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    So i got a lg 29EA93-P, but max 1920x1080??

    So what options do i have to get 2560x1080 from my 7970? Weird that the Lg comes only with 1 Dvi and 1 Hdmi cabel.
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    Msi 7970 Lightning Be reboots pc

    Just got my new Lightning Be to replace my old 5870. The Msi came clocked to 1150Mhz at 1,25v vcore. Under load of any game my pc will just reboot, no blue screen or nothing. So i was thinking it may be my Psu thats not keeping up with my new parts? Psu Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Dont no...
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Still running on my Q6600@3600Mhz 1,4v 24/7 since it came out. A few days ago it started to act weird, clocked it self down on the fsb to default. So i am looking to upgrade my cpu, mem and mobo. But seeing that the socket 1155 is at the end of its life i need som advice what to do?
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    Disable GeForce GTX 580 Power Throttling using GPU-Z

    Well from this test after they disabled the throttling the Gtx 580 can use up to 350W. :eek:
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 3-Way SLI Review

    Wow, they really heat things up. :D
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    ACER AL2723WTD, anynoe know this ?

    See it has the S-Pva Panel, anyone out there who has it or have tried it ?
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    What to do, W2600HPBF or Dell 2709W ?

    Got my W2600HPBF yesterday just to found out the screen was broken. :( Packed it and sendt it back to Netshop here in Norway. When i called them they said they could get me a new one, but they wasnt shure when. So today i called Dell and got a nice deal on the 2709W to almost the same price i...
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    Ati Catalyst 8.10 is out

    Final driver is out. :)
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    Mushkin redline PC8000 2x2gb wont run sync

    Weird problem here, they will run async 1056Mhz 5-5-5-12 2,1v but if i set them to 856Mhz 1:1 they will not boot at all so whats up here ??? :confused:
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    Samsung 226BW, Vista and color profile, help

    I have som Icc color profiles i would like to use in Vista, but i cant get the to work under the color profile, nothing happens. Anyone out there that can help me ??
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    200w for the R600 stock says Gibbo

    Well, there we have it.
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    Got my NV5 Silencer

    Just installed it on my Pov GT, so far so good. Idl about 55c and max temp when running the rthdribl is 69-71c at 425/1100Mhz. My card still hates 1,4v will not run stabel with it, guess it has to do with only one molex. In 3dmark-03 the temp stays at 63c, so the rthdribl stress the card fare more.
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    Where did the X800XT-PE go?

    What happend to the XT ? Have been waiting for one some time now, but here in Norway it seams that i`l have to wait to this fall before i can get my hands on one. Funny thing tho to read all the !!!!!!s claiming that the XT is cloosing in on the 6800U in Doom when the card is nowhere, and by the...