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    Best Buy : EVGA 600W 80+ Power Supply $39.99 - In Store / Shipping

    great for backup or test system.
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    WTB: AX1200 Red sleeved cables. (Not AX1200i) Thanks =)

    Looking for anyone with Red sleeved cables. Corsair only has the blue or white in stock. My setup is Black & Red.
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    Reinstall 8 on Dell laptop

    @ Simmonz, I am in the same boat with my Asus G75VX laptop... I pulled the key from the bios, but when I enter it to download windows 8 Microsoft iso on Microsoft website, it says the key is invalid. I think i'll just purchase a copy of windows 8 64 oem... Thanks Microsoft!
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    NewEgg: AMD FX-8350 $159.99 72 Hours

    LOL!! I think I am still living in the past and thinking the processor is still new. I can't believe how old it is now and no real replacement for it. In reality, the processor should be around $99...
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    Windows 8.1 hand grabbing icon gone

    LoL, I didn't realize we can still close it. I miss the hand grabbing icon. :D
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    Windows 8.1 hand grabbing icon gone

    I don't know what I did... but when used to close windows that were open in Win 8 a hand would appear and I would drag it to a close... now when I put the cursor to the top of the screen a drop down bar appears instead and shows the - and x in the corner for closing or minimizing... How do I...
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    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PC Game) $4.99

    I purchased this the day it was available for PC for full price. I love this MK... it's my favorite since 1,2,3.
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    NewEgg: AMD FX-8350 $159.99 72 Hours

    I posted it for Tiger Direct last week when it was $150... it also had a coupon code to take $15 off for items over $100 so it was $135 shipped. No one even commented on it..:rolleyes:
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    AMD 8350 CPU Tiger Direct $150 Shipped

    Dead Deal... back to regular price.
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    AMD 8350 CPU Tiger Direct $150 Shipped

    Pretty hot to me... I've never seen it below $169 and that was always during black friday sales. Apply Coupon Code to knock it down to 149.99 "BJP124939" Enjoy!
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    PS4 Owners: First Impressions

    I've been playing the HECK out of my PS4. Trials Fusion is addicting.. and I am still yet to make my first prestige on Call of Duty Ghosts... I got to level 35 on Wii U sold it... Got it for PC and leveled to 36... i'm on level 43 on PS4. I have Video Games A.D.D.
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    Wii U owners buy mario kart 8 get 1 free game offer

    For me it will be ABCDEF and GHIGKHD.... LoL. Why can't you guys spell it out? For so long I always saw KOTOR, etc... I always have to google your acronyms. Anywho, I plan on picking up The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker. I had it on gamecube but never finished it... I already have New...
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    Titanfall (Xbox One, 360, PC or PC DD) $37

    Yup... I did know. I was just disappointed in it. I only have 4 hours logged.. I'll play it some more when the DLC starts rolling out. Anywho, I have been enjoying Trials Fusion. Now THAT is a fun game to play.
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    Titanfall (Xbox One, 360, PC or PC DD) $37

    That reminded me... Since the last update, the game would completely close out mid-game! Apparently, the issue also happens on Xbone as well as PC. Surprisingly.. I am having more fun with COD Ghosts. lol
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    Titanfall (Xbox One, 360, PC or PC DD) $37

    I paid like 44 for the game + season pass on the last sale.... I am still upset and think it isn't worth it. - Multiplayer only game - No Offline mode (Internet required) - If you have an Xbox/one.. you NEED Xbox Live! Gold - HUGE footprint on your hard drive!! Very unacceptable. - It...
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    Asus G75 Bluray drive

    I purchased a new bluray drive to replace my dvd drive on my G75 Laptop. Everything works great, but the light doesn't flash at all. It was a new drive sealed in the package... as far as I could tell. Anyone know a way of fixing it to make it work? It kinda bugs me that it's not 100%...
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    Radeon HD 5850 .99 Auction

