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    HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini for parents general usage?

    Alot of times, this is simply due to lack of cleaning, which is a typical oversight in many office environments, but can also be fixed for ~$12 :D
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    FS: US: GPS, SFF pc, KB's, FANS etc, lowered prices again 4/1 ! (not an AF joke btw)

    mid day topperer w/sold stuff & lowered prices :p
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    Thermaltake CTE cases

    Those 2 in the middle look reminiscent of the Corsair Air series, whereas the others just look like moar of the other 713,346.58 same ole same same rectangular boxen of yesteryear....rotated components notwithstanding...
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    Cases that fit E-ATX and 4080?

    das ist da beastie ------TT900...... nuff said :D
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    Maximum PC ends print publication

    Wired is still printing new editions every month, as I just received my latest one about 2 weeks ago... But to be honest, if it weren't for a free subscription I got thru work, I would not pay for it, since every other page is usually just a full page ad of some sorts... and yes I realize that...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Priced at $600

    do I really have to say it again ? Ok I will....just for old times sake... "Stupid is as Stupid does" :D
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    HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini for parents general usage?

    Those refurbished HP & Dell machines are great for mom & pop users, I've bought, set-up & given many of them to the parents/grandparents of many folks I know, nottaproblemo :D
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    Question about quality

    Yes there are alot of builders here (me included) so you can weigh their advice in whatever manner you wish, but having said that, the experiences of average joe pc users (which we all were at one time) are still valid when viewed in the appropriate other words, if 20 avg joes are...
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    What HDD for photo storage... a NAS drive? Enterprise drive? 5400rpm drive?

    A) Basically any HDD can be used for a home pc, NAS, Server, etc... And yes, the indexing process will take longer on a larger drive once it has a fair amount of data on it, but that can done in the background will you are doing other stuff that does not require reading from or writing to the...
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    iPhone 15 USB-C Cables Without MFi Badge May Have Data Transfer and Charging Speed Limits

    Yeppers, sounds like da fruity boys being, well, fruity, AGAIN :D But no, I don't think the EU will let this fly for a moment, and I hope they have the ballz (& legal oompah) to stand up for what is right for the consumers, like they already have with the earlier USB-C mandates
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    Newegg Starts Using ChatGPT

    This will only make it that much easier/faster to feed your personal date, financial information, search and buying patterns back to their foreign overlords :( #JustSayNo2DaEgg#
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    The Owner of World's Largest Hacker Forum Has Been Arrested

    Like Steve Garrett was so fond of saying: "Book 'em, Dano", hehehe :) But yea, da fedz definitely need to "follow da money/data" to go after the other folks involved in this activity !
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    2TB Fantom Venom8 NVME Gen4 SSD - $147.95 @Newegg

    The folks from the east (no, not the eastern US either :)
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    Data protection

    ONLY if you don't mind your employer having access to your ALL your personal info on your "BYOD" machine.... IMHO, they already know enough about me as it is, I am certainly NOT gonna give them a single byte moar unless they specifically request it in writing, and give me a written...
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    AirPods Pro worth it even if you don't have a iPhone?

    Although Airpods are nice and well made, they are made by apple for apple users after all... And as already pointed out, you will lose some features if you use them with android phones, but they will still work. But there are many, many brands of wireless cans that work with just about any...
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    Data protection

    Yea but regardless, you still should neva, eva, neva mix personal stuff with work stuff, for the reasons that have already been explained...
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    Question about quality

    AsSRook.... nope, notta, no way, 'jose... I bought 2 of them a few years back & regretted it every step of the way.... the VRM on the 1st one blew smoke the 1st time I powered it up, the 2nd one booted up but then constantly BSOD'd over & over again.... when I did finally manage to get it to...
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    Data protection

    No, NOPE, & nOttA..... Don't do it, period, as this opens you up to so many legal liabilities that just thinking about it could potentially bankrupt you in a split second... ALWAYS keep work stuff & personal stuff 1000% separate.... don't even check your personal email or bank accounts or...
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    2TB Fantom Venom8 NVME Gen4 SSD - $147.95 @Newegg

    Never heard of this brand, and that price aint all that "HOT" anyways, considering that I just got several 2TB WD Black SN850X's for $140 a few weeks ago..... Plus da 'egg has been taken over by that place that I would not buy from, deal or no deal :D
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    Copy Drive

    It doesn't really matter that much, but perhaps you could use the Action menu to "refresh" or "rescan disks" function and see if that changes them around. Or check in your bios that the "C" disk is 1st in your list of choices for boot drives...
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    Google Fi - the pro-privacy service of Google, the anti-privacy company

    "google is as google does" "google does what google wants" In other words, if you use their services/apps etc, and they feel they have a reason to WANT/need to access your data and/or make it accessible to LEA's and/or 3rd parties, they will, and there aint a whole lot you can do about, it...
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    Copy Drive

    WD offers Acronis for those who buy one of their drives new... Alternatively, if you don't have a 2nd m.2 slot, you can use an external enclosure, install the new drive in it, close the existing drive to it, then swap them around, boot off the new drive, and wipe the original drive and use it...
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    Ultimage "USB" Hub

    Hahahahaha.... Razerrio's are usually cheap copies of clones of cheap copies of other cheap clonerz... just sayin
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    Deciding between 2 drives.

    However, beware that JTC is just an AI-powered clone of JayZ the rapper, which substitutes a little techno-babble for his pimpbo-babble, so take that for what it's worth, hehehehe :) j/k As for the drives, yes either would be fine, but I tend to like Corsair's stuff too....mainly cause I have...
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    Spankpay shut down

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....... 'nuff said, yes ? I think I will name my new pr0n payment service "pokeDAgash.cum"
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    Spankpay shut down

    No moar pr0n for you then, huh :D Gotta love that name though, so perfect for this type of service.......
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    Is Peanut Butter the Best Thermal Compound?

    KY jelly will make your CPU angry, please don't make your cpu angry, you won't like it when it's angry :D
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    Is this guys method of applying thermal paste a good idea? Wrap cling wrap over your finger and then use it to spread the paste?

    Pea drop in center, + little dabs on corners IF your IHS is of the larger or rectangular variety... Been doing it this way since the mid-80's, neveranottaproblemo :D
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    Jensen wants to Run Nvidia for 3-4 more decades, then continue as a robot

    Well, he already walks, talks, sounds and has the personality of a friggin robot IMHO, all he wants now is moar $$....and maybe a statue at the ngreedia HQ :)
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    So exactly what does "Comcast 10G" really mean?

    Comcrast..... hahahahahaha......ROTFLMAOAU....😱..🤪..🤑 Sorry but I just find it so friggin amusing that people STILL fall for their B.S after all these years.....