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    I need an outdoor Unifi AP recomendation

    It's not terribly hard to find the datasheet for that AP. Link It is rated outdoor, might be wise to put it somewhere that doesn't get a whole lot of direct exposure, especially to rain, but none-the-less it says outdoor. The datasheet says you can use the PoE injector that nearly all Unifi...
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    Need some assistance regarding fiber

    Most likely you can not use your own "modem" on a FTTH install. Depending on how they set things up. You might be able to replace the router they supply you with if. But sometimes they won't give you a public IP behind their modem. In that case you'll be double NAT'd and you really do not want...
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    Help me with Ubiquiti

    You didn't say you were getting a new router also, but if you are then you should consider a USG instead of an ER-Lite simply because the USG integrates with the unifi controller. Instead of having two interfaces to control wifi and router, you'd have one.
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    PfSense port forwarding problems - can't get it to work

    You need to create a Rule under Firewall, under WAN to allow a hole through the firewall. Then under port forward it should create an auto rule for you that'll show linked. So delete the rule you have now under port forward, it should auto pop for you when you create it under rules.
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    Point Domain Name to Home Server?

    You can use Cloudflare to do this if your router will support it. Works well.
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    Recommendation on Pair of Routers for Wireless Bridge

    Since this would be a point to point bridge, I'd look for something with directional antennas. UBNT would be a really good option. Although you may not really need directional antennas at that distance, it could help make it more consistent and reliable, esp if you plan to do 5ghz.
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    My WiFi sucks... House works against me... Just want it to work!

    Umm, yea we weren't discussing Gen 1 anything, so what is your point? Well then I guess you should call out UBNT for being liars since you have information that is contrary to what they report. Because they say the antenna gain is 3dBi for LR, Pro, Lite and EDU models. Not to mention they...
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    My WiFi sucks... House works against me... Just want it to work!

    Wow, I was unaware Microcenter stocked Unifi, That's awesome. I live about a 1/2 hour from one. Should work quite a bit better than the Netgear.
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    My WiFi sucks... House works against me... Just want it to work!

    Oh I'm a HUGE UBNT fanboy, I just don't buy their marketing at face value. I try to convert everyone I know to using UniFi. UBNT doesn't release radiation patterns for their antenna's either, so this donut stuff.... Maybe you've seen it in the FCC's database though, I can't be bothered to look...
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    My WiFi sucks... House works against me... Just want it to work!

    Based on what? The receiver sensitivity specs they released? Oh wait.... They haven't.
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    My WiFi sucks... House works against me... Just want it to work!

    Yup, best bet is to add another AP upstairs, wired if at all possible. Seriously, put in the effort, wire it. Also I don't really think so called "LR - Long Range" is the best option. they just up the output power but that doesn't help much on the receiving side at the AP. If the AP can't hear...
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    Anyway to increase network range without having a different SSID?

    Repeaters can't be wired....... because then they're not repeating. The netgear you listed, I can't speak to it's reliability although I've long thought Netgear to be unreliable. The one you linked to however will work in AP mode with a wired backhaul.... and it has good reviews. So you'd put...
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    Anyway to increase network range without having a different SSID?

    There is some wrong information in this thread. But yes, you can absolutely use two AP's/Routers and use the same SSID/Password and your devices will move from one to the other without your intervention. Get something and hardwire it. If you use another router then make certain you connect to...
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    Wireless Access Point Recommendation

    I wanted to kill my ESXI server, so I went with a RPi too. It's been quite solid. I will say I've never had any issues with UniFi on linux like some other here are claiming. I have had a hardware failure or two, but nothing dramatic. Overall UniFi for me is crazy reliable. So I'd definitely...
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    Asked Many Times, But...

    Endless fight around here. But ROFL @ anyone who says that cat6a isn't much more expensive. Queue someone linking me to some garbage cabling from some shady site..... Like said above, if you want to future proof, then run conduit so you can move to whatever is actually needed in the future...
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    Anyone tried a PC Engines APU2C4 yet?

    You're going to run pfSense here too? 2.3? I'd love to know how this goes. I wouldn't be running codel but just pfSense, I'm looking for something new as right now I'm running it on ESXi but would like to get rid of the server. I have gig fiber, so I don't know if this will be enough, but I...
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    pfSense and DNS

    I don't think anyone really answered your question, and it might be a bit unclear what you want to do. But I'll explain some things as I think you're just not sure of how DNS resolving works in pfSense. You can set OpenDNS to as the DNS servers in General Setup, that's fine. You'll want to make...
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    surfboard 6121 vs 6183

    Looks the sb6183 has 16 downstream channels. The 6141 has 8. From a quick search it does looks like charter does use 16 channels. I'm not sure how much that would impact your day to day use. You'd obviously not get faster speeds. Maybe slightly more resilient?
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    You will not slow that switch down at all with a few camera's. It'll switch 48 Gbps.
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    If you buy a decent switch then it will have the switching capacity needed.
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    FCC to Ban DD-WRT with new rule -- public comment

