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    Official World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Litch King Thread

    haha, mage QQ. gotta love it. :rolleyes: Im not sure if anyone has noticed, but every class thinks they are "underpowered" and "broken." So.. before you play 3-4 different classes in end game pvp, you'd best keep the complaining to yourself. ;)
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Guess I better enter just for fun :)
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Buy some ram and a am2 motherboard(from newegg of course) and replace my 754 system.Then I would overclock it on my custom water loop and play some Crysis :D 2. The AMD Phenom
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    How well does the Crysis demo run on your system?

    With the system in my sig I play at 1680 x1050 all low settings. Pretty sure I'm CPU limited. Good ole single core A64 just isnt cutting it anymore. :(
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    UT3 demo by tomorrow...10/12

    I get a installation error just after it finishes extracting. :( Any Ideas? Running XP x64 here.
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    Last level in HL:E2 got you down? read this...

    That is the level I'm on right now, and running over the hunters has been my strategy the whole time. :D My only problem was when I was inside a building getting supplies, I walked out the door only to see a strider getting ready to fire. Ouch. :eek:
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    What sensitivity setting do you use in Halo 3?

    In FPS games I use default, but if I'm ever flying anything, inverted is a must. :) I think I'm at 6 right now, will crank it up to 9 or 10 as soon as I get used to using a gamepad again. :cool:
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    This has been happening to me to the last couple years. :(
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    Preorder Orange Box - Play TF2 Beta Sept 17

    Sweet, just got my pre-purchase in. :D Episode 2 is worth the $45 to me, TF2 and portal are just icing on the cake. :p
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo coming Monday

    Game doesn't even launch for me.. lol :p
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    Half Life 2 Counter Strike: Source World of Warcraft ;)
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    Love your socket 754?

    Page 100 :P
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    [H]ard Gaming Awards: Graphics

    My vote goes to Half Life 2/Episode 1. I love the look and animations of the source engine. Far Cry and Oblivion are tied for second place. Crysis when if comes out should top everything for a long time, including U3.
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    New pc game?leaving CSS

    I'm pretty sure UT2004 has native widescreen support. :confused:
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    Half Life 2 + 360 controller That might do it. ;)
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    New Crysis info!!!!

    :eek: This game looks insane... :eek: :eek: It's coming out this year? Correct? Guess I'll need a new CPU before it hits.
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    New Macbook Pros

    I am gonna need a laptop next year for college, and these MBP's are pretty tempting... :eek: Very impressive specs, and the LED backlighting looks pretty good. :D
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    Toshiba Presents Automotive HD DVD

    1080P on a 7" screen FTW. :p
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    Real Alternative doesn't work!

    Does VLC play realplayer movies? You could give that a try. ;)
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    [H]ardocp Xfire group ;)
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    Why don't more games license out their engines?

    While source is a decent engine, it sure isn't the best, or well suited for every game type. Does DX6 really matter? Seems pointless for a modern game engine to support it, IMHO. Take a look a the next gen engines, Unreal 3 and cryengine2, they are much more impressive than source.
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    Forza 2 Demo out tonight!

    Sweet Game. The wheel works very well, much better than PGR3. :D
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    Forza 2 Demo out tonight!

    Downloading now. Anyone try using the steering wheel with it yet? It was supposed to support it. :) Hopefully when I get home from school it will be done. :cool:
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    Worth getting into css now?

    CS:S is still the best Multiplayer FPS out right now, IMHO. I try to play other games, but keep coming back to it. :D I'm hoping Quake Wars can top it, but I don't think it will ever be released. :p
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    Forza 2 Demo?

    Rumor is that the demo will be released the middle of this week. :D Can't wait for this game. ;)
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    What are you guys playing now?

    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Pretty fun multiplayer FPS. Realistic WWII game. $20 on Steam. :) Yes, I know that it was a UT2004 mod, I think the retail version is better. :cool:
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    Noob Video Driver Question

    Search "915" in the repos. Make sure you enable all sources. You should see something called 915resolution, or something... Install that, then reboot/restart x. Worked on a laptop with GMA950 graphics for me.. Desktop should be the same..
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    The first game you have ever played

    Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. I was about 5 years old. :cool:
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    How's LOTRO?

    I have a level 11 Guardian of Firefoot. Name is Hill, if anyone cares. Fun game, still trying to decide whether to buy it or not. $10 bucks a month isn't that bad..
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    R600 is now on sale for

    The R600 needs to be one hell of a card if ATI/AMD wants to compete with nvidia. It's coming out way to late in the game though. Nvidia should have a refresh ready to roll by the time it comes out(if ever...). I couldn't care less about this generation however, I wont be buying a new video...
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    XP 64 Pro is not booting

    To boot into safe mode hit F8 on boot up. I'd suggest to reformat, and run memtest to make sure your ram is okay.
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    The Official Shivering Isles Thread

    Anyone read the tombstones in the graveyard yet? Some are pretty hilarious. :p
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    Desert Conflict - Released!

    The game is very fun. Not perfect, but much better than vanilla BF 2. Shoulder Mounted AA rockets FTW. :D
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    Desert Conflict - Released!

    Same. 580KB/s. 8 minutes remaining. :cool:
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    1950XTX in SLi!

    Nice. :D
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    DCon Available Friday!

    That has to be the sweetest trailer for a mod I'v ever seen. :eek: Looks like there is a reason to install BF2 again! :D
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    The Official Shivering Isles Thread

    Just got it a few hours ago. It's very fun. :) Forgot it was a m rated game. I'm only 17... The guy at best buy looked at my id, then at me, and continued to ring it up. :D
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    D5 or DDC Ultra? Which is quietest?

    I have both. The DDC is quieter. Both are nearly inaudible though.
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    Windows x64 people.

    Windows xp x64 offers little over normal windows 32 bit. It's not worth the upgrade, IMHO. Vista rocks. It's faster and more stable then XP. If your gonna upgrade to anything, grab Vista x86. It is more than ready for "general use." :rolleyes: Get rid of Norton. Now. It's crap. NOD32 is...