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    So, I finally ordered parts for my first WC build!

    I didnt use the backplate when I put the EK block on. Looks like it traps heat anyways.
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    So, I finally ordered parts for my first WC build!

    You can get normal barb fittings and save a lot of money, the compression/rotary fittings are like $7-15 a pop. I've reused the same bitspower compression fittings for like 3-4 builds though, so you buy them once, and you can reuse them forever. I have the G1 EK block also, it's very nice...
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    What is the best software to test overclock stability on Skylake CPU's?

    I started using Realbench to stress test.. Seems like P95 and intelburn test stress things that one will never stress other than using those programs. RealBench v2.43 - New Version Available Now!
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Judging from the couple of G1 Gaming reviews, I think youll be happy with it.
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Don't think I've seen a single review of the G1 1080 gaming that said the fans were loud or inadequate. Did you just make that up or what ?
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    Installed gtx1080 sli. Computer crawls after exiting games.

    What some colored tubing and compression's would do to that build. ;)
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    WC build done... well mostly..

    Yep, really 0 point in using inferior colored coolant over distilled with solid tubing like that. Last time i used a colored coolant, i had to take every water cooling piece out during the rebuild, and wash the shit out because it kept dying my distilled water a tint of red because some of the...
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    Where to buy water cooling parts?

    Have any of you guys actually ordered from sidewinder within the past few months? I've seen bad reports as of January, aside from my own where they didn't send me $15 worth of screws and never replied to my emails. Didn't care enough to file a claim as I've never had any problem with them prior.
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    Official Acer [XB270HU] 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB Monitor Thread

    Holy f, that shipping. I would definitely email them about that crap.
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    Comcast's New Broadband Service Is Twice As Fast As Google Fiber

    I'm averaging $30-50 a month in overage charges currently with comcast . How the hell can they offer 5 different tiers of speed, all capped at 300gb no matter what. Such bs. Good thing I'm in Nashville, our city is ready to give comcast the boot for google fiber.
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    Official Acer [XB270HU] 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB Monitor Thread

    That price is really nice, considering I have to pay redic sales tax on amazon and newegg.
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    Tri-Sli Questions

    I think sidewinder is having issues now as well. I ordered a few things in december, and got one of my items with an email saying the rest were backordered and would be shipped within a week, never heard from him again. Didnt care enough to file a claim on $14 worth of back ordered stuff since...
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    EK GPU block leaking

    Did you open the block when you got it? How old is the block? Those o-rings are a royal pain in the ass to put on correctly when I tried to do it. You could try tightening the screws near where it is leaking or order a new o-ring and replace it if its damaged.
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    60% board for FPS and finally learning to touch type...

    Id wait a month or 2 if you are going the poker route. The pok3r (poker 3) is coming out soon.
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    CaseLabs s5 + Pedestal water cooling questions

    So let me get this straight, you are going to have a a triple, and 2 double radiators to cool ONE cpu and ONE gpu? That's some serious overkill. Im cooling all of that with 2 double radiators, and I am pretty sure I could add at least another 970 to the loop with barely any increase in temps.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Yep, finally got mine after thinking I was going to just toss the code since no other game on there had any value to me.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I have a Never Settle Space Edition silver code. Doesn't work for star citizen. :mad:
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Anyone know much about the AMD Never settle deal. I bought a silver card on ebay just to get star citizen, it's listed on the website saying it's included, went to redeem the code, and Star citizen is the only game NOT listed to pick from. WTF ?
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Upgraded my rig , finally got some pics. Going to sleeve the rest of the cables when I have time.
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    Laing D5 pump stops/starts, runs slow

    How old is it? The pcb could be faulty, but it's basically the most important part in your wc loop, so I'd just toss it and buy a new one. I've had a pump melt in my loop before after reusing it 5+ years on like 3 builds, f that happening again. I'm probably going to start keeping a spare pump...
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    480mm Monsta in 900D?

    I would advise against a monsta for anything due to the thickness. Royal pain in the ass to work with unless you have a case the size of my closet.
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    New 5960X / X99 platform - Swiftech 220X / 240X or full custom WC setup?

    No idea about that kit, but most high end radiators cost near the same amount as that entire kit so makes you wonder, least makes me wonder. PS - I just grabbed a Caselabs, amazing cases. I should of gotten one years ago.
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    World's Fastest consumer SSD on SATA II

    You definitely need a new motherboard with SATA 3 ports. I have a SSD from like 4 years ago that has better numbers than what you just posted.
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    980 VRM Cooling?

