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    64gb (32x2) DDR4 3200mhz $224.99

    Good catch, updated the thread to reflect this.
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    64gb (32x2) DDR4 3200mhz $224.99

    Lets me check out with it, seems available on my end at least
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    64gb (32x2) DDR4 3200mhz $224.99

    Newegg High capacity 64gb (32x2) 3200mhz DDR4 on sale for $224.99. (Timings are 16-18-18 which are the best available so far at this capacity) Best price I've seen for these. Would allow you to store up to 256gb of DDR4 on a threadripper 8 dimm system, 128gb on a mainstream 4 dimm system, or...
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    Frys going out of Business

    Curious how much longer Fry's will last given all the social distancing whatnot as of late. They were a ghost town before , but now...?
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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

    Prices reduced. Willing to shave off a bit to avoid selling them on ebay if no one bites
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    AMD Threadripper 3990X 64 core CPU reviews are out

    I'm a bit out of my depth here, but I remember X99 had unofficial support for RDIMMS. Depends on a case by case basis though. I remember some posts here of users getting some 64gb dimms and I believe even 128gb dimms working on Asrock boards. I bet there are some boards that do support greater...
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    Civilization VI Platinum $26 @ Newegg, includes all DLC : Win/MAC/Linux

    Haha same. Been building lots of factories in hopes of melting some polar ice caps so far
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    The Corsair DDR4-5000 Vengeance LPX Review: Super-Binned, Super Exclusive

    I wonder if he'd be able to OC those better on X570 vs Z390 which he tested on. Too bad his timings had to be a lot looser than the 5000mhz corsair kit
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    Civilization VI Platinum $26 @ Newegg, includes all DLC : Win/MAC/Linux

    Bought it at $28 this morning. Great value for never having bought any of the DLCs considering how expensive they are. Thanks!
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    PCIE Bifurcation

    Wanted to post one of Asrock's new ITX X570 boards that have been announced. Seems like the perfect fit for some interesting bifurcation builds. (Link) 4 sodimms (ecc support) Dual 10gbe intel ports Up to 8 sata 3 ports (via a breakout cable) X570 chipset w/ pcie 4.0x16 slot (overclockable?)
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    The Corsair DDR4-5000 Vengeance LPX Review: Super-Binned, Super Exclusive

    True and CPU frequency too which makes it hard for apple to apple comparisons. On another note, I think an interesting use case for such fast DDR4 would be if it were in quad channel on a threadripper setup. That would be some insane read write bandwidth. Wouldn't do much if any good for games...
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    The Corsair DDR4-5000 Vengeance LPX Review: Super-Binned, Super Exclusive

    In this particular case, I believe the decrease in infinity fabric speed (for 5000mhz) is a primary argument for 3200/3600 cl14 having perhaps better latencies on Ryzen 3000 Also, here is a video of a similar gigabyte kit @5000mhz. In the video, Derbauer pits it against such kits and I believe...
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    The Corsair DDR4-5000 Vengeance LPX Review: Super-Binned, Super Exclusive

    I wish they at least tried to OC and tighten the rated speeds to see what more is possible
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    Modder Creates A Fully-Functional Radeon RX Vega Nano Graphics Card, True SFF Design As Envisioned B

    Always love ITX sized GPUs. Would fit great in the small run custom ITX cases that are around these days.
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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    12 Core Laptops

    Reminds me of Asus' 8 core Ryzen 1700 laptop. I don't see why it couldn't work.
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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

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    FS MSI X99 Titanium

    Bump for new products (GTX 1080/MSI X99)
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    Samsung Prototypes First Ever 3nm GAAFET Semiconductor

    I am curious if lowering node size offers either a linear or exponential increase in perfomance or some other metric (such as power consumption, etc..) If it is exponential, I'd imagine even these small node shrinks could offer significant advantages even as we reach the practical limit of what...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (free if you own the Legendary Edition)

    Looks like a great mod I'll have to use on my next playthrough, thanks!
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    How's this for throughput and latency on DDR3?

    I never had the fun of overclocking DDR3, but those are some impressive clock speeds, timings, throughput, and latencies even compared to some DDR4 kits
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    Seagate MACH.2 Multi Actuator [H]DD Interest?

    I was curious if any others were anticipating Seagate's MACH.2 launch? SSDs may be all the rage, but there's something [H]ard about all those moving parts. (Probably for the same reasons I get excited over old vacuum tube gear). It sounds as though they are pretty focused on releasing these...
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    Sandisk Plus 960gb SSD = $80 @ MC

    To think a 256gb SSD I bought there a year and a half ago for $80 was a good price. My how things change
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    What motherboard to get for threadripper 3?

    You'll be good. You could try tightening the timings/OCing if you wanted for the RAM, but honestly you'd probably be just as well leaving it at XMP. RAM OCs tend to be a bit more tricky to test for stability. 16-19-19 @3600 is great ram anyway so enjoy
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    WTB: Older Ryzen to upgrade Bios

    You might look for an A6-9500. It is AM4 compatible and dirt cheap. Only concern being check your motherboard bios if it is supported as I believe some company's started cutting out support for them on newer boards. Here is a used one shipped for $25. Ebay
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    Steam Controller $5

    Love mine so far. Just what I needed for the games I play. Perfect for turn based strategy games. Probably pretty good for real time strategy as well, but that would take a fine tuned profile to make it work. Been great for Civ6 so far. I can navigate just about as well as I can with a mouse for...
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    Zen,Zen+,Zen2 comparison @ same clocks?

    To your original question: I would add this video as I too am curious how they would compare. It is a Hardware Unboxed gaming comparison of the 9900ks vs 3950X when overclocking RAM speeds and lowering timings. It made a bigger difference than I expected and allowed AMD to really close in on...
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    Zen,Zen+,Zen2 comparison @ same clocks?

    Guru3d does IPC comparisons of CPUs locked at 3.5ghz for single core cinebench runs.,9.html There is a marginal difference between the 1800X and 2700X, but a much improved score with the 3800X.
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    Why no love for Low Profile?

    I'm in the same boat with a 7 liter ML09 silverstone case. Its a 2200G HTPC build where the best GPU upgrade is currently a 1650. Hopefully 7nm and beyond brings some better options with some die shrinks
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    JBL 530 Speakers - $299

    Its as if your TV stand was made for them, very nice
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    Rosewill 1600W Power Supply is $109.99

    I wish I had a use for one. Good deal though. That thing is huge!