkn3ss

    Putin Boobs and Trump

    it will be funny when they are forced to give Trump the peace nobel prize because of the north korea stuff lol
  16. D4rkn3ss

    Corsair May Be Developing Gaming Monitors

    it will probably be cheap as hell and then they will add some branding and some rgb crap and charge premium for it.
  17. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    god im having so much fun with this game, i started dawnguard and then this vampire-lord-dude wanted to bestow the dark gift onto me, said it would also purge my character lycanthropy, i considered, but then naaah, after all the work goring random people and eating their hearts to have a...
  18. D4rkn3ss

    New Corsair Dark Core SE Wireless Mouse and MM1000 Charging Mousepad

    its made in a way so we can just quick swap our beloved eneloops instead of waiting for the damn thing to charge or it has one of those fuck-you-proprietary-and-soon-to-be-dead battery thingies in there?
  19. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    SHE DOES NOT HAVE HOOFS! and no hairy legs either! its kawaii succubus and vampire, hmph! on the other hand, my character is also a werewolf, so i feel like this balance things, like all is fine in the world :p
  20. D4rkn3ss

    Google Hikes Up its Skirt - But Just a Little Bit

    pff, fucking google, its time for these little creeps to go, buncha creepy inept motherfuckers
  21. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    i married a succubus! omg im so happy!! :D :D :D AceGoober thanks, no problem :) but i switched to the legendary edition so now i have the whole skyrim mod insanity at my disposal :p
  22. D4rkn3ss

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    "Deliverance", WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ahahaha!!
  23. D4rkn3ss

    Google IT Support Professional Certificate

    educational program on what? shitty ads and censoring and spying on fucking people?
  24. D4rkn3ss

    YouTube is Cracking Down On "Tide Pod Challenge" Videos

    mix soap and gasoline, spread all over your body and light it up! do it! at night! it'll be awesome! :D
  25. D4rkn3ss

    YouTube is Cracking Down On "Tide Pod Challenge" Videos

    naah let them do it, i fully endorse this kind of behavior, do it! think of the views, you'll be a star! :D
  26. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    legendary is the old skyrim with the dlcs and a texture pack :p
  27. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    i am using the special edition, but im currently getting the legendary edition, because of the abundance of working mods.
  28. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    thanks. meh, i should had posted there instead of creating this thread, hehe that channel looks very good, will watch :D what im seeing here is a fuckton of broken mods because they have dependencies with other mods that were never ported correctly to the special edition, a lot of things are...
  29. D4rkn3ss

    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    oh my gawd noo im installing it now!!! fuck you microsoft.
  30. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    hell on earth bro, and my character now looks like a pornstar... im thinking in starting with the mods all over again, sigh.. but i know even if its an annoyance and give me a lot of work, i know it will be worth because after is done i will have hundreds of hours of gaming with all the graphic...
  31. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    staaaaaarting to look somewhat good now, plenty more to go, i think :p
  32. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    so far i have the "Static Mesh Improvement Mod" and the "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch". my god, it looks fucking hideous, maybe i was spoiled by the witcher 3? holy shit
  33. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    just saw some videos, and i decided if i am to spend a lot of time modding it, so be it! :p
  34. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    tell that to Simplicia the Slow, im sure she'll be delighted to hear it :p
  35. D4rkn3ss

    ehhhhh, Skyrim, now what?

    sooooooooo.. i decided to finally play it, like, all of it, to the end, and then i went to the nexus and.... bro, wtf, now what? i cant even begin to comprehend the mods there, its just too much! then i did a quick search here and found this...
  36. D4rkn3ss

    Dragging Around Dead Bodies is a Workout

    lol i'll keep this in mind
  37. D4rkn3ss

    Twitter Looks at Your DMs and Saves those for Later

    yeah saw this from the beginning, i have veritas on my favorites, funny is always the ugly people, the rejects, that are involved into this, im now kinda starting to think some people are ugly because thats an exterior reflection of all the crap they have in their brains, not kidding, maybe all...