    The new MSI afterburner will show VRM temps. If you have one of the 980's that has a aluminum heatsink over the VRM's, i think you should be fine as long as your case isnt a hotbox. I'm going to use a EK thermosphere on a MSI 970 gaming next week, same kinda deal. Not to worried about cooling...
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    List GTX 970 & 980 water block finds

    Does anyone know if the Heatkiller GPUx3 core universal block will fit the MSI 970 gaming? Got a crazy deal on a MSI 970 gaming from my friend who decided to get a 980 instead , so had to jump on it because im on a GTX 480 (yea that old) currently, and couldn't handle it anymore. I see that EK...
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    I'm torn... LG 34" 21:9 or 4k, help me choose.

    Im waiting on that Dell curved 34" version to be released. Dell always has crazy deals around Christmas so I'm hoping to score one around ~$1000.
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    Watch a $10,000 gaming PC be built.

    I only see around $3k worth of computer, the other $7k was spent on completely stupid shit for a gaming rig.
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    What is wrong with my loop? (Pics inside!)

    90% sure that's just oxidized copper. Usually takes a lot longer to happen, but wont effect temps. This is why I dont get clear blocks anymore.
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    List GTX 970 & 980 water block finds

    Im most likely going to get the copper heatkiller just not sure if it fit's the 980 yet. And yes, I'll be going the "hardcore" route with my 99cent gallon of distilled water.
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    Cooling a tri-SLI configuration

    This post makes me lol, and it's so true. Every week I see people posting in the WC forums saying that "my AIO 120mm cpu cooler works great for my cpu only, so I'll just get a triple radiator for cpu, and SLI GPU's, should work great." I just let people find out for themselves these days. 90% of...
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    Changing DDC pump impeller - Performance/Noise

    My mcp355 with a res top is pretty close to silent with all 900rpm fans... Not sure why yours is so loud. I would suggest rather than screwing with the pump and potentially ruining it, sell it on the used forums, and buy a vario D5 that you can reduce the pumps rpm's with a knob on the pump itself.
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    List GTX 970 & 980 water block finds

    I have no problems with nickel plated blocks, its the fact that if you have any issues with the nickel plating with Koolance, they will tell you to shove it. Here is a reply that I saw on another forum of a guy using only distilled water and Koolance block. "Hello, We don't cover corrosion at...
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    List GTX 970 & 980 water block finds

    Only 1 of those 3 I'd touch would be the heatkiller. Koolance has gotten pretty shady as of late with their nickel plating bs just like EK. If you dont use the "right" coolant your warranty is voided. No thank you.
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    Suggested 120mm fans for push/pull CPU rad cooling?

    If you want GT's, just look on ebay or search on amazon. They cost around $5 more than what they used to cost.
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    How bad is the matte coating on the monitor? I hate matte coatings. Also, where do people actually buy these? Seems like everywhere is backordered/out of stock for weeks. I guess its pretty much impossible to find a deal on this monitor.
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    Will this setup / loop work? pic

    If you plan on overclocking, then that's definitely not going to happen. Need at least a nice quad radiator to cool all of that with overclocks. And you would have to check the res to see if it will allow the inlet to be on the top like you want it.
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    Anyone have any Logitech warranty experience?

    Logitech might have the best warranty I've ever seen to be honest. The grip on my g9 was kinda flaking off a year ago, so i emailed them to see if I could just buy a new grip for it, and they replied to my email asking me my shipping address, and mailed me a brand new g9x free of charge and told...
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    Need a few pointers on flushing blocks, etc.

    If you dont have legit tubing cutters, then you need to get some. $10 at homedepot for perfect cuts every time. Also, I would not worry about radiator placement, you have way more radiator's than you actually need. Intakes will get better temps at the cost of a boat load of dust going into the...
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    Swiftech Helix Fans

    No idea, but you can buy Gentle Typhoons on ebay for ~$16-20 . It's what I did.
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    Quality water cooling for 5960X?

    Why not just buy all the stuff from a watercooling website. $90 for double/triple rad, $75(d5 or mcp***), $30-40 for a reservoir, $55-65 for cpu block, $20 for tubing + fittings.