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    quick encoding question

    hey guys i looked through the general everything you need to know about editing watching ripping and burning movies but i am still left with a question. my girlfriend has to make these dvd's for a daycare it is just a simple slide show but she did it in adobe preimier and for some reason 3 out...
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    Neutraleyes' FS thread

    pmed ya
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    dont tilt it

    yeah cause like i said i tried a diff psu, and it is just really tempremental, so i will try taking everything out.
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    dont tilt it

    k guys my system is as follows, Gigabyte Ga7n400Pro 2 AMD athlon 2500 @3200 WD 80, 8 mb buffer maxtor 250, 8 mg buffer 1 gig kingston value mem ati radeon 9600 xt and random fans and stuff, but my problem is i got back from a lan today, and as i recall the comp didnt get beat up too much...
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    a quick question for you

    but i am not sure if it will fit my board, because a volcanoe 11 didnt fit, because there is a capacitor in the way:
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    PC2100 RAM + XP 2500+... will it work?

    absolutely not, i have mine overclocked to a 3200+ on pc2100 ram, and its only value ram.(yes i realize how pointless that is)
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    a quick question for you

    hey guys, i need a new heatsink for my 2500+, and the last heatsink i bought (volcanoe 11) wouldnt fit my board, because there was a capacitor was in the way, do you think a volcanoe 7 would fit on a ga-7n400pro2?
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    Problem, need help.

    just unclock your vid card a lil bit, that and possibly your cpu, and that should make it run better.
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    Mp3 Players?

    Duck-BOT, you said you used it before, what i would like to know is what the power adapter was like, i need to use this in england this summer, and need ot know if i could charge it there? would any of the players you mentioned have this option?
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    Mp3 Players?

    first of all, i hope this is the right forum, secondly i am looking to get a new MP3 jukebox for this summers trip to europe. I have been looking at the Nomad Zen Xtra, the 30 gb model. I have about 20 gigs of music on my comp, and would like to take all of it, and this one fits my pricerange...
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    ECC ram and non ECC playing nice?

    ok and now for the extreme noob question of the year, what is the difference between ecc, and non ecc? what is error checking?
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    BTX, who DOESN'T plan on changing

    ill be sticking with atx for a long long time.
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    Xp Sp2?

    ok thatnx guys i think ill hold off then till its worked out/.
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    Xp Sp2?

    some people i have noticed in their sigs are running sp2 of xp, where can i get it, because windows doesnt seem to have it in their update list. is there a beta, or somethin?
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    Is it clean enough yet???

    lol sorry about the upside down image, also i have what wires i can tucked behind the back plate, but the backside will barely close as it is, so im kinda stuck on that one.
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    Is it clean enough yet???

    i think it looks pretty good now, and it gets good airflow.
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    My Ratpadz is SHOT!!

    if you get new mouse feet put teflon tape on it, because it has been saving my feet on my MX700.
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    i like my ratpad, whenever i use one of my freinds with a cloth pad it drives me crazy how long it takes to move the mouse, best combo is a MX700 and a Ratpad GS.
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    Any Recommendations for TV Tuners?

    i have the leadtek, never had a prob with drivers, i used to have a playstation hoooked up , which worked good, and i am now getting a sat box upin my room to be run through the comp.
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    Radeon XT temps?

    ok mine is a Built by ATI 9600XT, and at 576/345 and no artifacts, with my fans all the way up in the case at idle it is a cool 31, under load it is 34. with the fans all the way down, and at idle it is 30, and under load it is 36, so i think this new cheiftec case helped, because in my old...
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    9600xt oc question

    i have the smea card but oc'ed a little less i have mine at 575/330, so im sure that you could squeez more to what you are running, and it seems that the 96's run pretty cool mine runs at 34c under load, so id say yours is normal, and good temps for that big of an oc.
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    FS: A bunch of stuff

    how many plugs do the hdd cd round cables have if they have 3 (2 devices) e-mail me at
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    Im on my brand new comp

    nice system
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    Im on my brand new comp

    i like computers
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    4.1 cat question

    im on air cool as well. i have f fans at the front of my case, one exhaust, but i do have an exhaust blower right above my card right on the ram sinks, so i think that helps, but thats good to know.
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    4.1 cat question

    is the temp monitor in there acurate or is it based on some math problem wheree it only works if the overdrive is on? if it is an accurate temp gauge is 38C a good temp for running it at 570/660? BTW: this is on a 9600XT
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    WTB Ram Sinks for 9600XT

    i need 8 ram sinks for my 9600XT, i can only send money orders, please e-mail me at with offers please.
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    FS: Bare LEDs [super bright]

    ill get some as soon as the money gets into my pay-pal
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    Holy Cow - Huge Box (Logitech Z560s)

    to calrify i said that the 680 would sound better then mine but the Port rattles, and hey if it is my personal preference that i like my 560's then sue me. i never said that people should buy logitechs over the klipsch.
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    Holy Cow - Huge Box (Logitech Z560s)

    ok the 4.2's you cant turn them up past a quarter volume or they distort, and the bass jus becomes fluffy. and the only time the ultras sounded good was when we were watching a movie with no low bass. we did nemerous bass tests and after about 40hz they dropped off and just become even more...
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    No overdrive option with new drivers? - 9600xt

    that is wierd i still have my overdrive, and found ou that at 570/330 it only runs at 40C, try redownloading
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    FS: Need money badly

    ill take one of the lives. email me at
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    Lots Of Stuff For Sale, Cheap!!!! Take A Look!! All Must Go!

    please e-mail me at for the aopen mobo.
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    F/S: Shuttle AK31 and XP 1600+

    e-mail me i am very very interested,
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    F/S-F/T Updated Daily

    can you e-mail me about the Abit IT7-MAX2//P4 2.4B and HSF? at
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    My high end FS thread :)

    can you e-mail me about the Biostart MObo? sorry my e-mail is
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    FS: 1800+ and 512mb ram

    i am interested in either of those ram packages, e-mail me at please.
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    FS: Speakers Galore! Athlon, Celeron, + MORE

    e-mail me at about the MX420.
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    FS **Look** 2.4B/P4PE MB/P4S8X MB/512mb DDR/Case/DVD-Rom/CDRW/etc

    E-Mail me at i am interested in the pny 2100 ram, the p4pe, and the P4 proc.
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    NFSU probs

    ok i fixed it by re-installing my cat 3.10's it was the wierdest thing tho, thanx for the help.