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  1. pututu

    Let the countdown begins...

    In the next 24 hours according to EOC stats, [H] team will pass the 100,000,000,000 (100B) points in folding@home. This is a history in the making for the team. Everyone who contributed big and small deserves a pat on the back. Thanks! Oh almost forgot about popping the champagne when we pass...
  2. pututu

    Some HP SAS SSD drives will fail after 40,000hrs of operation.

    I wonder why they did this in the first place or perhaps a genuine oversight?. For those with HPE SAS drive listed here, might be a good idea to upgrade the firmware according to the HP site otherwise they might fail after 40K hours or around Oct 2020.
  3. pututu

    We have a 2020 Tour de Primes yellow jersey winner!

    Congratulations to RFGuy_KCCO for being the winner of the yellow jersey in 2020 Tour de Primes challenge! He found the most number of primes (25 in total) in the month of February alone.
  4. pututu

    WTB: Ryzen 3950X Closed

    Looking for my next distributed computing (DC) build. Can really utilize all the 16C/32T. The build will run 24/7, most likely to run at stock or perhaps tune it for performance-power efficiency, so I don't really need any of the silicon lottery chip. This will be my first AMD build. I've...
  5. pututu

    SOLD: Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970 (GV-R797OC-3GD) 3GB GDDR5

    I'm the second owner and I've this card for 4 years. The card full spec is here. All the three fans are working (no stuck or slow spinning fan). I've replaced the GPU thermal paste with Noctua NT-H1 and managed to reduce the temperature by a few °C when I first had the card. The card works fine...
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    AMD’s New EPYC 7H12 CPU Offers Higher Clock Speed

    Moar power and the price is $$$$$. Threadripper 3000 64 cores if AMD does release for prosumer market would probably be at higher clock speed and higher power dissipation.
  8. pututu

    DC performance for Radeon RX 5700 series

    Please post any results, findings, etc pertaining to Radeon RX 5700 performance in regards to distributed computing here.
  9. pututu

    DC performance for Ryzen 3000

    Please post any results, findings, etc pertaining to Ryzen 3000 performance in regards to distributed computing here. Would love to see the actual AVX-256 (aka AVX2 in intel chips) performance in DC projects (e.g. Primegrid LLR sub-projects, asteroid) where currently intel chip dominates...
  10. pututu

    Computex 2019 Keynote - AMD

    We will know tonite at Computex 2019 on the official details on Ryzen 3000 series and any upcoming NAVI releases & product roadmaps at 10am May 27 Taipei time.
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    GPU linux apps for NumberFields
  12. pututu

    TR 1950X $499 at Newegg

    Got this in my inbox: Not...
  13. pututu

    Demonetization of BOINC credit for PrimeGrid Project

    Full thread here:
  14. pututu

    DBN Upper Bound - New Project More math project. Requires vbox. Currently run out of tasks.
  15. pututu

    RTX 2080Ti & 2080 DC Performance

    Though we are still very early, thought that I start this thread where folks can chime in if they do find any information on how well these Turing cards will perform in DC world rather than in games. Better still, those lucky [H] who can afford one or more, please share the DC performance...
  16. pututu

    Fastest Dual Socket EPYC System

    Two EPYC (total 64C/128T) running all core at 4GHz "under-water". Video is at the bottom.
  17. pututu

    Distributed Hardware Evolution Project (DHEP)

    Just saw the DHEP stats today in Free-DC website.
  18. pututu

    More 1080Ti for $570 at FleaBay
  19. pututu

    Simulated Threadripper 2990X 32-Core With Overclocked EPYC 7601

    Not sure if this has being posted already. Link here:
  20. pututu

    EVGA SuperNOVA 650W G3 PSU $50 after rebate at B&H

    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 650W Gold PSU sale is back!
  21. pututu

    WEP-M+2 Project

    Trying to create an account for this project but the captcha thing is being shutdown. Any idea? Thanks.
  22. pututu

    Medic Coin

    Not sure if this should be in mining or DC forum. Another new DC coin called Medic Coin. They do award coins if you contribute to FAH but must be in their team. There is an external bitcoin forum discussing this in length. The usual pros and cons... The team is currently at number two spot in...
  23. pututu

    10 Million Point Challenge

    We have a 1M point challenge thread here. What about making this to 10M point? Should we stop here? Who knows. GPU projects can easily achieve this milestone. CPU project....more difficult. So with all the recent rigs upgrade, this should be an interesting and fun challenge. Will help in FB and...
  24. pututu

