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    Microsoft is closing all of its stores

    New York (CNN Business) - Microsoft is getting out of the brick-and-mortar retail business. The company announced Friday it will close down all of its 83 physical stores and switch to online only. It will keep its London; New York City; Sydney, Australia and Redmond, Washington locations, but...
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    Lexar is making DDR4 RAM sticks now starting at $19 USD

    Just make sure the grease is dielectric.
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    ‘Milestone’ Evidence for Anyons, a Third Kingdom of Particles

    Anyons will be especially useful in eliminating chroniton fields.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Possibly, but in that case, why doesnt he just simply contact the seller and ask?
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    Ikea desk gallery

    The Jerker was discontinued over 15 years ago. You wont find one in store, even if they were open.
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    Aqua Computer has some new reservoirs. They seem to be using the less is more aproach....

    140 Euros for the 150mm. That is with the D5 pump included.
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    Doom Eternal

    Lack of melee damage sucks, especially when low on health and ammo. It forces you to waste ammo just to get some health. Correct if i'm wrong, but its been a while since i played it, but in Doom 2016, when you glory-killed a demon flashing blue, you got health, and when gold, you got ammo? At...
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    AMD Drops Ryzen 3000 Pricing by up to $50

    Where? They're still $700 at CC and ME; $660 on Amazon and Newegg.
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    System shock 3 Cancelled?

    Was it acquired by Valve?
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    Man Busted for Playing 'Apex Legends' on Airport Screen

    How about you READ the article first, THEN comment. "the man was playing his PlayStation 4 on one of the monitors that displays maps of the airport and flight information."
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    New AMD ES GPU beats 2080Ti by 17% on OpenVR GPU Benchmark leaderboard

    Well, if their Titan sales start to tank, wouldn't they just release a Super Titan RTX?
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    ASUS Unveils "All-White" Concept Strix X570 Motherboard

    MSI Titanium did it better. Waaaaay better.
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    If you are on a fence if you should buy new RAM now or later...

    This was posted by erek on Wed Jan 1st. Same source.
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    Fortnite conquers 2019 with $1.8 billion earned

    Epic (as a whole company) made $3B profit in 2018; Fortnite (the game itself) made $1.8B in 2019; as stated in the article.
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    Power outage at Samsung chip factory halts production

    The article says this photo is of a different chip plant - its not the one affected by the power outage.
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    Millennium Bug (20yrs on) - Computerphile
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    Noob kindly asks for help with custom loop (not sure what fittings I might need)

    Replacing an AIO 360 with a custom loop still using just a 360 probably wont give you the thermals you desire, unless you go with a fat 360 rad that provides more fin surface area. I'm guessing a 480 won't fit in your case.
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    Noob kindly asks for help with custom loop (not sure what fittings I might need)

    Seems like a lot to just cool the CPU. Why not just get an AIO and be done with it?
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    Ring and Amazon Sued!

    HAL_404 beat you by 3 hours.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Sapphire Radeon 4870X2. My first high-end GPU purchase. Slapped an AC Accelero Extreme cooler on it shortly thereafter.
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    Is it safe to buy a used video card? This guy has to be buzzing ...

    To: Brad Chacos From: Everyone.
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    Apple Will Reportedly Release An iPhone Without Any Ports In 2021

    Yup, and it won't come with the phone. "Oh the wireless charging mat? That'll be an extra $249.99, thank you."
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    A private equity firm is buying all the .org domains.

    New York (CNN Business) In a move that could shake up the internet, private equity firm Ethos Capital is buying the company that owns every .org domain on the web. Ethos, which was founded in May 2019, is expected to close its deal to acquire the Public Interest Registry (PIR) during the first...
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    10980XE vs 3950X Benchmarks | Test Review | Gaming | 15 Tests

    And yet, you still say "slaughter" in the body of your post, when even the video you posted shows the 10980XE loses almost every game benchmark.
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    Valve confirms Half-Life: Alyx

    VR kits just jumped to the top of the Christmas wish list for many HL fans. Me included.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Reviews - 16 core beast

    When Intel released the Pentium III 1.0Ghz (socket 370) in March 2000, its MSRP was $990 ($1480 today adjusted for inflation) When AMD debuted the FX-51 (socket 939) in 2003, its MSRP was around $730. ($1020 today adjusted for inflation.) I'd say the 3950X at $750 is actually pretty decent...
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    T-Mobile says it owns the color magenta

    Colors can be trademarked for branding. T-Mobile Magenta is one of them. Pullman Brown for UPS as caddys83 said. Tiffany Blue. Cadbury Purple. Barbie Pink. Owens-Corning Pink. 3M Canary Yellow. But, if it goes to court, T-Mobile might not win. They've lost before...
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    LG to offer G-Sync firmware updates for 2019 OLED TVs

    I thought G-Sync required a proprietary Nvidia chip installed for it to work. I didn't know that those chips could magically appear through a firmware update?
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    You haven't seen Star Wars: TFA and TLJ, have you? ------- My only hope for Picard is to see John DeLancie return as Q.
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    Yup. Remember Scotty mentioned that he "just bought a boat" at the beginning of ST: VI.
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    RARE Intel Confidential Pentium 4 524 3.067 GHz 3.06GHZ/1M/533, QQAB Socket 775

    How long before my rare unreleased Core2Duo E8700 can fetch that sort of price?
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    The problem with Call of Duty is... Call of Duty

    Considering the new CoD titles are already $80 at release, I'd gladly pay $40 for campaign only. I don't bother with MP.
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    New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details surfaced!!!

    You either kill the soldiers guarding the railroad bridge, or pay them off, to get through. You can make it through the tunnel with the electrical anomalies....just have to time it right.
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    E3 too many games coming out....

    Lea Seydoux
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    Intel SECRET Confidential Uncirculated Prototype

    Looks like nano- or pico-BTX form factor.
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    Get Wolfenstein: Youngblood with Select NVIDIA GPUs

    Venus actually. Colonizing Mars would have been way easier. Venus is hell. Atmosphere primarily made up of CO2, and it rains sulfuric acid. Not to mention the average surface temperature of 860*F. Give Hitler some credit where credit is due. :D
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    Spoiler alert - its not really about Starfleet. It's a drama. Retired Admiral Picard is trying to save his vineyard, and his fight against the Romulan Ale cartel that's trying to horn in on his territory.