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    Any problems running Samsung and Corsair NVMe drives in the same system?

    I've got a 1tb 970 Evo Plus in my current system and thinking of adding a Corsair MP510. Has anybody come up against any driver problems running these together? Does the MP510 need any extra drivers apart from the default Windows ones?
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    Bent socket pin: this fix looks ok?

    I noticed when installing my new mobo one of the pins was slightly off, I could see it wasn't quite lining up right if I looked from a low angle. It wasn't a huge deviation but I managed to get it back *almost* straight to the point where you can't see it's off just by eyeballing it (In fact, I...
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    MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon XMP LED

    I just put together a new system based on an MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon. When I enable XMP I get the red LED lighting on the top right of the board as specified, but a second red LED lights up beside it also (The one on the left). I can't find any info on a second LED lighting, is this normal...
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    2080 bottlenecked by 6700K?

    I just replaced a 1080 with a 2080 in my 6700K system, but my benchmarks aren't lining up with what I've seen in reviews. I haven't really done a whle lot of testing yet, and I haven't done a full reinstall of the OS like I usually do, but I seem to be about at 75% of what the average score is...
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    Noctua NH-U12S adequate with a 9900K?

    Thoughts, anybody? The TDPs match up at 95W and it seems to have a bit of headroom (2 out of 3 asterisks for overclocking, though I plan on staying at stock speeds). Has anybody used this with a hot chip without issue? I've been using it with a 6700K rated at 91W.
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    How to update a Z370 board to support i9 without having an older chip?

    I just ordered a 9900K but thinking of using a Z370 board instead of a Z390. I'm looking at an MSI board which just put a new BIOS for download on their site to support the i9 chip. Will I be able to update the BIOS with the i9 installed?
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    Does Nvidia Shield support SMB to stream video?

    My Boxee is on its last legs so I'm looking for a replacement. The way I have it set up now is accessing my NAS via SMB to stream shows directly to my TV, no transcoders required. Can Shield do this?
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    Best for a GTX 1080: 144hz G-Sync 1440p or 60hz G-Sync 4K?

    I literally can't decide! I'm looking at the 27 inch models from both Asus and Acer, they're all *roughly* the same price and I don't mind putting graphic options down a notch for higher frames in 4K, so it's really just a matter of fluidity vs resolution. I've never seen either of these techs...
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    MSI Z170A Carbon Pro forcing CPU to constant full speed after BIOS update to 1.4

    I updated to 1.4 and did a fresh Win 10 install. I've tweaked all my power settings to my usual values, putting the min/max CPU at 10%/100%. This usually allows the CPU to throttle back to ~800Mhz at idle, but when I run CPU-Z, the chip is staying at full speed, 4Ghz (It's a 4700K). The only...
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    GTX 1080 performance at 4K without AA

    I just ordered a 1080 and am looking at getting a 4K monitor. All the benchs I've seen have some sort of AA enabled, but how does it run/look without AA?
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    Anybody want an Nvidia Paragon code?

    I just ordered a GTX 1080, got the code for the $115 in-game credit for Paragon. I'll never play this, does anybody want it? First to reply gets it.
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    Previous Win 10 activation on a new pc

    I'm going to put together a new system soon, ditching everything in my current rig except the video and sound cards. I have Win 10 Pro upgraded from 7 Ultimate on my current rig (via the upgrade then a clean install) - has anybody had any experience with activation on a new system? My current...
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    Quiet CPU air HSF recommends?

    I'm looking to put a new system together, probably a 6700 but maybe a 6700K. I'm looking for an HSF around the $50 range with an emphasis on low noise instead of huge cooling capabilities. Also, something that I'm not going to have to worry about clearance around the RAM. I won't be overclocking...
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    Huawei Firmware 1.0 showing up in Win 10 wushowhide?

    I'm in the process of doing a fresh install with the latest Win 10 ISO and I get "Huawei Frimware 1.0" showing up in the wushowhide utility. Does anybody have any idea what this is? I don't have any Huawei devices and there's no corresponding entry in the device manager. The only thing that's...
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    Where to find an update that appears in wushowhide but not in device manager?

    Wushowhide is showing me an update "Intel driver update for Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor E3 - 1200 3/4th Gen Core processor DRAM Controller - 0C00" that I can't find in device manager. I've found and manually updated all the other ones, including the Intel tuning utility and watchdog timer which...
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    SLOOOOOW logon after KB3120677 on Win 10

    Is anybody else getting this? At the welcome screen, after you've typed the password, I'm now stuck for a minute or so instead of barely a second or two before the update.
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    Win 10 failed 1511 update

    I just spent the last 2 hours installing the Fall update on my Win 10 Pro install and right at the end it gives me a failed install message. I'm not getting any prompt to re-install or re-download the update and it's telling me everything it up-to-date. Winver says I'm still at 10240. Any ideas...
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    Win 10 update so confusing!

    What a mess. I downloaded the MS hide updates tool and hid some updates (Nvidia and Intel driver stuff) but left Silverlight & wireless module to auto-update - but they won't. I've no idea how this is all meant to work, it's a total cluster F. Can anybody clarify how this all works? Craptastic...
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    Win 10 clean install and customize settings screen showing twice

    Clean installing Win 10 and I'm getting a weird thing where the part of the install when it comes to entering the serial/customize settings loops back a second time. When it happens, the "Just a moment" screen appears for a good few seconds after I've continued past the customize settings...
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    What's the total height of the Asus RT-AC68U with the antennae?

