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    TV tuner cards?

    How is the video quality of the WinTV-QuadHD? I have the Hauppauge 950 (usb) and the 1850 pci-e; the 950 has artifacts during motion and sometime stutters white the 1850 is far superior. How much heat does it dissipate? I have the Lian-li PC-Q07 mini-itx case I want to put the quad turner...
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    4K Ulta HD Internal DVD Player? Looks like it won't be worth the trouble for me. Not going to upgrade all three of my HTPCs for this. Sticking with standard Blu Ray for the foreseeable future.
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    PC-Q07 & Power Supply Orientation

    I have a three Lian-Li PC-07 cases and was wondering which why to install the power supply? I have a Hauppauge HD tuner PCI-e in two of them along with blu ray drive and 3.5" drives in all of them. One has the i3-2125, one has i5-2500k, and the other has i5-4690k. I'm using the Silverstone...
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    8800 GTX Bake / Video Card to go with Q6600

    Well, I just cooked my 8800GTX at 385 for 10minutes. Used rocks as a support. Opened a bottle of Chianti along with some fava beans. Attached the fan. Inserted it in the slot. Pressed that power button. worked! Thanks to all who helped Now just need to get some thermal pads. How...
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    8800 GTX Bake / Video Card to go with Q6600

    Thanks. No, I have an extra 9800gt and 560ti 448. Wasn't sure if the 448 would be bottleneck the Q6600. What's the consensus for the baking? GPU side up 385 F for 10 minutes? Ive seen anywhere from 350 to 400.
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    8800 GTX Bake / Video Card to go with Q6600

    I was given a Fry's system with a Foxconn 8800 GTX/768 along with Intel Q6600 CPU. The system wouldn't start with the Foxconn card so I put in my EVGA GTX560ti 448 and it boots fine. Is it possible to revive the 8800 via the baking method? I took off the the thermal pads before reading the...
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    H67M-ITX/HT Wireless Adapter / Remote

    The wireless adapter on my H67M-ITX/HT seems to have stopped working. Do they typically fail after a few years? Any good way to troubleshoot this? What's a good replacement for it in case I have to go that route? What's the warranty length on the motherboard? I see various lengths after...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    Will this work with XP? Any official or unofficial XP Drivers available?
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    Lian-li PC-Q07 Build and questions.

    Thanks but already have the PSU. I know 550watts is overkill. Will the 2500k with stock cooler put out too much heart? I rather have a quad core than dual core.
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    Lian Li PC- Q7 itx case.

    I finally have all the parts for q07 system. Which way should the PS fan be positioned during installation and why? I'm going to have 550w PS along with a 500gb 2.5" 7200 and 2tb 3.5" WD green. I'll probably also add a Hauppauge 1850 TV Tuner. My CPU will be either the Intel core i3-2125 or...
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    Lian-li PC-Q07 Build and questions.

    I am putting together my parts for my Mini-itx system. Here's a list of parts already have: Case: PC-Q07 PS: OCZ Fatality 550w (Have a few 3.5" hard drives and 2.5" drives to choose from). 2gb Ripjaws X 1600. I want to use it mostly for media playback with light encoding and gaming. I...
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    Lian Li PC- Q7 itx case.

    This case can mount a 2.5" drive below the 3.5"? How much space is there? I have a 12.5mm laptop drive will it fit? How long of a optical drive will fit? Is this a concern? Also, is this available in the US in Silver?