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    Recovery software, needed or not?

    I see vendors selling hard drive recovery software. Do any of these work? Are they really needed to get files off a failed hard drive? Which programs work better than the others? Thanks.
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    Clean install of XP on a tablet?

    My friend has a Gateway tablet pc that is in dire need of an os reinstall. I've done some searching and apparently you can't buy a copy of XP tablet edition. The comp didn't come with any recovery media, and it has no recovery partition. Gateway and the Geek Squad want over $200 each to...
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    Recommend me some ram

    My second set of Corsair Dominator DDR-2 1250mhz PC210000 has just died, I attribute it to the memory spending its life at 2.4v. The first set I had lasted a week, this set has lasted roughly 10 weeks. I don't want to have to rma this stuff every 10 weeks, so I need some new ram. I will most...
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    Isn't multicore great?

    I just love multicore computing. I'm encoding a dvd while running two instances of Folding@Home, listening to itunes, surfing the web, and my anti virus just started a full scan. The computer never missed a step and hardly breaks a sweat doing it. I love it!
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    Help with res mounting

    Where would you mount a res in this system? I'm tired of the excessive time required for bleeding with the current t-line setup. I'm thinking of the Swiftech Micro Res, but I am open to all options. My best guess so far is the lower left hand corner of the case. Turn left off the gpu block...
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    BX2 temps

    When using the included intel Desktop Utilities program, what do System Zone 1 and System Zone 2 signify? Is there a way to check north bridge temps?
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    Price cuts here already?

    Did the price cuts come early? I'm waiting to pick up an E4300 which was $165 at the egg last night, now it's $139.
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    Recommend a good KVM?

    I need a 4 port analog kvm with usb and audio support. Any recommendations?
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    How would you plumb this?

    I need a little input here, what do you think is the best tube routing for this setup? The pump and res can be moved. I'm thinking pump>rad>cpu>gpu>res in>res out>pump. I just haven't found the perfect spot for the pump and res, every place I've tried involves sharp bends (which is ok, but I try...
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    Where to buy ConnectX?

    Besides Performance PC's, where can you buy ConnectX parts? I can't find anywhere else other than Jab-Tech, but they're out of what I need. I'm looking for the T style SATA connectors with pass through and end caps.
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    Bad Axe 2 memory/fsb question.

    I'm thinking of ditching this buggy 680i in favor of the Bad Axe 2. I currently run Corsair Dominators at 1250mhz 1:1 with the fsb. Is this something that will be possible on the BX2? If so I'm ordering tonight!
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    F@H stops after WU complete?

    I have the console version installed and I notice that occasionally it will stop after completing a WU. If I kill the process and restart it starts up again. Why does it stop working and sit idle occasionally?
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    What happened here? (56k warning)

    So my EVGA 8800GTX worked for about 10 minutes, then it let the magic smoke out, and shot sparks everywhere. The only thing I find damaged is this bit below the power connectors. Any ideas what this thing is and what may have caused it's death?
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    Removing copper tarnish

    What's the best way to remove the tarnish from copper on the outside of my blocks? I know it doesn't have any effect on anything, I just like it to look good. What can be done to keep it from tarnishing?
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    PC P&C "Silencer" series, quiet?

    I think something is wrong with my Silverstone Strider 750, so I'm looking to replace it. I have an older PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 510 SLI that is rock solid, great power supply. However it's just too loud for me, so before I spend my hard earned dough on a new psu, I want to make sure it...
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    Quick Bad Axe 2 question.

    Can I run a single video card in any PCI Express slot, or does it have to be in the top slot? Thanks!
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    DDR2 1250 on Bad Axe 2?

    So I'm done with EVGA and their excuse for a motherboard (680i). I will be buying a new board this weekend. I've decided against sli this time, and I want something stable, reliable, and overclockable. I want to move all my current components straight over to it. I am thinking the intel Bad Axe...
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    Up the fsb or multiplier?

    What's the best way to a stable overclock? Increasing the fsb, or bumping the multiplier up? I'm using an X6800 so the multi is unlocked, I'm going for a stable 4ghz. Is one better than the other, or is it just finding the right combination?
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    Would a different rad drop temps considerably?

    Right now I'm running a BIP 3x120 radiator and I'm not getting the temps I had expected. At my desired overclock the cpu is too hot under load (4ghz=upper 60's). If I simply change to a Thermochill PA 120.3 would I see a noticeable drop in temps? Is it that much better of a rad? I will also...
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    8800GTX water block EK vs DD?

    Has anyone compared the EK to the Danger Den 8800GTX water blocks? What kind of temp differences did you get (if any). I have 2 DD blocks in my loop now, but the quality of the EK looks fantastic. The channels over the gpu are much deeper, and the machine work just looks generally better.
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    Block mounting/hose routing, need quick answer.

