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    What is your favorite brand of Video card? (non-OEM)

    I go with the cheapest that meets my minimum requirement (design, noise, ...)
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    Nvidia drivers 430.86

    Played a few weeks ago... I thought that my 2080 ti was broken but it was the game all along.
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    Nvidia Teases NEW GPU via Youtube <Link in Thread>

    Something super expensive is coming...
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    She was 25 years old.
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    Visa, Mastercard Mull Increasing Fees for Processing Transactions

    We need Epic to release a credit card
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    Metro: Exodus

    Definitively on my list... just waiting for bugs to be ironed out... this will finally unlock the full potential of my 2080 Ti!
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    Metro Exodus Has Stuttering Issues

    A game that has been released 24 hours and packed with new tech has technical issue? Really?? How can this be possible?? This is why I only start playing a game a few months after release... First, it is cheaper. Secondly, favors a more stable/mature experience.
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    Nvidia is Publishing a Book on Raytracing

    Perfect, I was looking for something to read while waiting for the release of the RTX patch for Tomb Raider :rolleyes:
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    Here Is the Metro Exodus - Uncovered Trailer

    My god... I understand that having more than 10 providers would be inconvenient and annoying... But if you cannot handle a few ... life must be hard... do you go to just one or two restaurants to be sure that you will not get loss on your way there??
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    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    Radically Altered Life? Let me guess.. he is 80, in a wheelchair and has telepathic powers?
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    Microsoft's Direct3D Team Mounts Old GPUs on Their Office Wall

    I heard that the Geforce FX 5800 is displayed somewhere in a vacuum museum
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    LG Electronics to Release 8K OLED HDR TV Models in 2019 with VRR Support

    I am willing to pay $CAD 5,000 for a 77" Just don't care about 8K... In fact, I find 8K less desirable than 4K
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    Should have bought a 1080 Ti

    An used 1080 Ti provides 5-10% less performance than a 2080 at half the price... 2080 features are not a factor in real life given the lack of support for RTX and DLSS ... I also suspect that the 2080 is not powerful enough to push RTX anyway... Depending on budget, I would go with either a...
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    What was your justification for RTX 2080 ti?

    My girlfriend told me she would quit me if I did not buy a $1,200 video card
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I had a Centipede 2080 Ti Fe... I thought I was not qualifying. ;)
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    Best Current 55 " OLED PANEL for PC monitor on the market for the price?

    I have a 55" LG B7 and it is great... The differences between the B7/C7 and C8 are small so I would go with the older model if cheaper by more than ~$250 .
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    EVGA to not make any more 1080Ti's?????

    Since 1080 ti has been discontinued by NVIDIA, EVGA will no longer be able to offer this product. Good deals to be found in the second hand market though.
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    Is it worth it to upgrade from 7700k to 9700k for gaming?

    No. Keep money for a video card upgrade or dinner at a restaurant... the former is the bottleneck most of the times... I went from 5930K (@4.2GHZ) to 9700K and no impact was noticeable (this was not planned as my motherboard died) ... I went from 1080 ti to 2080 ti and noticed significant impact
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    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Happy MSI Duke 2080 Ti owner here! The card is just gorgeous.... best looking video card I have ever owned
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    i7-9700K with Corsair H60

    I halve a 9700k and replaced 2133 by 3200... games FPS was not affected... but some small increase in benchmarks
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC burst into flame !!

    The 2080 may catch on fire but who cares... It supports RTX!
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    I9 9900K / I7 8700K ?

    Oh my... I was holding for the next gen of 7-10nm but my motherboard got fried... so I will replaced my trustee 5930K by a shiny new 9700K I will report my finding later this week!
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    2080Ti price returning to earth a bit

    Yep, the hype train is slowing down. For those who paid $1,200+... well consider the $200 extra as a tax for being first adopters. Hopefully, $900-ish with a coupon may be a possible thing before the end of the year... :)
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Files Hint at PC Version

    Yes!! I will then wait for the PC version.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC in 2019, according to Retailer

    I will buy a copy, if released on PC next year... 2080 Ti prices should have fallen by then
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    I overclock but relatively conservatively. For instance, my current CPU is overclocked from 3.5 to 4.2 (so 20%)... with very little additional voltage... temps are never exceeding 70C... and it took me very little time to achieve this. 4.4 or 4.5 is achievable but this would only have...
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    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    I just bought an used (but like new) 1080 ti for ~40% of the price of a 2080 ti... I game at 4K but there is no way that I can justify paying much more money for only 30% increase in performance. My plan is to hold on my 1080 Ti until the 2080 Ti reaches a more reasonable price (~$900)
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    5960X to 9900K

    I am in the same boat with my 5930K and I will wait for the equivalent of the 9900K at 7nm... I never had a CPU for so long!
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    Leaked: 2080Ti FE 39% faster than 1080Ti FE on average

    35-40% additional performance for 70% (vs new 1080 ti) or 125% (vs used 1080 ti) price increase is a no go for me. Let me be clear, I do not expect performance to scale linearly with price but NVIDIA stretches too much the law of diminishing returns with the 2080 ti. While I have great...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti unable to run Shadow of the Tomb Raider with 60fps at 1080p with RTX On

    I am bugged by the fact that Ray Tracing will not be supported by more mainstream cards like the 2060 and is not supported by consoles. In the short term, developers will introduce this feature in a few games to help NVIDIA promoting their new cards but it seems unlikely that RT will gain...
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    When will prices drop?

    We can agree that NVIDIA has set forward a strategy that maximizes profits. I suspect that the high prices of 20XX are due to two factors: 1) overstock of 10XX. It makes sense to delay the release of the new cards at a high jacked price. This will motivate consumers with a budget to favor...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    I can afford the 2080 ti but I will patiently wait for a price decrease... Only very few titles will take advantage of Pay Tracing this year and I have a back log anyway. Who knows maybe I will spend my money on something else and will just forget about this?
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    Triple monitor mount recommendations

    Follow the chief
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    LG Develops 88-Inch 8K OLED Display

    This means that the 77" will go down in price... I will buy one once its price falls below $7,700...
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    “Lord of the Rings”: Amazon, Warner Bros. in Talks for Series Adaptation

    There could do a sequel where older characters from the original movies would help a new cast fighting an army of goblins lead by a much bigger eye. In short, same story as original but with a mix of new and original cast and BIGGER eye.
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    3D and Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

    Good ridance! Curves belong to racing tracks, women and maybe extremely large TVs.
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    2017 LG OLED

    Great. My venerable Pioneer Kuro 60" will finally retire.
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    French Woman Wants To Marry A Robot

    I expect that the oral sex DLC will be very popular
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    Last good Star Wars movie was Empire Strikes Back (1980!). Everything else after is pre-digested baby food. I just can't stand Disney's sterile, infantile and corporate storytelling.
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    None of the above. I sold my 980 ti and buying a 950. There are too few games that deserve a high-end setup nowadays. I may consider a come back if better and more graphic demanding games are released (tired of poor console ports). I never thought I would say this but I miss the original...