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    Help with partitioning scheme for new build

    I'm putting together a new desktop and will be trying to make a full time switch to linux. My hardware is on the way and I'm looking for some insight as to a partitioning scheme. I'm getting my feet wet and will probably rebuild the OS structure next year - maybe to ubuntu 14.04 hopefully to...
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    Bungie: 'Nobody Plays Shooters With A Mouse And Keyboard'

    I can see controller work well for skyrim. Skyrim wasn't about action and is what I expect out of a good console port. Good Story - good game-play - the combat/action felt soft and sluggish. The importance of comfort with console FPS is interesting (and likely true). So if halo features...
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    New ubuntu build -

    thanks for the input - best thing I found : I ran across come benchmarks yesterday that showed much more consistency for NVIDIA proprietary drivers. Wasn't even close. So in spite of my experiences with my last couple nvidia cards I'll be going with that. As for the CPU I'm looking at...
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    New ubuntu build -

    I'm putting together a new desktop system and I'm going to try to make the switch to linux for my day to day machine. I'll start with ubuntu as it would appear to the the most 'stupid user' ready. I'm wondering if there would be any real linux reason to go with a certain kind of hardware...
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    Google Launching A Tablet Too?

    Other rumors say kindle will be bringing the kindle fire 2 to the party at about the same time. Will be interesting to see what they've been able to improve on in the last year and how the two devices compare.
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    Common Sense Prevailing In Norway Mass-Shooting Case?

    This is absolutely feasible! While he was at the summer camp did he do any fishing? Cooking? Resource gathering?
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    Senate Panel OKs Controversial Antipiracy Bill

    so more .cn names? lovely
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    The dev we have now is saying coldfusion. But he's heavy on coldfusion background and won't be sticking around after the project. So while his opinion carry's weight, it mostly seems to be based on what he prefers to work in, rather than the best product for this solution. Thanks to all...
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    yep typo .. MSSQL
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    We're looking to do some web development and are trying to decide which language to use. Coldfusion and .net are being discussed. This will be for a front end that will interact with an MSQL database. We're hearing conflicting rumors that one or the other is on the way out. Or that one...
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    Bon Jovi: Steve Jobs 'Killed' The Music Business

    Having grown up in the 80's and being forced to listen to the 'industry approved' artists I say THANKS for killing the Music Business. If Jobs is responsible for killing the business, I'll blame bon jovi for killing MUSIC. Along with - Air Supply, Chicago, Michal Jackson, The Boss, New Kids...
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    My First Custom Rig (56k warning)

    well done - nice job There's only one issue - your specs are too good for a 1st time build - you'll get the itch again in 6 months.
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    Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead

    I purchased a netbook running linux and I'll do it again .. if they haven't buried it by then.
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    The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves

    the same should apply to clothing - they aren't searching you, just your clothes. If you take your clothes in public there is no expectation of privacy.
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    I have too many programs installed on my HDD. Which ones should I uninstall?

    QFT - There only acceptable answer here - is don't uninstall shit. Slap on another drive and keep going. You still need 7 Zip. Open Office, True Crypt, Password Safe, Virtual box, Filezilla/Winscp, defraggler, and putty -it's really not a computer unless you've got putty. ~~correction you...
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    3D TV Has Arrived, But Glitches Remain

    3D TV - a great example of supply trying to lead demand. Who was really clamoring for this?
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    James Cameron Hates Commercials on His DVDs, Too

    now you can start complaining about having a choice
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    Verizon Raises FiOS ETF to $360

    i'll bitch .. the TV service is poor. It's quite common for the picture to digitize ... similar to what I saw with Dish when there was a VERY heavy storm. I'm moving in a couple months ... i'm going back to dish. Internet service has been better .... but it's not the end all be all.
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    USB 3.0 Preview @ [H]

    I'll be upgrading to i7 as soon as Gigabyte comes out with a micro with USB3
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    8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight

    As a US citizen your rights are you responsibility to protect and defend. The govt is not going to do that for you. Anyone who expects anything different is a fool. the same thing the british were saying 200+ years ago.
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    Dead Space - uggh

