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    2x EVGA 980ti SC BP and 980 Water blocks

    Price drop. Both blocks still available. 75 shipped per. Lower 48.
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    2x EVGA 980ti SC BP w/ EK waterblocks

    2 Evga 980ti SC backplate cards. Have spent their entire lives watercooled. EK full cover Titan blocks. 275 per card with air cooler 350 per card with water blocks buy both cards and water blocks and i'll throw in the bridge. Bridge is for a 2 slot. Shipping is on you because i got burned...
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    How do i see my old posts?

    Have been a way a couple years and I cant find anything with this new layout. How do i find my old followed threads?
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    Issues switching between Surround and extended

    Ok so I finally gave in and went to Windows 10 when my 8.1 install crapped the bed. Everything seems fine, but I'm having constant issues trying to switch between surround and extended. It seems like half the time I have to go back in and actually use the nvidia control panel to turn surround...
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    FS: EVGA Titan X w/ EK backplate

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    FS: 2x980 G1 w/ waterblocks. Unlocked 290 w/ waterblock. 3570k

    Heatware is veedubfreak. Click for huge. Sold Blocks are sold. XFX 290 - sold Visiontek 280x. Lightly used. Bought for a build that I never got around to finishing. 200 shipped. Asus p8z77-v lk motherboard with i5 3570k and 8gb DDR3 Crucial Ballistix memory Processor has been delidded...
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    2 980 G1 w/ waterblock. unlocked 290 w/ waterblock

    Heatware is veedubfreak. Click for huge. Cards are in perfect condition. I bought a single Titan X to replace them. 550 each includes shipping. Blocks are EK Nickel Acetal. All original parts included. 1000 for both. Buy both and I'll give you the dual EK bridge with em. XFX 290 with...
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    MSI warranties w/r/t removing heatsink

    I know XFX and EVGA don't care if you remove your heatsink as long as you don't go all gorilla and mangle something. I never got a straight answer whether Asus will void your warranty but I'm guessing the answer is yes. Does anyone know if MSI will void your warranty for switching out the...
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    Unlocked 290 with waterblock, Asus GTX 970 Strix

    290s are sold. 970s are sold. Items will be shipped out today and will send tracking numbers.
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    Eyefinity Desktop toggle?

    A while back my AMD cards would switch back and forth between extended desktop mode and eyefinity spanning. I can't figure out how I did it, anyone happen to know how to do this?:confused:
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    Asus warranty and watercooling

    Is there an Asus rep on these boards by chance? I know there is an XFX rep so figured maybe I'd ask. I have 2 Asus 980 cards and they have the tiny sticker on the screw for the heatsink. I plan to watercool and want to know if I'm voiding my warranty by removing the heatsink to install a...
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    Triple 290x, watercooling, 4770k @ 4.5ghz

    I'm currently running this and I have actually managed to cause my machine to shut down when all 3 cards go full tilt. At the moment I am running a fan controller with 2 swiftech 655s and 14 fans all running low rpms. 3 290...
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    Sell 3-290(x) for single 780ti

    I'm debating on dumping my 3 unlocked 290s and picking up either a single Titan Black or Ti Classified. How bad of an idea is this. Here's the thought process. Miners have run the price of 290s up to the point that I could easily turn a 200 dollar profit on each card. The game I spend...
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    2nd 290 not showing up?

    I know both cards work individually. I installed my 2nd card and if i look into the gpu-z my second card shows unknown pixel fillrate and texture fillrate. Also in CCC there is no option to enable crossfire. Did something change with this new bridgeless crossfire?
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    290 and Eyefinity issues

    Ok, so my eyefinity worked perfectly fine on my 7970. Is anyone else running into issues where they have to redo their eyefinity setup after a reboot? I'm trying to figure out if it is because I'm using hdmi/dvi/dvi, but I can't remember where I left my full size displayport cable to test it...
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    Replace monitors or stick with Eyefinity

    Ok, here's where I'm at. A lot of this depends on if the new AMD cards get their eyefinity + xfire issues worked out when the new cards come out. But, I currently have a Dell 3007, Dell u3011 and an HP LP3065 monitor with triple stand. Eyefinity works, but has issues with crossfire which is...
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    Internal error: powerdvd sucks

    Ok so i bought this player here. I installed the drive and the power dvd hd suite that came with the drive. Every time i try to watch a movie i get an "interal error" 8876086a. I have tried everything from uninstalling...
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    Evga x58 killing memory?