    Can anybody with one of these help me out? The site lists the height without the antennae and I've got quite a small area to fit it on. Thanks!
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    Does the AO option in the driver override in-game settings?

    How do the driver options (Off/Performance/Quality) affect the in-game settings? Do they override or enhance/filter?
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    980 Strix temps in a warm climate

    Installed my Strix 980 last night - I haven't done a lot of intensive testing, but it seems to be running a bit hotter than I anticipated. I live in the Caribbean where it's pretty warm, my room is probably around 27 degrees C on average, so there's that. It seems to hover around 73-75 degrees...
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    4K owners: benching the 980 at 4K with AA??? Why???!!!!

    I've got a 980 Strix coming, and I've been tooling around looking at benchmarks in the meantime. Something I'm seeing (And am baffled by), are figures for 4k gaming, more often than not, with some degree of AA applied - AA was designed to emulate higher resolutions, so why bother? So I'm...
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    Looking at 2x 970s. SLI issues a thing of the past?

    Thoughts? Experiences? Microstuttering sorted out? Not specifically with the 9 series cards, just in general?
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    Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W confusion!

    I've got this PSU (Had it for about 3 or 4 years now) and I'm now confused about the power it's supplying. It appears to be 2 500W PSUs combined, and the way it's distributing power to the 12v rails has me flummoxed. From what I can tell, it has 2 rails each at 20 amps, and then 2 more each at...
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    Possible to create a JBOD volume with two SSDs, where one is the boot drive?

    I've got an 840 Pro 256gb as my primary boot drive, but I'm already filling it up. Can I add a second 512gb drive to create a spanned volume through Windows 7 even though the original drive is the boot drive? I've seen tutorials where they add two extra drives and span them as a separate volume...
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    For fun: 880 length - speculation required!

    I'm wondering what the length of the 880 will be. My Thermaltake Element S holds my 10.5in 770 fine, but with not a lot of wiggle room. The 480 was 9.5in, the 580 10.5in, 680 10in, so there's no real pattern. I LOVE my case, so quiet, I'm loathe to give it up. Some educated speculation, please!
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    Single GTX770 at 2560x1440 opinions

    Is anybody playing at this res with a single 770? Is the 770 powerful enough to push this? My current card is a 2gb model, btw.
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    Min PSU required for GTX770 SLI

    I've got a 1000w PSU - will this be beefy enough for a pair of 770s in SLI?
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    MSI Z87-G45 and SLI? Will card clear SATA connector?

    Thinking of getting a second GTX770. I was looking at my board and the clearance looks tight above the SATA connector on the second PCI-E slot using a long card. Anybody running this setup ok?
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    Name of the planet-exploring demo

    What was the name of the game demo that all the sites were raving about a little while ago? You could fly from planet to planet and each planet was open to explore. The demo had an underwater scene, if I remember correctly (Vague, I know!). Anybody have any idea?
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    8.1 from Microsoft: is it an ISO or will it install on top of 7?

    I'm thinking of getting 8.1 from MS directly. When I purchase and download, is it an ISO file I can install to a flash drive for a clean install, or will it force the upgrade on top of my 7 install?
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    No prompt to disconnect USB 3.0 device normal?

    I've got USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives. When I plug any of them into a 2.0 connector, I get the little icon in the tray to eject as usual. However, when I connect them to a 3.0 connector, I get the icon and prompt for the 2.0 devices ONLY. The 3.0 devices still show up in explorer and work...
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    Router/Modem with same IP address help needed.

    I'm about to switch ISP and the equipment they gave me is a fiber optic modem with an IP address of My current DSL modem, a Netgear DGND3700, is, which I use with a Netgear WNDR4500 router, which is on at the moment. What to do when I install the new fiber...
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    USB 2.0 ports not recognizing USB 2.0 HD that works fine on USB 3.0 ports

    I recently put together an MSI Z87 based system and I'm having a weird issue. I have a Samsung 1TB external drive which for some reason, when I plug it into the USB 2.0 ports on the case, tells me I have to format the drive. It works fine on the integrated 3.0 ports though. The drive worked fine...
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    What vsync to use in-game when using Nvidia adaptive

    I like the look of the adaptive vsync - if I want to use this do I set the in-game option to vsync enabled or disabled?
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    Digital vibrance settings not saving

    I've just got a GTX 770 running 327.23 and I've set the digital vibrance to 55%, but after every restart the setting isn't applied. The value still shows the 55% after restart, but until I click it, the setting isn't applied. Any ideas?
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    How to access an ADSL modem settings when it's in bridge mode

    I've just set up a modem to work in bridge mode going wired to my router. Is there any way to access the modem settings while it's still in this configuration instead of connecting it directly to a computer?
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    Two routers and DHCP

    My ISP provided my with a crappy modem/4 port router combo. I still need to keep using the modem part of it but I've got a new router which I want to connect to it. Do I disable DHCP on the ISP gear or my new router?
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    Defective HDMI cable causing monitor blackout?

    A quick question - my monitor occasionally blacks out for a few seconds for no reason. Can a defective HDMI cable cause this?