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    Mushkin vs. Crucial

    I bought GSkill memory twice now for my Mac, and they to worked very well. Just because Apple uses the so called approved memory from Crucial, does not mean other brands are no good or not as good...
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    Potential iPhone 5 screen size?

    iPhone 5 for me would be around 3.5 / 3.7 / or 4.0 with the same form factor. Anything that has a larger form factor, and I look else where. ;) And I have large hands. Had the Galaxy S2 with the 4.3 inch screen and it did not feel comfortable in my hands. :(
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    Question about a future build or a Mac Mini

    My MacMini 2011 with the 5400 rpm Hdd does not crawl at all for what I do. Simple games, word programs, Internet, email, YouTube and the like. I went back and forth about getting a Mac Mini with the 7200 and glad I selected the 5400 after reading other members with same and they reported that...
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    Only thing that changed on New IPad is the screen

    Also includes the dedicated Voice Dictation button on the keyboard for iPad 3
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    Midrange 24" IPS for digital Design work (Dell u2412m, HPZR24, HP2440w)?

    Here is another review of the U2412 if interested........
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    Official: iPad 3 - 7th of March

    Silly question. Of course we are going to buy one ;) Now waiting to the official price.
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Thoughts?

    Here is Android FEB 2, 2012 review while you wait for some members to weigh in
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    Good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    I have three Corsair Flash Voyager 3.0 thumb drives and thus far (5 months) no hiccups to report.
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    I take back everything positive I've ever said about the Macbook Air.

    We really do not know how you carried this notebook and cannot say one way or the other, that you may have mis-handled it. This is why I always purchase an accidental insurance policy or my home/renters insurance will cover this. You should have done some home work on this prior to any...
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    Satellite phones

    Unless you really have a need for one and do a lot of traveling in remote areas, than think again $149.00 on up to and over $500...
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    10.7.3 is out today

    No issues with my download, applications or anything else with the new update. Unknown why some others do have the issues. My MacMini is new, apps are for Lion iOS, and any programs are also new/Lion approved. :) WiFi is good along with monitor behaving as it should. According to some...
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    Bought a Mac Mini last night - Must have software?

    OP needs/wants, maybe dramatically different than yours, so that list is useless for the OP until he gets a handle as to what he really needs. I just got iWorks for business and that was it, until something I wanted to do, and Lion was unable, than I would ask the community what application...
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    Why dumb phone might be valuable, soon

    My wish is for a smartphone that would have a decent call quality, great camera, GPS, email (For business people) and maybe texting. I would never need a smartphone for music, or games, since having these on a small screen and low sound quality would be a waste and I have the home computer for...
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    Brought a Dell Ultra Sharp U2412M Monitor.

    Got mine a few days ago, and set it up with the DisplayPort to DisplayPort and very happy at this time. No back bleed nor dead/stuck pixels which is always a concern when you turn it on the first time.
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    U2410 or U2412M?

    Yes, the 2412M is LED and 2410 is LCD. The 2412M is reported to less utility hungry so one should save a bit on the power bill. Bought one the other day, but cannot report on it unit it arrives later next week..Sorry
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    Verizon Signal Booster/Repeater

    You really have an attitude with that reply. You should have said nothing even if the poster gave you something that you did not request. :mad:
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    Transformer Prime, when and how much?

    Its only obsolete when the customer cannot do what the tablet was purchased for, and for some that could mean a few years time ;)
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    Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S

    Agree 100%.... They are not smartphone enthusiast that like to rage over there toys, but are fanatics that lose touch with maturity. My phone is just for calling and maybe email, gps tasks but others think of them as TV's and Computers and don't have a real life outside the small box they...
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    OS X Security Software?

    100% Agree...... Went from a windows PC to my first MacMini 2011, asked the same questions about security, but after many months of web browsing and downloads, I have never had an issue..... Period. You really don't need any security software, but Lion does have a firewall if you want to...
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    Ugh...the 4s is fragile

    OH, OK. ;)
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    Ugh...the 4s is fragile

    "Durable ??? " "Indestructable ????" Boy, do I really dislike those words that do not match the iPhone at all. Just do a little reading for goodness sakes Read the forums to get the true story about how indestructible and durable they are for pet sakes...
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    So, are there any "great" phones out there right now? Will there be?

