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    MSI President and CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang Has Died

    Like a child they want to drown? Also this seems eerily similar to the recent Russian healthcare workers "falling" from the top of buildings after complaining about the lack of PPE and precautions for corona virus
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    AMD XT Round Up

    that's also a pretty clear GPU bottleneck, everything is within spitting distance/margin of error.
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    AMD XT Round Up

    Why test 4k for a cpu review lol and the performance is near identical. Not one of the XT poster over a 1% performance improvement at games in 1080p, which is the only place this CPU launch would make sense. Pointless release is pointless.
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    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    I'll stick with my mostly very analog feeling toyota 86. yuck at the thought of the future of cars being boring potatoes that drive you everywhere while you jerk off to bullshit on some screen. (Millenial gang btw)
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    confirmed: AMD's big Navi launch to disrupt 4K gaming

    You mean AMD isn't the tech messiah that will save us from the evil that is Nvidia? That being said there were a couple times where AMD severely undercut nvidia pricing for the performance offered. Hd4870/4890 " For now, the Radeon HD 4870 and 4850 are both solid values and cards we would...
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    AMD to Update its Radeon Logo Yet Again, Possibly Debut with Big Navi

    I got my x1900 AIW obscenely cheap (like $175 and x1900xts were still 400+) put it on water and overclocked it to the moon
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    EA may be looking to put its games back on Steam

    Origin is fucking trash.
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    NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 128MB AGP Graphics Card MINT TESTED Ti4600 Rare Vintage

    Wow, I think I paid $150 for my ti4600 back in 2002
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    How does the GTX 1070 Ti SC hold up now' a days?

    1070ti is still very viable and will play most games at high settings at 1440p.
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    Sega Announces Mysterious "Fog Gaming"

    Well it would have to be smaller than the original game gear. Gamegears with the million AAs needed were heavier than bricks and enormous.
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    Sega Announces Mysterious "Fog Gaming"

    the game boy micro was playable, this does not seem playable IMHO
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    These were your least favorite?
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    Zen3, 5nm?

    I don't think I've ever seen a chip not launch on the proposed process in a road map (other than maybe intel with 10nm slip ups?)
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    Help me choose system for a friend please?

    Any particular reason he's stuck on Intel? AMD definitely offers more bang for the buck currently, the 9700k with only 8 threads is kind of eh right now in comparison to the 10700k (8/16) and 3900x (12/24) for all around the same price. I really think the 2080 super is the best bet value wise...
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    Jack Dorsey Tells Andrew Yang: 'AI is Coming For Programming Jobs'

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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    9700pro got me into PC gaming. I remember being in the grocery store looking at magazines while my parents shopped and I remember seeing the 9700pro on the front cover of maximum PC. Bought that magazine and have been obsessed ever since.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    I still have my hd7870, still plays a lot of games surprisingly well with an overclock. Crazy a mid range card had such a long life.
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    What is up with the used graphics card price market?

    Everything is increasing in price it appears. Maybe more people are trying to build cheap setups to game during quarantine.,
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    I'm guessing you disabled hw acceleration in discord?
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    It's been good since the March fix. Prior to that was random black screens with no real rhythm and constantly fiddling with settings like freesync, relive, overlay, hardware acceleration in different apps. I don't mind the tinkering as an enthusiast but to say it hasn't been an issue is not true...
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    You and the others can keep making excuses. Random black screens ranging in frequency from once a week to almost daily are unacceptable for nearly 9 months after launch. Creating excuses for AMD does not help AMD. Fanboys do not keep AMD graphics alive. AMD needs market penetration with the...
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    Original Xbox's complete source code leaked online

    Crazy there's not an emulator when it was just an x86 PC
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    I'm saying it's a good deal at the ~250 mark. 5700 is ~300 which is $20 away from the $280 the 5600xt often is.
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    At $250 the 5600xt is a solid deal. When it's $20 away from the faster 5700 and more feature rich 2060 not so much.
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    In researching it, the Nvidia issue seems pretty minor in comparison to the navi black screen issues, and it seems like it was one bunk driver fixed by a following driver. Navi has had questionable drivers since the launch of the product. You realize AMD acknowledges there were black screen...
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    A disproportionate percentage had issues, why do you think there was a concerted effort by AMD to fix issues if these issues did not exist? pendragon1 What Nvidia driver issues? Did I miss something?
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    Fifty Five AMD B550 Chipset-based motherboard model names leaked

    YAY Maybe the b550 taichi will be sweet
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    Because you didn't have an issue doesn't mean it didn't exist. Reddit and other forums were loaded with navi black screen/crashing issues. Changing sync settings, disabling relive, and adjusting other settings were all temp fixes, thankfully it has been fixed since ~Marchish but to say Navi was...
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    You're being disengenuous People have had issues with navi since launch (they're fixed now)
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    rx 5700

    Yes, it will bottleneck it in the sense that you would achieve higher FPS with a faster CPU, especially in a game like CSGO which can hit north of 300fps. Will you notice it? No. Bump up your clock speed a touch and tighten ram timings and you'll be good to go.
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    Denuvo says its new kernel-level anti-cheat driver is minimally invasive

    Going to disagree. Playing ranked (mid tier diamond player) in apex legends can occasionally be a nightmare with people blatantly aim botting. But EA fucking sucks and I blame them.
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    10900k review leaked. Good news for team blue?

    Really looks like more of the same. Slower in multithreaded apps, slightly faster in gaming. If the price is good this could be a nice alternative to the $399 3900x
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    Why doesn't ps5 support dx12 ultimate but xsx does? They have nearly the same specs. Did I miss something? Also in regards to DLSS, 2.0 looks SUPER good and can deliver huge performance improvements. Very promising. I'd probably scoop a 2060 at ~300 over a 5600xt. 5700 flashed to XT at $300 is...
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    Looks looks super solid dude. Keep an eye on the buildapcsales subreddit. I always see 2070 supers going for ~ 475 and have seen 2080 supers for ~625. New parts coming out will not make your parts obsolete if you buy today, you can always use it for a bit and sell and drop in upgrade to ryzen...
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    Anthem reboot is only just now entering prototype phase

    With Erek I feel like you never know.
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    Need some Ryzen Opinions.

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    Need some Ryzen Opinions.

    Yeah, I'm familiar with that news but I didn't think it would cause every single x570 board to be out of stock :ROFLMAO:
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    Need some Ryzen Opinions.

    Yeah, every x570 is OOS like everywhere what the hell is going on