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    WTB: your old/working AMD Phenom II X4 900/905/910e CPU

    Hi All, I am looking to pick up a cheap/working AMD Phenom II X4 900/905/910e 65W TDP CPU, retail or OEM. Let me know what you got and your asking price w/ shipping to CA 91745. Will consider AMD Athlon II X4 600/605/610/615/620e 45W TDP CPU as well. Thanks.
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    WTB: 7200RPM SATA 2.5" HD

    Hi, I need a 7200RPM SATA laptop HD for something I am working on, 160GB~320GB will do, needed to be in good working condition. Not looking to pay much (~$35 depends on HD size) , will need to be ship to CA 91745. Thanks for looking. [/COLOR]
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    WTB: Acer Acerpower 1000, Dual core laptop w/ webcam

    Hi everyone, needed to pick up 2 things for a friend. 1. Looking for a Acer Acerpower 1000 unit with dual exhaust fan. I need the one with dual exhaust fan on the back panel, single fan version will not work. Does not need to be a working unit, but it needs to have all the parts attached...
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    Nintendo 3DS $170 w/ $30 gift card @ Fry's

    Saw this in this Friday's ad in OCR, thought it was a good deal for those interested in a 3DS. Price should be good in the So Cal area, not sure about other Fry's locations. Sale starts 8/12/11 and goes through 8/18/11. PLU #: 6511853/6511863 AFAIK it's B&M only deal, not available online.
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    WTB: XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 vid card, bad WD Scorpio Black 160GB

    Hi everyone, I am looking to pick up an ATI 5670 video card either 512MB (HD-567X-YNF3) or 1GB (HD-567X-ZNF3) version made by XFX, prefer 1GB but will take 512MB if the price is right. One very important condition: I will need the lifetime warranty be transfer to my name, that's is the reason...
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    Cali Fry's B&M Antec Truepower 430W $25 OTD

    I found this in today's LA times ad. Fry's is selling the Antec Truepower Trio 430W PSU (PLU#4968411) for $25. This is B&M only because I checked the website and it is $69 on the web. I think this is a pretty good price for someone that needs a good psu for low end PC. Note: Looks like...
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    WTB: Cheap 80~160GB SATA HD

    Hi, looking for couple cheap 80~160GB SATA HD for testing purpose. Warranty is a plus. PM me on what you got. Thanks.
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    AK's FS thread

    Hi, trying to sell these items I no longer need. -I take non-cc paypal. -The only MO I will take is USPS MO. - Smoke free home, but I do have a dog. -No dibs. -Shipping not included in price. -Heat is akahai -Feel free to ask questions or for pix. -Pick up avaliable and...
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    Refurb Thermaltake Big Typhoon $10 plus shipping Those come in and out of stock, I picked up a few sometime ago, they are pretty good, comes with mounting accessories, shipping is a bit high if you only buy one. Not a bad deal though.
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    Amazon Sanyo 1hr charger w/4AA battery $11+SH

    Just saw this over at FW (all credit to OP over @ FW), thought some of you guys might be interested in this. 1 hr charger with 4 AA batteries for $11 plus shipping. Or get 2 to get free shipping. It shows $13.xx price, but will take additional 20% off during check out making total $11.xx...
  11. A AMD X2 3800 65W AM2 Retail CPU $65 shipped

    Mod, please Delete. This is a repost.
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    FS: eVGA 7900GT CO SC, PC game, PS2 Games

    Please delete.
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    WTB: Game Cube Memory card/ other stuff

    Alright, here is my story. I bought the Wii, realized that I can play Game Cube games on it, so I went ahead and bought a bunch of them. Then I realized that you need Game Cube controller and memory card in order to play those games, so here I am, looking for Game Cube memory cards. I prefer...
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    Question about Pentium D 805 Temp

    Hi, I bought a cpu and mobo combo from Fry's, the cpu is pentium D 805 and the mobo is ECS P4M800PRO-M V2, I used the stock HSF. When Idle, cpu temp is around 53 degree C. Is this right? Is there something I need to change in the BIOS? Any idea??
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    FS: 1GB PC4000 DDR, DFI NF4 I/O shield, SLI Bridge

    Few things for sale. I also have a set of used Mushkin PC4000 Redline 1GB (2x512MB) ram. This ram had problems, but can be replace by Mushkin, can also be upgrade to 2GB set with Mushkin. I am too lazy to do this as school is starting soon. $60 shipped. If you want to know how to RMA...
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    WTB: Windows XP, S939 HSF

    Please delete.
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    akahai's FS thread: Some odds and ends. PC stuff

    I have a few PC stuff for sale, here are the guidelines I like to follow. -Price includes shipping unless otherwise noted. -No dibs, first come first serve. -Non CC paypal and USPS MO only, item will ship once the payment clears. -Shipping price does not include insurance, if buyer wants...
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    WTB: AMD X2 3800 S939 retail

    Hi, I am looking for an AMD X2 3800 S939 retail box processor, if you have one local in San Diego area I can come pick up and pay cash. Looking to spend around $130 shipped, I might consider faster ones at a slightly higher price, but not really looking to spend much more. Thanks. Edit...
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    FS:Opteron 165, Seagate 400GB IDE , Zalman VF700AlCu, Games, TT Big Typhoon, more.

    I am too lazy to make a new thread, so I am just going to link it to my AT's thread. PM me if you got any questions. No dibs, first come first serve. Thanks for looking. Heat...
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    Question about older server PSU.

    Hey guys, something had being bothering my little brand, I was hoping you guys (the wise ones) can help me clarify a few things. With the increase in power comsumption by new generation of PC components the PSU are pumping out more juice and had more connectors for different needs. i.e. 6...
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    FS: Hitachi 500GB SATA HD, Antec P180, Quake 4 DVD, and others.

    Hi all, trying to sell some of the stuff off to pay for my AMD 64 system. Here we go. *I do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact me for further detail. I only take non CC payapl. Other payment please contact me first. Things I am willing to trade. -Cash -7900GT -Lian-Li V1000...
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    New DFI NF4 LanParty series I/O shield.

    Hey I got a few more I/O shield for the DFI NF4 LanParty series mobo left, I am selling them for $2 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested or have questions. These are brand new. It will be perfect for those that bought their Ultra-D or SLI-DR used and didn't have one. By the way, Paypal...
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    FS: New Retail Opteron 144, Like New eVGA NF4 SLI mobo, some other stuff.

    Hi all, trying to sell some of the stuff off to pay for my AMD 64 system. Here we go. *I do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact me for further detail. I only take non CC payapl. Other payment please contact me first. Things I am willing to trade. -Cash -7900GT -Lian-Li V1000...