    Well also as a ham, I'm not really worried about people modding their wifi stuff. We don't do overselves any favors by blowing the interference out of proportion. A lot of hams are way over sensitive and basically worry warts about it. Anyhow, it seems this also negatively affects us if you're...
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    ubnt UAP-AC-PRO / UAP-AC-Lite

    I have an UAP-AC-PRO. I ordered early from double radius, so I have mine already. Have had it for a few weeks now, has been completely stable so far. I think it's cheaper from A1 security though, although I know it's back ordered till December there as a friend has one on order with them.
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    difference between a $60 router and $300

    You'd do well to take heed of the advice to just bail on the idea of buying any router that has ever been or ever will be sold at best buy, or could even possibly sit on a shelf at best buy.
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    difference between a $60 router and $300

    If you're mostly worried about wired usage, then 300 dollars buys you nothing. I'd argue 300 dollars is insane to spend on an all in one solution regardless, but for wired no. You just need something that is reliable, and $300 hardly buys you reliable in routers. Plenty of high priced routers...
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    Looking for a good AP.

    I got mine from double radius. But I've ordered from streakwave too years ago. It does both bands simultaneously yes. It also has band steering although that may not be in the current firmware yet. I think they released it and found some issues so they pulled it. Should be back soon. Mine...
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    Looking for a good AP.

    I have the new UAP-AC Pro. I upgraded my original UAP's which were rock solid. No reason at this point to go with the older UAP-AC's that are way more expensive. Get the lite or the pro imo. I've only had the pro a few days now, seems quite stable so far.
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    internet network

    If you have Cinbell for tv too, using your own router is not very straightforward. I think you can make it work with the right router, but I only have Fioptics internet @ 1gig like you so I don't know much about it. If you don't want to run your own router, and it can be tough to find a router...
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    what can be done about youtube throttling?

    Yes, AT&T isn't really throttling, so much as they're letting peering points get saturated beyond reasonable limits. This is nothing new, Time Warner was doing it too. I had blocked some IP ranges at my router and it helped a lot. You'd have to do some research to figure out what IP blocks you...
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    Bit of a noob with networking--- would love some advice.

    Excellent decision. You won't regret Ethernet.
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    Country Life

    Of course it's legal. Ubiquiti makes some stuff that can definitely handle 6 miles if you have LOS. This kind of stuff can get pretty complex though. Like fresnel zones...... There is a lot to consider. And it's hardly cheap. In fact it's quite expensive to do most likely. Also, the...
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    Bit of a noob with networking--- would love some advice.

    IMO, you should wire everything possible no matter how much hassle it is. You only have to do it once. No matter what you buy you'll never get the endless/solid reliability you'll get from ethernet with wireless. If you have dead zones, you could buy access points and wire them up around the...
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    If I Wanted To Start A VPN Business, Where Would I Start?

    The DMCA has provisions for Safe Harbor, and that's it. Just because you do something illegal, whether it is on your local ISP or a VPN, only you're responsible. The VPN is still an ISP and still protected, just like if you spin up a server in Amazon cloud and do something illegal, they're...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Yeah, upload is quite awesome for backing up to the cloud. And I use BTSync to get some shows I download for my friend to her laptop. I max out her 20mb connection no problem when transferring. And the next thing I want is plex running so I can access my media anywhere, haven't yet got around to...
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    Recommend equipment for home setup

    Wire everything you can, it's more reliable than wireless by a long shot, and faster to boot. You could look for a cheap used switch on ebay, or you could buy something like an HP 1810. If you want gb and buy used on ebay then make certain all it's ports are gb, because these sellers mislead by...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    My PC should be able to do gig for sure, i5-4760k with intel pci-e nic, not using onboard realtek. I didn't do much testing directly connected to the ONT though so I'm not sure. Haven't been too concerned with it for right now, the main thing is I get GB to my house. I'll get around to trying to...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    It's supposed to be a Gig down/250up, but pfSense on ESXI on my current server can't handle it I guess. Will soon run pfSense on bare metal to get the speed up.
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    Ethernet cabling in new house? Shielding, Cat 5/6/7/fiber?

    I also say consider conduit. As far as the guest house you really need to either do fiber or wireless. With copper you could have grounding issues between the two buildings and you won't be having any fun at all with that. With fiber you could just use some converters on either end, they're...
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    pfSense vs. SmoothWall Express?

    I used to use Smoothwall and loved it, but it doesn't do vlan's or multi-wan. So while pfsense QoS isn't easy by any means, I wouldn't move to Smoothwall. You may not want vlans now, but maybe in the future you want a real guest network. Maybe just bite the bullet and figure it out on pfSense...
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    Moving... Have some questions

    It would be helpful for people to know what ISP's you're using. I have no trouble with VPN's on Time Warner Cable.
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    Plan to wire entire house with ethernet - Few questions, mainly regarding the switch

    I would never use STP unless it was actually needed, because what do you expect to gain from the extra hassle? Relief from some imagined problem because of interference? Not to mention it has to be done properly.