    I picked up dead space on steam for $15 this weekend. A waste of money. I turned off the v synch and played with the mouse settings - game was playable, but painful. Some people have said you need to play the game with a game pad. The game felt like I was playing via console. Slow with...
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    You Can Buy Used ATMs On Craigslist

    baah the superman movies taught me that superman is lois' bitch Office Space for the fraction of a cent scheme
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    Microsoft, Publishers in Talks for Bing News Exclusivity

    I love the idea - no one else has come up with a fox new filter Bing - The interwebs solution to Fox News.
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    Fox CEO Wants US to Join France on Internet Piracy

    how about we cut off the internet access for idiots
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    Idiotic Quote of the Day

    LOL .. If someone was actually able to follow up on this claim .. I'll bet it's a load of horseshit. Especially related to the amount of effort it takes to keep these two guys in india productive.
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    AT&T Asks Employees to Oppose Net Neutrality

    just send notify the organization they are talking about and ask for the opposite. i've done that most times I'm encouraged to do something screwed up by a major telecom company not called at&t.
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    Why Email No Longer Rules…

    wrong - am I going to tweet my way around work? or FB the next meeting - please hold all questions to the end and put them on my wall. I don't give a rats ass if anyone knows what going on in my life .... if you need to know what's going on in my life you're already a part of what's going...
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    UK Court Orders Writ to be Served via Twitter

    this is a horrible idea governments actually using the interwebs for notificaiton would lead to incredible rates of fraud. Just like the 'IRS' notice that is making the rounds now.
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    Verizon CTO Sees Eventual Move to Metered Broadband

    they can throttle broadband - and they can turn off wifi on my cell phone .... but they won't turn off text message on my phone they are pretty good at sending work to overseas- and whining about h1b
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    Austin Police Look to Crack Down on Impersonating Commenters

    This story has to be true ..... I read it on the internet.
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    IE8 Trounces Firefox, Chrome in Security Test

    Can you defend this statement or is this just something you read in Wired magazine? Let me guess everything in the tech industry would be better if only there were more h1bs. I'd like to see this test with no script running.
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    Man Invents Video Game Timer

    What a good idea! What could go wrong? performing a hard shut down day after day isn't going to cause any problems.
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    Is Supreme Commander worth getting?

    Very solid RTS - get it. This is RTS on a large scale. It can stress some older CPU/Video Card combo's. Anything fairly recent shouldn't have any problem
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    China Insists It Does Not Hack Into US Computers

    china is almost certainly trying to hack our networks .... but a better question would be how is a "300-billion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter project" hackable? If this weapon is going to be deployed to "all branches of the armed froces" shouldn't that project at worst be on a closed network...
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    3D Desktop + Touchscreen = Cool?

    same here - very nice product I would like to install it on a couple of co workers machine who have everything in the world on their desktop.
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    SCI FI Channel Renamed To SyFy

    Retard(ED) When I read this I did a double take on the calendar. I thought this had to be an April Fools Joke.
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    XP on a netbook - how much space?

    How much space does XP take on the netbooks. A friend of mine was complaining her 8GB SSD only had 1 GB of available space. That didn't sound too bad, but it had me thinking, how small can they go?
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    Dell Mini 9, comments?

    I've got the mini 9 8GM SSD, 1GB RAM and ubuntu. I've only had one problem. The battery died on me and wouldn't hold a charge. I called dell about it on tues and had the replacement by wed afternoon. My biggest complaint about netbooks is people who don't know what they are buying. The...
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    Loose Ends

    Looking forward to the (gigabyte) x58 reviews. I'm glad you're taking time to get it right ... it forces me to wait for stable bios and price drops. Netbooks - I picked up a Dell Mini-9 running ubuntu. Works like a champ - but it's not a notebook. The small keyboard takes some getting used...
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    Just raise the price and slap a SALE sticker on it.

    lol ... My apologizes to newegg shoppers. If i hadn't bought those headphones 12 hours earlier I wouldn't have forced newegg to raise the price of the product and announce that the items were 'on sale'.