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    FS: Office 365 Personal $20

    Can either PM code or ship activation card for $5
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    WTB: 8087 to 8088 bracket and 8088 cables

    looking for 2 sff-8087 to sff-8088 full height bracket, single or double works also need 1 meter 8088 to 8088 cables please PM me what you have I can pay with paypal or amazon payment heatware under same name
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    FS: IBM M1015 (LSI SAS2008) *Round 3*

    I have 2 for sale...$95/each SHIPPED! BRAND NEW never used (but tested) and come with original full height brackets 1 year warranty included Shipped quickly in anti-static bags, bubble wrapped and properly packed. Please PM me, do not post in this thread if you are interested. US48 ONLY...
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    WTT: 2x3TB WD green for 3x2TB WD green

    2x3tb drives in retail packaging, 2+1 warranty brand new; can provide reciept heat under same name must be in usa and must package properly PM with offers, open to suggestions
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    WTB: 2-3 2TB 5400RPM NEW/USED

    looking for either WD or Hitachi, please let me know if they are 512/e/4k proper packing required, usa only, no EOL/worn out drives can pay through paypal or amazon heat under same name not looking to pay retail
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    R9 270/280 series 3+ display problem

    Has anyone been able to run 3 displays without using display port or reached 6 with display port? I have a MSI 270x that is not working past the standard 2 DVI + 1 DP as are some others
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    Samsung 840 EVO Series 500GB 2.5" SATA III Internal Solid State Drive $280 EBAY free gift credit
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    WTB: Best video card for $120 shipped!

    new or used, must work and have some type of DOA/warranty can also offer 4870 1GB + cash
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    4870 1GB + CASH for TRADE UP

    Looking for something that can run 3+ monitors, so DP is required Offering my visiontek 4870 1GB + cash (upto $100) for something better card has a lifetime warranty PM or post offers and i will get back asap HEAT rep can be provided and might be required
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    card from RMA is terrible

    I recently RMA'd a visiontek 4870 512MB and received a 5770 1GB back. On the synthetic benchmarks they are very close performance wise but for real world usage I get between 33-50% of the performance I previously had. I have tried 3 different AMD drivers and they were all pretty much the same...
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    Help me pick my GPU...or dont

    The "dont" part in relation to waiting for the HD8xxx or 7xx series and see what they bring to the table. 5 monitors total: 1 36" TV 1920x1080 HDMI from Z77 1 30" monitor 2560x1600 HDMI/DP? 2 20" monitor 1600x1200 HDMI/DVI 1 22" monitor 1920x1080 HDMI/DVI 2560x1600 gaming with...
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    FS: M1015 (Limited Supply) US/CA ONLY!

    SOLD OUT! This will go quick, 1 year warranty, fully tested and working, original height bracket, new and support If you find a better price, ill try to match it. US: $90 shipped through amazon CA: $95 shipped through paypal personal tracking and anti-static bags + bubble wrap included. I...
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    YAHMFAMT (Yet Another Help Me Find A Mouse Thread)

    I currently have a MS wireless laser mouse 8000 and its left click finally went out last week. Im trying to find a replacement, something for everyday use and a bit of gaming. These are the features I currently have in mind: ergonomic! 5+ buttons wired solid drivers durable not flashy...
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    FS: Battlefield 3 *Digital*

    Battlefield 3 digital download code I can email code or mail you the card it came on 30$ requires Origin i would assume Paypal/Amazon NO REFUNDS
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    FS: IBM M1015 (LSI SAS2008) *Round 2*

    SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who bought a card, 192 were sold. Please PM if you need anything. Continued from here Many of you missed out on my last thread and I have received many PMs about these. Price will be $85 each, discounts offered on large quantities! These are the latest version...
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    Mini-tower mATX/ATX

    I have been trying my hardest to find a new case for my build. I know these exist, since I have seen them before; just cant remember where Essentially something like what is in the picture but without the bottom compartment (or top, however you want to look at it :) )...
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    WTB: Touch-Screen Monitor & Pfsense Server/1U Rackmount Atom

    Im looking for a NON resistive touch screen monitor; something like the HP L2105tm or so. Must have a VESA mount No mini displays please Im also in search of a pfsense 1U rackmount or a supermicro dual-core atom 1U or equivalent. Not looking to spend over $300 on this. I can pay non-CC paypal...
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    WTB: SSDs (new,used,refurb,etc)

    Looking to pick up a few SSDs for ESXi storage...only a few requirements *Must have warranty *Must be larger than 80GB *Must not be "worn out" *Must cost less than $1.5:GB *Must use SATA2/3 *Must be 2.5" **PLEASE NO VORTEX LE 100GB DRIVES** I can provide HEAT and eBay feedback, I live in...
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    WTB: X8STE-O or X8ST3-F

    Mainly looking for used, but new could work if the price is right Please tell me, if anything, what is included and if a warranty remains. I would prefer you just tell me the price you are looking to get for it. I can provide HEAT and ebay feedback and am willing to pay first if you are a...
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    FS: IBM M1015 (LSI SAS2008)

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    WTB: 55xx/56xx Series Xeon & 1366 Socket Cooler

    Xeon: W5590 W5580 X5570 X5560 X5550 E5640 E5620 L5530 L5520 E5540 E5530 E5520 1366 Socket HSF: Only requirement really is it must fit in a Norco RPC-4224 I am mainly looking for used items. I can provide HEAT and eBay feedback, albeit it is kinda low. I can pay using Paypal, eBay, etc
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    DVD/Blu-ray Ripping Machine

    Between the 2 drives in my workstation they have seen over 600 disks go through them in the last 2 months and are starting to make noise. This process also is rather time consuming to say the least. I propose to you, a DVD/Blu-ray ripping machine build consisting of the following: Case PSU 6...
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    Corsair Extreme Series 2.5" 256GB SSD $454 AR / 128GB SSD $283 AR + Free Shipping

    taken from slickdeals thanks to yuugotserved Dell SB (Small Business) has the following SSD on sale after coupon is applied Corsair Extreme Series 2.5" 256GB SSD [] for $699.99 - 20% Code 7XRCSVHMT9VDL0 - Additional 10% Code 7LXC0FZZR54P3X - $50 Rebate [] = $453.99 + Free...
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    TV no longer recognized HDMI input from computer

    I have a Samsung LN46A850 TV and a 4870 (512MB) Before I could take my computer into the other room and hook it up with my DVI->HDMI adapter and connect with a HDMI cable. Now it just says No Signal but if I unplug the cable it goes to Check Cable so the TV obviously knows it has a cable...
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    eSata Thumbdrive for Page File/TEMP? I have been meaning to ask this for probably a year now and I always see to forget it. Is it viable to set your page file/TEMP in windows to a eSata thumb drive to increase performance and not require...
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    Best way to stream movie collection...over the internet

    Essentially I want to be able to access my drives when I am away and do it securely. The storage server currently runs windows, but I would consider changing. Im currently in the market for a router also, so Im not limited by that. I should have no problem with streaming a normal DVD with...
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    Google Mini 2.0

    So i found a brand new, never opened google mini for 150$ and i obviously bought it seeing as the hardware inside is alone worth more than that. I was going to do a fresh install of red hat and use it as a head unit on my home server but i want to know what [H] thinks. What should i do with it...
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    Non-Powered Hub or Switch

    We are building a house and i recently ran all CAT6 cable to each room connected to an in wall faceplate so you can plug in standard ethernet cables in and connect like normal. The problem, one i know i knew i would have, is that a few rooms need multiple lines of ethernet, so im looking for a...