    Oh nice! You are about to hit 500 100% positive feedback!
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    RGB LED Mod

    Sweet work station. Protect that carpet from the chair!
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Anyone got Day of Defeat Source would be greatly appreciated. I have some steam cards and wallpapers =)
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    WTF eBay

    When I checked and saw they took a percentage of shipping costs, I nearly fell out of my chair. So if the buyer pays 10 dollars in shipping cost for the actual shipping... The Seller will have to pay an extra dollar to make it 10, since eBay took a dollar. I hope enough people become aware...
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    Anyone open the box up yet? I'm tempted to see what it looks like inside. I don't want to open it =) It's just a white box with the ballistix black and grey sticker on the outside. I'm also surprised I don't see any one the bay!
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    My only regret?? Was not order more than one set.... Could of been easy money. lol. too bad they aren't the tracer models too. I like flashing lights.
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    It was $53 dollars!! =) Mine should get here tomorrow. Weeeeeee!!! :D
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    120GB SSD question

    You guys are all awesome! I did do all of the above too. 1. My basket was empty =) 2. Checked system restore 2. Windows cleanup gave me a few gig back. 3. 16 gig was gained by disabling the hibernation file.. I have yet to move the pagefile to my 2nd hdd. I went from 23 to 38...
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    120GB SSD question

    My 120gb ssd only shows it has 23gb left. I don't know why? I did have steam games and final fantasy 14 installed, but since I deleted them... it never opened up space. I've never had this problem with a hdd before. Is there something I am missing? I already check the entire drive and...
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    FS: PS3 Slim 120GB, 5 GOOD games, 2 controllers

    What model slim is it and does it have chrome area around the front buttons?
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    PS3 Slim Some Chrome, Some not?

    I've been looking for a replacement ps3 and I narrowed it down to the Slim model... CECH-2501a What I can't figure out is, some of the models are black with silver buttons... other systems are all chrome. They both have cech-2501a on the model as well. I don't want the Super Slim or...
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    amazon/crucial ballistic 16 GB 4x4

    I can't wait to get mine... I wonder how they compare to the sticks I have on my signature.
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    OFFICIAL Logitech G15, mods and LCD stuff.

    Yeah, I'm just worried about the risk. I've taken a lot o things apart in the past and fixed it, with the exception of a Nintendo DS. LoL... I took it apart and tore a ribbon cable. I ended up tossing it in the trash. =( Hmmmm.. decisions, decisions. On the bright side, I see parts on...
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    OFFICIAL Logitech G15, mods and LCD stuff.

    I want to replace the LED's... my lights are really starting to dim and one of them is starting to flicker. Besides that, it still looks pretty new and had this thing since it was released. this looks sweet
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    PS4 for sale with less than a hour of usage

    Sell it locally to avoid the hassle of shipping and deductions from paypal. I'm sure someone will bite, seeing how they won't have to pay tax :)
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    titanfall + xbox one $450 walmart

    I wonder if I'd get my day 1 edition achievement back if I get another xbone... LoL. Tempting...
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    That is the coolest shed without tools.... that I have ever seen. LoL.
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    samsung evo 1tb $420 with code.

    It's only a steal to rakut10 literally. LoL
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    QX2710 for... wait, what? Has to be a scam.

    in for 1!! hot deal. Thanks, OP. JK :)
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    Xbox One Titanfall Bundle via TigerDirect @ eBay - $449 Free Ship

    Seems like Xbone is always on sale. We will see more of this. No biggie :)
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    FS Zalman 7850 1gb

    Do you have a photo of the actual card?
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    XFX 290 DD ($399.99 w/ BF4)

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    HOT: Wii Fit U with balance board & fit meter

    I personally got a used Balance board at game stop for 14.99 on black Friday, purchased a fit meter for 19.99 and was able to get Wii Fit U software for free. The balance board was sooooo filthy, but I cleaned the heck out of it with lysol wipes. LOL.