    Can I mount a DD TDX block sideways instead of vertical? This would aid in hose routing. Here's what I mean, in the pic below you see the TDX mounted normally, and the chipset block below it. I can't make the bend from the TDX out to either one of the chipset nozzles without kinking the hose...
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    Linking to a specific frame?

    Hi, I hope to borrow some wisdom from you folks. I need to know how to link to a page and have a specific frame displayed in the main frame. Is there a way to do this? Right now my link will only open the main page and it loads the default main page frame, which is not what I want. The page to...
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    Poor delta temps?

    I'm confused about the delta temps on my water cooled setup. Idle I get 30C, both cores loaded with TAT it jumps to 43C, a 13C delta. I thought water would give me deltas in the 5-7C range. I have tried slowing my pump down, no changes. I tried speeding the pump up, no changes. What gives...
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    My first water cooled rig! (pics)

    I'm just about finished with my first water cooled build, I thought I'd share it with the good folks at [H]ard. I want to thank everyone who answered my questions during the planning phase, especially krotch, Arcygenical, and penguin. Without your help I would have been lost! It is a work in...
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    Block direction matter?

    Does the direction in which you mount the block make much of a difference? I can mount my Danger Den TDX 775 2 ways, inlet and outlet above one another, or inlet and outlet next to each other. Would one direction make a big difference versus the other? Here's how I have it now, do I need to...
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    Safe voltages?

    I finished my new water cooled rig last night and I'm in the process of stressing it to find a good oc. I'm concerned with voltages though. The cpu is an X6800 and the side of the retail box lists max voltage as 1.35V, but I've seen people go higher than this, like here...
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    Corsair Dominator 1250 available at the egg.

    Just bought some myself, along with an EVGA 680i, and an X6800. Just a heads up for those interested.
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    SLI or quad core?

    I'm torn on how to build my new setup. I have three options I'm considering, this will be my primary computer and it will be used for gaming. It will be pushing a 30" Dell monitor. Here's the choices: A. 1. QX6700 $985 2. BFG 8800GTX water cooled edition $799...
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    Just joined!

    and I got a 50,000 frame WU right off the bat! I've completed 11500 frames so far at 6.2 seconds per frame. I just wanted to add my spare cycles to a good cause and be a part of the #1 team.
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    Corsair Dominator question.

    The only differences I can see between these two are the obvious speed ratings, and the timings. I don't get why the "slower" memory set is more expensive than the other. What am I missing?
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    4 fans? What controls them?

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    My first oc, hows everything look?

    This is my first attempt at oc'ing. The specs are: Asus A8N-SLI mobo AMD 3500+ Winchester core with XP-120 and some slow fan Patriot DDR PC3200 ram with xbl (2X512) misc other stuff So my maxs were determined by using an Athlon guide I found posted here: Max FSB/HTT 315mhz Max CPU...
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    evga 680i mobo clearance question.

    If you run SLI setup on this mobo can you put a card in the pci slot between the video cards? IE, if I pick this board up and want to run dual 8800GTS and my Audigy sound card, will it all fit?
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    Strider 750 enough for 8800GTX SLI?

    Will the Silverstone Strider 750 (ST75F) be powerful enough for a pair of 8800GTX's? Thanks!
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    Replace case fans, believable specs?

    I want to upgrade the case fans in my Lian Li. The factory fans are ADDAs, 2-80mm rated at 26cfm@15db and 2-120mm rated at 72cfm@34db per ADDA spec sheet. Now I'm no scientist, but I'm fairly certain these 120's are not putting 72cfm out. If I was to buy replacements to go quiet, what kind of...
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    Bluetooth audio gateway?

    Is there a way to pair a Bluetooth phone with a MBP to use the MBP to place and answer calls? I was able to do this with my Dell 600m, but I can't seem to figure it out on the MBP.
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    Quiet coolers for SLI?

    I have a pair of EVGA 6800 Ultras in SLI. The stock cooler fans are too loud for me, are there any good, quiet aftermarket cooling solutions that will work in SLI? Thanks.
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    6800 Ultra and 2 DVI monitors?

    I'm taking my SLI rig apart and moving one of the EVGA 6800 Ultras to a different computer, I am wondering since this card has dual DVI connectors, can I run say 2 24" Dells via DVI off it? I understand it wont run a 30", but dual DVI 24"s would suffice. Thanks.
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    DVI splitter or Y cable?

    Does anyone make a DVI splitter or Y cable? I want something like a kvm, only without the k&m part. I want to connect a Mac Mini to my Dell 2405 along with my other pc. Only one would be powered on at a time, and I plan to run different keyboards and mice with each. Basically I want to run two...
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    Stuffbak or BoomerangIT?

    Anyone have any experience with either of these reward/return label systems? Is one better than the other? Any recovery stories you want to share? I'm considering a label for my MacBook Pro, but I can't decide between the two.