    Toyed with the Samsung Galaxy S2 for a day, saw that my 4g speeds were more like 2G in my home and area, and the large size, even for my large hands, was a bit too large for my taste and returned it. I like the size of the iPhone 4S, but wish it had a slightly larger (4 inches) screen, but that...
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    Many do not have DSLR camera and many do not want to carry one all the time and its real nice to have a point and shoot camera on a cell phone and not have to carry additional stuff. Real simple to understand
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    iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 ???

    My opinion...... Had the Galaxy S II for one day and returned it to Sprint. Nice screen and all, but it was too large even for my large hands. Kept on hitting the darn volume key, which lowered the volume a whole lot and good not hear the phone ring or caller at times. Hit the volume key...
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    iPhone 4S, a new... ehm... a "new" iFlop.

    My take..... (24 million iPhone 4s sold ? ) Those buying the iPhone 4s today, I bet, its because many want the last phone under Steve Jobs name and will sell it decades later at a profit they hope, or keep it as a memory of long last early years (Curved phones) No one in there right mind...
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    What happened to the "rumored" iPhone5 ?

    Apple could have, and should have stopped those rumors from the get go. Shame on them for not doing so, that has now caused some anger in the IPhone community
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    I switched to Sprint from Verizon yesterday with the new Samsung Galaxy S 2 and was really impressed with the screen, but returned it after one day because where I live, I only got between 276/389k download and 164/357k upload inside my apartment, and only about 840k download 356k upload...
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    Droid Bionic Buy or Wait?

    May wish to read up on the Bionic from the verizon forum just a bit to see what these individuals are experiencing
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    Droid Bionic Buy or Wait?

    Some say wait and some say there is some thing always better around the corner....(Love those replies) Since the Prime will or may come out within a short period of time, with better spec's, then one should wait it out and not be disappointed with a current purchase and wish you had waited just...
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    I'm just about finished with Lion

    My first Mac (MacMini 2011) with Lion installed. Thought I would be bogged down in learning a new OS but this was easier then expected. I do see a few things that Microsoft 7 has that Lion does not, but I can live with the few differences. Not saying those with issues are not accurate but at...
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    First ever Mac and email question

    :) Will do :)
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    First ever Mac and email question

    Mac Mini 2011 arrived and set up was easy with the exception of pairing the apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, which I knew would take a bit longer using a USB keyboard first. Other than that, the system is very quiet, not even warm after an hour or more of use, and the size of the unit is so...
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    First ever Mac and email question

    Agree, with some exceptions... Just started out with the new Mac Mini 2011 and Lion and let me tell you, its a new learning curve for me. Still trying to find a Windows Like "Notepad" or "Wordpad" in this first day of Apple. Getting a how to Lion book real soon and read it immediately if not...
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    First ever Mac and email question

    Thanks everyone. Figured that out after a bit of consern and doing some reading. This is my first Mac and still a little bit of learning to do over a PC.
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    First ever Mac and email question

    Is it possible to just log onto the Internet and retrieve my Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo account or set one up from there or does one have to have and Mac email account first ? New Mac Mini 2011 arriving soon and I don't know much about this OS yet Many thanks
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    MacMini for me?..Your thoughts?

    Might sell the 30 incher and get out the old Dell 24 inch thats in the closet that will work with the resolution if need be, and the link is also helpful. Thanks The users of this cable were having many issues but one found that the current version of firmware worked. Now how does one tell...
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    MacMini for me?..Your thoughts?

    I to am looking at the Mini for the small form factor that I now really need for my desk but I have a Dell 3007 HD (30 inch LCD) monitor with one DVI port only. If I am correct, the HDMI slot on the Mini can handle a HDMI to DVI adapter cable, and my question would be if anyone has used this...
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    Simple video card to purchase

    Thanks all. I got the evga nVidia GT 240 for about $39.00 but for some reason, the video drops out and has to recover from time to time doing some simple photo editing using nikons ViewNX2 software. Oh, well, maybe I'll put in my old nVidia 8800 GT card lying around to see if that helps. Just...