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    WTB: i7-4790s CPU

    Acquired. Thanks.
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    WTB: Z97 motherboard

    As above. Thanks.
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    WTB: i7-4790k

    As per thread title. Thanks.
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    WTB: i7 Haswell; 4790, 4771, 4770, etc.

    Looking to pick up an i7 Haswell chip. To be (probably unnecessarily) specific, any of the following would fit the bill: i7-4790k i7-4790 i7-4771 i7-4770k i7-4770 I'd also like to snag a couple 8GB DIMMS, either DDR3-1333, or DDR3-1600. This is all going in a low-end system running at stock...
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    I'm having some touble with an old Socket 939 board...

    I've got a little home-automationy project I've been tinkering on, and a kind forum member gave me an old Asus A8V-VM socket 939 motherboard to use for the control system. Unfortunately the board is giving me some trouble (although it worked fine for the original owner), and I'm having...
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    WTB: 939 Opteron

    Yeah, I know; it's a bit of a longshot. But my need for a low-end system for a tinkering project just happens to coincide with me getting a bug up my butt to do some vintage high-end OCing (because, eh, why not?). If you've got an old, upper-end 939 Opty laying around (if somebody actually had...
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    edit: Got what I need. Thanks.
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    WTB: Cheap LGA1150 CPU/mobo combo

    Items acquired. Thanks!
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    WTB: Inexpensive LGA 1150 motherboard

    Damn I love this place. Got what I need. Thanks! As per title. MicroATX is not not preferable. PS: Yes, I know this is a new platform, and yes, I know I can probably find a good deal on a new board if I shop around a bit. :) However, whenever possible, I like to try and help out other...
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    WTB: Fanless video card.

    I'm building a system for somebody who is highly sensitive to fan noise, and - fortunately for them - won't be playing many games. Thus, I require a fanless video card. Thanks.
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    Is there a current GPU that has a particularly high performance/price ratio?

    Every once in a while an item hits the market that has a particularly high performance-to-price ratio. I have been out of the loop for a few years now, so the most recent example I am familiar with was the 8800GT which, when it was released, offered performance that equaled or exceeded GPUs that...
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    WTB: Passively-cooled video card, two optical drives.

    Building a new general-use desktop system for the folks, need a video card. Passive cooling is a must. Gaming will be infrequent at best; a high-end card is not needed. Cheaper is better. I also need a pair of optical drives; one must be a DVD burner capable of burning dual-layer discs. The...
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    WTB: 939 Opteron

    As stated in the title, I am looking for a 939 Opteron - preferably a 170 or better. If you've got one you'd like to get rid of, drop me a line. Thanks!
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    WTB: Sticks o' 184-pin PC-3200 DDR-400 memory for charity build.

    I've scrounged up a handful of old parts to build a system for a charity case (a former drug-user, now out of rehab and trying to get her life back together), but I am coming up short in the memory department. I need two pair - or a set of four - of matched 1GB sticks of PC-3200/DDR-400 184-pin...
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    WTB: Four 1GB sticks o' PC2-3200 (or better) memory.

    (Got what I need, thanks.)
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    WTB: Old LGA775 Pentium 4 670 or 672

    I've got a relative that insists on trying to prop up an old, obsolete machine instead of putting a few more bucks into a new platform. Oh well; it ain't my money being wasted. If you've got an old P4 670 or 672 kicking around, shoot me a message. Thanks.
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    Why you should strongly consider Seasonic for your next PSU.

    A few years ago I purchased a Seasonic SS-600HT. Despite being used hard, the unit always performed admirably. Not once did I have a PSU-related problem. A couple months ago, however, the fan bearings started to go out. This isn't particularly surprising because, even though I clean my system...
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    I need to replace my PSU fan. Suggestions?

    I have a Seasonic S12-600 who's 120mm fan has started to make noise; it appears it's time for replacement. I've nosed around some of the major online vendors a bit, but I'm curious if anybody has any particular fan suggestions. Quiet is a (big) plus, while bling (LEDs, chrome, blah blah) is a...
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    FS: Alphagrip input device

    I'd like $70 delivered; $40 cheaper than the OEM's price. This thing has about 1.5 hours of use on it, *maybe* two hours, tops. It comes with the original "stand", and the pair of "crib sheet" stickers, still unused. Cookie to the person who could tell the difference between this unit, and one...
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    WTB: evga 8800gt 512mb

    Specifically, I need the following part number: 512-P3-N801-AR If you've got one to get rid of, drop me a line. Thanks.
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    775 board for Dad's office machine?