    Ok i have an evga x58 and i'm now on my 2nd set of memory. It ran for a good 3 months at 4.2ghz, but now i cant get any sort of overclock to stick. I get a blue screen immediately upon windows trying to start. I installed a new set of memory about a week ago and it ran for around 3-4 days...
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    285 fun

    So ya, after much delay due to a DOA psu heres the new rig.
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    Corsair HX1000

    So is anyone running a hx1000? I know its a good unit, but i'm wondering just how good. Currently running an i7 @ 4.2ghz, 2 watercooling pumps, 10 fans, 2 hard drives, 2 260s and a 8800gt for physx off of a 750tx. I'm wondering if the hx1000 will be suffiecient to run TRI-SLI 285s. If it...
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    tri-sli 260

    I'll be switching over to x58 in the next couple weeks, as soon as i can get ahold of the mounting bracket for my swiftech gtz. I currently run 2 GTX260s and can get a third one with the same waterblock as i have on mine for a pretty good deal. Wondering if tri260 is worth doing. Ideas?
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    SLI 260 more than a 680i can handle?

    Ok so my 260s came in from stepup and i dusted off the 680i. Got everything installed and updated. Ran a few benchmarks just for grins to see how they matched up against my 4870 crossfire setup and the results are somewhat disappointing. Q6600 running 4ghz stable (1.6v) 2 evga gtx 260s...
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    4870 xfire vs 260 sli

    Ok so i just mailed off the 9800gtx's for their stepup, so next week i'll have 2 260s coming in. I still have my 680i board as no one seems to want to buy a used 680i, so i'm wondering, what would be the better option to keep. Asus Rampage Formula with 2 4870s in crossfire Evga 680i with 2...
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    Blew up a brand new DFI x38. What gives.

    Ok so all of my parts finally came in on thursday, i toss the new board and 2 4870s into the rig, everything is going swimmingly. I then try to push the q6600 up to 4ghz, which i have done many times in the past on my 680i, and when i went to boot up, the board displayed 88 on the LCD. I hold...
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    SLI GTX280 + q6600

    I'm about to order a mountainmods case as i really just like the case and have room for the extra size. My question is this, will a single 360mm rad be enough to cool both a q6600 running 3.6ghz and 2 GTX280s, or should i plan on running 2 loops, one for the cards and the other for the...
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    Vista media center recording

    I installed vista to a 100gb partition and have just been lazy, and now that partition is full. So i got around to making vista see the other 600gb of the drive, but i cant figure out where i need to go to tell it to store recorded shows there. Also, the device manager sees my other drives...
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    8800GTS512 SLI vs 9800GTX SLI When is someone going to test this

    Ok, so everyone is saying the new GTX is just an overclocked GTS512. Has anyone benched these yet? I want to see if its worth selling my GTS's and getting GTX's with the option of adding a third down the line.
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    2 GT in SLI 3rd card for 2nd monitor

    Ok i know SLI doesnt support multiple monitors, so i had an old pci-e 1650pro laying around and put that in the third pci-e slot on my 680i board. Works XP. Does anyone know how i can get it to work the same way in Vista home premium 64? TL;DR 2 cards in SLI 1 card 2nd...
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    Tearing on 42" 1080i tv

    Ok long time lurker, first time poster. Finally got my htpc put together from reading up here. Msi 8500gt - its the passive one with onboard hdmi out and dvi e2180 @ 2.5ghz 2gb ballistix tracers 7x750gb seagate 7200.1 hauppage 1800 w/ remote Vista home premium 32. Whenever im...