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    What are some obscure games you like to play

    A classic flash game.. Quest for the Crown
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    Nvidia SUPER Refresh: Faster 2060, 2070, 2080, Faster GDDR6 and $100 Off

    I hope Nvidia plays the John Williams Superman Theme at the announcement.
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    Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro

    I wonder how long it will be till we see the first functioning cheese grater case mod.
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    Any good games with offline bots?

    Condition Zero?
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    So will lans in the future be all tablets and smart devices? I still appreciate a CRT and a Packard Bell Legend case mod every now and then. Well if it works, then I like the idea that I can ditch Windows for upcoming games.
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    Grid 2 FREE at Humble Bundle

    Also dont forget that the Demolition Derby Pack is also offered for free in the Steam store.
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    Department of Justice Charges Huawei and Its Executives with 23 Crimes

    My Nexus 6P...what will I ever do???!!!!?!?!?!
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    Still want to charge your phone while you sleep?

    Things that I leave plugged in: - Nexus 6P - Note 3 - Shaver for my face - Shaver for my balls
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    Lian-LI V1100
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    Metro 2033 is FREE for 24 hrs

    Got it. Thank you.
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    Battlefield V Trailer Features New Game Modes

    imo this is more of a featurette than a trailer.
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    Rage 2

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    Nexus 6P and Oreo?

    I checked a day later after the update was available and have been using it ever since with no phone issues. I just have unreliable bluetooth media connection to a Lexus RX350. I also just updated to the new Nov 5 security patch. After having the battery replaced in September, my phone has...
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    Transfer files from PC to Galaxy S8+

    I use the FTP server plug-in that available for Solid Explorer File manager and FileZilla on my pc. Its been speedy, convenient and super stable with my N6P. Hell, I use it often enough to have a direct shortcut to the "start server" button.
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    Screen replacement for LG G4

    We all know option A is not as [H] as option B.
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    I miss ATIs AIW cards :(

    I used the s-video input on my video card to play my Dreamcast on my pc monitor. Then I got a Dreamcast VGA box.
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    Android: What's a good replacement for ES File Explorer?

    I've switched from ES File Explorer to Solid and X-plore. Solid's FTP server plugin has been a god send for my case use since file transfers from my Nexus 6P to my pc via USB-C is not reliable.
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    What generation of consoles did you start with?

    N.E.S. Sega Genesis PC Sega Dreamcast PC PS3 PC
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    Nintendo Switch

    I'm hoping that when the library matures, there will be an "NES Edition" available. The current color scheme reminds me of the Ouya.
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    Galaxy Note Brand Now Damaged Beyond Repair

    What ever Samsung brings as the next Note, I hope Samsung uses a low price to entice customers back. (assuming 3rd times the charm).
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    Like them or not, Google's Pixel phones will be the iPhone competitor we've demanded for years

    I look forward to my boy Floss, to be back with another video of the real review of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. I'm not too sure what this phone has over my 128GB 6P.
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    9/9/16 Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

    9/9/99!!! I went to Kaybee Toys at the mall to pickup my preordered console, Sonic Adventure,Soul Calibur and VMU. I even pre-rented the console from Hollywood Video for with a $300(?) deposit.
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    Google Ara

    I used to be but am not anymore since I heard that the screen/CPU/ram combo will not be separate modules. Which I can understand but still. When I think about the phone I was looking to would be akin to a Note 7 with front stereo speakers.
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    Drones Used As Lifeguards

    I'm imagining Quad copters dropping Life Preserver rings like ordinance. Then with the precise location, life guards could then fire off those rescue cans like mortars or Wire-Guided Shore-To-Sea rescue harpoons.
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    Galaxy Note 7 Confirmed With Iris Scanner

    I can see Samsung releasing an Edge only Note initially then offering a flat spec gimped flat screen Neo version much later. Then obviously Samsung would release a flat Note 8 varient next year to keep Note buyers on the hook. Anyways I would only consider getting a Note 8 Edge when the price...
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    Easy place to get ringtones?

    I use a modem hand shake as my ringtone.
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    YouTube Now Bigger Than TV Among Advertisers' Target Audience

    We like to cast Youtube Game of Thrones episode reviews after watching said episodes (we dont have HBO) to the TV.
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    AGP, suck to be me..........

    I think I've got a Diamond Viper card somewhere...
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    DOOM On GeForce GTX 1080 Vulkan-Accelerated 1080p 60 FPS Gameplay

    Bit rate is 50Mbps. Go [H]ard or go [H]ome.
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    Bethesda: No Early Copies Of Doom For Reviewers

    Why would I need a server connection to make a map?
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    John Romero And Adrian Carmack Together Again?

    Corsair Stafe RGB keyboard.
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    Doom Multiplayer Beta Previews

    Granted I didn't play the beta but the videos on YouTube haven't hyped me up for the game. I don't like all the numbers on the screen and I really don't like the presence of the UT announcer nor it's voice.
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    All future Forza games to be released on Windows 10

    I hope that the PC versions wont be gimped down versions of the XBox1 version.
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    Black Opps 3 and other games will be Cross Platform PS4 PC and X-ONE

    I may have to partake in a Steam Free Weekend if this actually happens. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I remember the times I had the Dreamcast Q3A levels on my PC. :)