    I need a motherboard recommendation for the office machine Dad wants me to build for him. The only two requirements are that the board is 1) inexpensive, and 2) fanless. I've browsed Newegg's offerings, and unless somebody has a specific recommendation I may just pick something at random from...
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    WTB: Oblivion

    As above. (edit: for PC, not console.) All I care about is getting the original media in usable condition. The original box, documentation, and etc are unimportant. I'd rather buy from a forum member than an anonymous vendor on eBay. Hook a brother up? :) -Wayfarer
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    P5B success stories? (or "The P5B OC Database")

    I'm quite taken with my own a P5B Deluxe. Though I'm still testing to see how far I can push it, it's currently running my E6400 at 8*450 (at stock voltages) without breaking a sweat. This leads me to wonder what other folks' OC experiences with this board are. So, do you have a P5B? Have you...
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    Been out of the loop for a while, have a couple quick questions:

    I've been out of the loop for a while now, and I need a couple tips about memory selection for the new system I'm building (my first non-notebook in AGES): P5B Deluxe (WiFi/AP) e6400 EVGA 8800GTS 2x1GB PC-6400 (or better), make/model undecided (hence this thread! :)) The only app I'll...
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    Since I can't ask to BUY a 10% Dell coupon, can I ask somebody to GIVE me one?

    No, I'm not being a smartass; this is a serious question. This is for legal reasons, right? Money can't change hands for these items? But can somebody freely GIVE me a coupon? I need to make a purchase from Dell within the next 36 hours, and I REALLY need a 10% Dell coupon. Alas the one...
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    WTB: Inexpensive PC6400 RAM

    (nt, delete please)
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    FS: eVGA 6800GT, PCIe

    As above. Stock cooler, never OC'd, treated well. I'm selling it only becasue it's time for an upgrade for the machine it's in. :) Delivered in it's original box, with D-Sub connector (and driver CD upon request) to anywhere in the contiguous US for $70 obo. Come on, help me pay for that new...
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    s939 CPU recommendation?

    I just discovered Oblivion, and I was blown away by it's beauty. Then I discovered the Oblivion modding community. Now, suddenly, I need new hardware. :rolleyes: Here's the deal: I know 939 is an end-of-life form factor, but at the moment I don't have the expendable capital to move to a...
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    Wayfarer's Closet-Cleaning Sale

    Last Update: 03novt06, with more stuff to be added soon... Shipping: Prices include packing, insurance, and shipping to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.I have no problem shipping to other locations, but please contact me so we can determine costs and et cetera. Payment: PayPal is...
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    Anybody here build systems for charity? I have some stuff...

    Are there any people out there that build systems, or provide components for charity purposes? Whilst cleaning out my closet I discovered some old "stuff" that is really of no value to me or any other enthusiast, but could be used to make a perfectly functional email/internet/etc box for some...
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    FS: NEW 2.5" Hitachi Travelstar hard disks

    Damnit. Sorry; I'm a freakin' retard.
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    WTB: fanless Gigabyte 7600GT, or...

    WTB: (1) Gigabyte 7600GT Silent-Pipe II card -or- (1) Asus EN7800 GT Top Silent (if the price is right) Shoot me a PM if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks! -Wayfarer
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    WTB: IBM A31 or A31p

    As above. I'll even consider buying one with a damaged screen, no HD/RAM/et cetera if the price is right. PM, or shoot me an email (czech my profile). Thanks. -Wayfarer
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    I need a new game. Any MMOs out there that don't suck, or eat your life?

    I want a new game to play. Single player games are perfetly fine if the content is there, but often I find that the content in single-player is somewhat lacking, and the additional element of player interaction adds something to the experience. This sees me leaning towards MMO games these...
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    WTB: Venice-cored Athlon64, on the cheap.

    All items acquired, thanks!
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    WTB: Chassis, & inexpensive LCD for the Grannybox. (Seattle)

    I'm building Granny an email machine, and I need a cheap/free chassis, and an inexpensive LCD (no smaller than 17"). Being that I'm in the greater Seattle area, I'd prefer items I could pickup locally, but shipping isn't neccessarily out of the question. Shoot me an email...
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    WTB: IBM X24 (2662-m6u)

    I realize this is a longshot, but I am looking to purchase an IBM X24, model number 2662-m6u. If anybody is able to hook me up, post here, or shoot me an email at Thanks. :)
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    Starving student WTB cheapish laptop without a touchpad.

    I HATE touchpads; they are the devil. I'm a clit man. That being said... I'm a starving student and I need to find a cheapish, Linux-friendly laptop to tide me over 'till I can afford a T40*. It will be used mostly for remote network administration, web browsing/IM'ing/etc, but will also see...