    Einstein Badges

    I'm making a simple proposal for Einstein badges. See my post here in E@H message boards. I'm not sure how difficult it is for the project admin to set up the badges, assuming the admin agrees with this badge theme or perhaps it falls on deaf ears.... I believe badges can motivate crunchers...
  25. pututu

    Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series SSR-650FX 650W 80+ Gold $60 after MIR

    Ok deal at Newegg, if you don't mind the hassle of MIR process.
  26. pututu

    **Deal is dead** Rosewill Quark 550W platinum power supply $36 after discount Good deal? 60% off ($36) plus $6 shipping for a total of $42. [H] review here.
  27. pututu

    WCG 13th Annual 2017 Birthday Challenge

    Hosted by SETI Germany and will take place from Nov 16th to Nov 22nd. Last year thread can be found here. We finished 16th out of 83 teams. Will we finish much better this year and blow away the competition? For tips and strategies please check our strategy forum. Ooops, they have not yet...
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    Anyone heard of ClusterOne? This is organized by a company called Computation Biology Technologies. Their linkedin website points to Good AI Lab but the clusterone site is not yet linked to their main web page. They are new startup company. There is a good section on FAQ and according to their...
  29. pututu

    Newegg Masterpass $25 off $200 purchase
  30. pututu

    Cryptocurrency teams dominate DC projects

    How times have changed. Never imagine the cryptocurrency teams take over the DC world. In Folding@Home, Curecoin obliterates regular group like us. In the last few days, they are churning out like 500M+ PPD. In BOINC projects, Gridcoin does the same thing based on their recent output. The...
  31. pututu

    PrimeGrid's ONE DAY Birthday Challenge - Starts Jun 12 00:00 UTC

    This is a super-sprint CPU challenge only and last for 24 hours. More like a 33 meters dash in a 100 meters event, if you compare to FB. Challenge website: This is a part 3 of the 2017 PrimeGrid Challenge. PrimeGrid sub-project name for this...
  32. pututu

    BOINC Pentathlon: Who are interested

    The 8th BOINC Pentathlon will commence from May 5 till May 19th. It is just like Olympics decathlon i.e. instead of ten events in Olympics, there are five events (BOINC projects) to compete. In Olympics, the winner of a decathlon event is crowned as the World's Greatest Athlete. In BOINC...
  33. pututu

    What did you do with your tax refund (if any)?

    If you have some non-W2 income, sometimes you over/under estimated the taxes paid to Uncle Sam after last minute (legit) deductions/contributions. Well last year I over estimated :cry: and instead of getting the refund, I decided to use some of the refund to get me a used ASUS ROG Strix GTX1080...
  34. pututu

    Price war has begun....

    Retailers started to drop Intel consumer chip prices after the Ryzen announcement. Just my personal opinion, the Intel chips are still a tad expensive. Will wait and see... Xeon server price cut next after Naples released?
  35. pututu

    Anyone planning to test DC projects on AMD Ryzen?

    Over the last few days, so much news about Ryzen 1800X beating Intel i7-6900K in non DC testing, mostly gaming. Power dissipation and cost look great. If anyone is planning to get one, would appreciate sharing the test result. Would be interesting to see how it performs in PrimeGrid-LLR, WCG...
  36. pututu

    GPU Crunching Efficiency

    Not much have being discussed about GPU (BOINC) crunching power efficiency here so I thought it might be useful to share a study which I did over this Xmas holiday. What I found out (no surprise at all) is that the optimum power-point (PPD/watt) efficiency and least energy consumption (kWh) to...
  37. pututu

    2011 motherboard deal

    If anyone is interested in Supermicro X9SRW-F 2011 ($135 at Ebay) motherboard for XEON E5-2600v1/v2 processors. I posted this in the [H]ot|DEALS site.
  38. pututu

    Supermicro X9SRW-F (LGA 2011) for $135 at Ebay

    Link here. I think this is a good deal for 2011 socket. As of this writing there are still 8 boards left. Full board specification can be found in Supermicro website. Note this board has no actual PCI-E x16 slot that you normally find in the consumer motherboard where you can directly install a...
  39. pututu

    2017 PrimeGrid Challenge Series Ideas

    PG is looking for feedback on the next year 2017 PG challenge. If you do have any feedback please post them in their website. In summary, the proposal is to run a total of 60 days of challenge in 2017, with the first three challenges (40 days) being over the winter/spring period. Out of 60...
  40. pututu

    (SOLD OUT!) Budget Galax Nvidia GTX 960 card & others from $79

    Thought I might share this thread with fellow [H]ard crunchers and folders who may find this interesting. See [H]ot|DEALS link.