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    Coronavirus : Folding@home takes the challenge, needs your help. Not sure if someone posted this. It's very crucial people help if they can. In Italy the new coronavirus has already mutated into the L variant and is much more lethal and spreading faster than the...
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    New AMD Radeon Instinct M100 leaked - Arcturus coming.

    It seems this is kind of early leak but already the complete GPU only made for compute. It has a 200W TDP for now and it looks like it's going to be 12Tflops FP64 against what's leaked about future Tesla Ampere 18Tflops. That power on one GPU on FP64 is around double (triple for Nvidia) the...
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    Huawei, China spying on everybody. Says a Russian.

    Every HiSilicon chip from Huawei made for spying. Whenever it's new and may have changed to a more sophisticated way, you cannot trust anything Huawei and furthermore any Chinese company, since they all answer to the Communist Regime and Communist Party interests. Those companies as ruled by...
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    Take care : for people from EU buying from UK !

    This is true about Ebay and this is true about Amazon and also any kind of medicine you were used to buy in UK. I frankly bought plenty of medicine not allowed in France, in UK online. No problem receiving them. Two times it was blocked when I bought quite the same in the US (and two times they...
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    New huge security hole found on Intel CPUs not affecting AMD CPUs.

    But may affect ARM and IBM Power CPU who have the same behaviour, yet to be tested. It's called CACHEOUT and it is an extension of Zombiload problem. Intel hasn't yet fixed the problem with a new microcode that has to be dispatched for BIOSes and Windows and Linux kernels. It affects all Intel...
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    Take care Nikon has ended all support Windows 7. Don't buy Nikon or Sony.

    This is really bad since they didn't do the same for XP and Vista at the end of support. It is the brand I use for DSLR, and I am in pain about this. Only Windows 8.1 and 10 supported for anything new from 2020 on, including older firmware or software. Same problem at Sony DSLR. But I already...
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    Is this my first SMR drive ?

    I just bought a Seagate 2.5'' portable 2TB Expansion drive. It's called STEA2000400. All the other brands were 2TB and look like equal choices but I already have a seagate that looked the same as the picture on the box of that one and it was clearly PMR. This one however is much much slimmer...
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    New rumors : MS trying to push Windows 365 in 2020 to replace owned Windows 10

    Final stage seems to be ready for a push of Windows OS rental. So you won't own it any more and you pay for it forever. Source seems to be quite sure everything is in place at MS to move in that direction...
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    "Intel in jeopardy" from insiders. Much much worse than what they tell.

    Looks like there's no future for Intel. Just read : Looks like Intel would completely lose their market share everywhere without any other hope like GPU. That's no businness at all for 3 years. They may have some hope for 2023 but AMD will be much much more advanced. They may only get to AMD...
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    Has anyone tried Threadripper 3 and Windows 7 ?

    X399+TR1 works great : you need to stay on a BIOS not compatible with TR2 and put PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 2.0. One has to install general chipset dirvers from AMD+find drivers for audio and other stuff from the motherboard (not a big deal- need to go on the chip manufacturer). Windows 7 is then faster...
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    Bieg news. Intel is back on 10nm which is equal to 7nm+ EUV TSMC

    Intel Canada just announced Intel will be back with 10nm Desktop CPU at the very beginning of 2020. No information yet with the core count, but the guy also said the the production problems Intel experienced was because they are massively converting their 14nm facilities into 10nm. There are...
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    US Navy just patented a very compact fusion reactor.

    This is crazy news because US Navy has patented some technologies the people would think is UFO technology. They had done this in recent months, and they are not used to do so. Not sure if this is patent troll or hoaxes meant to demotivate international competition...
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    Did someone test ECC RAM on new Ryzen 3000 ?

    Would be interesting to know the specs and the speed. Also mind to say what motherboard and CPU. I'm used to put only ECC on all my computers that can. And Am3 was compatible and now Ryzen is.
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    Despite what AMD says in drivers, did s.o. test Ryzen 3000+Windows 7

    AMD already announced Threadripper 1950x not compatible with Windows 7, but it was (until they updated the BIOS to receive the TR 2000). So, did someone try to install and run Windows 7 + X470 or B450 + Ryzen 3000 ?
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    Very bad news : PGP down

    The attacks is simple. It seems to sink the key server into false keys. It seems there will be no update of PGP to keep the worldwide use of this open source encryption afloat. Since this is the only really free open source system for signing and encrypting emails and transmitting data, and...