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    Xen(Server) VGA passthrough issue

    Having some troubles with (VGA) passthrough on the Intel NUC (haswell i5, D54250WYKH). I know from several reports that performing VGA passthrough works on this NUC but I'm having some difficulties. I've had at least some success using the Xenserver Creedence beta 3, I'm able to hide the PCI...
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    Ethernet cabling in new house? Shielding, Cat 5/6/7/fiber?

    I was wondering what kind of network cables you would want in a new (small) house? Regular (unshielded) cat6? From what I've heard shielding will result in: 1. Much stiffer cables. 2. Only drawbacks regarding performance unless every piece of cable and device in the network is properly shielded...
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    Unable to turn off 3008WFP if used with DP and 6950

    Hi I've recently bought a new graphic card (AMD 6950), and one specific reason for why I chosed that card was because I wanted to drive my three monitors with one graphic card. This forces me to use displayport for one display and since the 3008WFP has a displayport input I thought I was all...
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    HP LP3065 vs. LG W3000H

    It's pretty much between theese two displays now (HP LP3065 vs. LG W3000H), unfortunately there's barely any info on them? Doesn't seem to be that popular in the US so doesn't seem to be a big user-base here on hardforum. Such a task as finding out if their input lag seems like an impossible...
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    Turn on computer through internet.

    Hi I would like to have the ability to turn on my "server" (isn't really a server since it isn't on 24/7) while I'm away but has access to internet. I don't have any other server in the same LAN and since WOL deals with MAC adresses that won't work. What I'm thinking is perhaps a PIC or...
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    Different versions of same laptop, same except for specs?

    Hi I'm leaning towards an LG T1 laptop and have found a nice deal on one with the L2300, low voltage 1.5 GHz, CPU. That seems to be the only difference between that and for instance those with the T2500 (2 GHz - non-low-voltage) CPU, that and that the first one has XP home and the second...