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    Destiny 2

    I'm a little salty about doing Solstice armor again... however I love that the European Aerial Zone is coming back. I really loved that environment.
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    Linus Torvalds Likes His New AMD Threadripper System

    How incredibly close minded of you! OMG Linus S doesn't need to know that.
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    Arctic fans..Longevity issues?

    Hm, not really sure what you're looking for then. $6 fan is a $6 fan. You have replacements covered so you shouldn't have an issue.
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    Arctic fans..Longevity issues?

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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla is basically Ubisoft's own Witcher 3

    Funny how everyone has opinions. Meanwhile, i'm 100 hours into Odyssey and loving every minute of it. Absolutely breathtaking to look at and the mechanics/combat feel great.
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    What is a decent 27 1440p monitor these days

    Right on their website:
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    Windows 1909 sluggish although all resource usage low ???

    That shouldn't be happening on your other GPU. What exactly is it? Then do a full uninstall and reinstall of the latest driver.
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    Old Guy Switching to Linux

    I don't think i've had a disk drive in a personal PC of mine since 2008. Come to think of it, I don't own anything on optical media these days.
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    Corsair iCUE 3.30.97

    When has iCUE not been riddled with bugs?
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    WTB Modern Warfare for PC

    Are you looking for used PC games? How would someone even sell that to you these days?
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    Destiny 2

    Yeah I think I got it fully upgraded last week sometime. There is a 1000 pack of the mat you need at level 90 something in the season pass that finished it for me. It seems it was intentionally time gated.
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    Death Stranding (first title from Kojima Productions)

    I'm just happy to see more DLSS 2.0 titles.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    This is all this thread needed. Everything we needed to know. TL;DR: you can turn it on, you may not notice much right now but its a step in modernization for the future.
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    Destiny 2

    So after 6 hours of IB yesterday and two characters done, i'm really loving the switch to CBMM. Now if I could only get a non-shit roll of the auto and sidearm.
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    Destiny 2

    You could just make a third, do the bounties, delete the char, and repeat. That was a strat a few people were using but I'm too invested in my three, couldn't do it.
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    Destiny 2

    What's the bar at? You'll know you ranked it up if you have an engram to claim from it.
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    Destiny 2

    Witherhoard? Outside of the glitch where it was breaking bosses which they fixed either last week or today, I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm starting to really like too now that the catalyst is complete. Trying to use it more where I would have used Mountaintop. Its great fun in Gambit.
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    Which monitor should i buy?

    Oh, good choice. The Acer was 1080p and I just can't see spending money for so little pixels in 2020, regardless of other attributes.
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    Nvidia Highlights, Game Bar, and recording group chat audio?

    Yeah, like Aix. said I believe there is a setting in GeForce Experience. Probably should just bring up the overlay (Default Alt-Z) and play with the settings in there. I'm almost certain its in there and I've had to turn it on.
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    Recommend an HDR Ultrawide

    In my situation, the only upgrade would be to something with HDR. I don't want a higher resolution seeing as how 3440x1440 is already hard to run at times and I can't seem to find a problem with the 100Hz Refresh with G-Sync. It honestly comes down to that. Now having had G-Sync, i couldn't be...
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    Recommend an HDR Ultrawide

    Still quite happy with my PG348q. Even with my 2080 Super, not all games can even hit 100fps and when they don't, G-Sync keeps the gameplay buttery smoother and I don't notice a thing. If the game will easily do over 100fps, I cap it or use VSync depending on which feels better (mouse feel) and...
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    Destiny 2

    Trinity Ghoul right now too. Great primary to use along with that sword. The ad clearing capability is incredible and silly fun to use.
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    Destiny 2

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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Things are not looking good for my 2080 Super @ 3440x1440. If I can at least maintain 50ish FPS i'll be happy.
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    Creative Launches SXFI TRIO: USB-C In-ears with the Super X-Fi Difference

    Does anyone know what that means? I guess its not as bad, its actually $140 USD, not $200 but these days, i'm buying wireless. I'm nearly certain that "holographic audio" thing is some DSP stuff they're using and nothing game changing.
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    Creative Launches SXFI TRIO: USB-C In-ears with the Super X-Fi Difference

    $139 for wired earbuds that aren't from the known high end IEM companies in 2020. Unless i'm missing something, this ain't it.
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    Just Upgraded To Gigabit

    I remember sitting there with the FiOS install tech to test my speeds after he finished installation. Was pretty epic the first time.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Couldn't say. I had GSync for years prior to these drivers and still have it even with this setting off. I'm waiting until there is an in-depth writup about what that setting even does before messing with it.
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    Destiny 2

    I just use the free 1 energy enhanced sword ammo scav which can go on any element boots from the artifact. Double them up in most cases. That and an arc helmet with double sword ammo finder. Haven't yet needed sword reserves since the finders and scavs keep you pretty well topped off. Sadly the...
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Anandtech has an article about the drivers and the new options:
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Ok guys, just updated to the latest nvidia drivers and win2004 and i can confirm vrr was turned on by default, scheduling was off. I swapped them, rebooted, all is well in all games and at the desktop. 2080 Super and a G-Sync panel.
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    Destiny 2

    See, i'm guilty of ignoring those wizards. With the big anime sword, oppressive darkness and protective light to survive the slams, with 2-3 guys just swording the ogre, you can burn him down without touching the wizards lol That sword is so, so good right now.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Are you sure it didn't just cap your frames?
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    Destiny 2

    That's exactly what it is. If you just stay between them, they'll come together but randoms that have no idea just lead them away. Its amazing considering it tells you on the HUD exactly what you need to do.
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    Nvidia 451.48 drivers (DX12 Ultimate support)

    Your question is very strangely worded, but this article that came out today goes into a little detail about what it does. You need Windows 10 build 2004.
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    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    I was 100% this guy for a few years. ModMic + HD650's and my Magni/Modi for gaming. It just became too tiresome. The cable mess, the delicate microphone solution that gets knocked around.. Sure it sounded great but man, i'm so much happier that I just went to a USB Logitech Pro X headset for...
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    Nvidia Drivers 446.14

    Any first hand experience with hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling feature that we can enable now?
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    What vga to throw in this rig?

    So simple yet so hard for some people. Just do this, OP. You'll notice a huge difference without breaking the bank.
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    Destiny 2

    I think a vast majority of people just like running around shooting things. I'm usually the only one running to and grabbing those orbs you need to trigger heroic. I get old Battlefield "Play the F****** Objective!" playing over and over in my head.
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    Mixer shutting down, partnering with Facebook Gaming

    So about what Ninja and Shroud were paid... Obviously take that information with a grain of salt. I really dislike that little blue haired child, too. Shrouds cool, haha.