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    Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent about Polar Vortex Affecting Cars

    Funny how some people want to be "green" but think there is no downside to being "green". Like that Green New Deal, yea, let's just get rid of all petroleum and coal in the next 10 years. Not thinking they would have to get rid of all their tech toys because most are made of plastic which...
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    Orion Span Wants to Build a Space Hotel

    Maybe they will use a slingshot like in the Angry Birds movie :P
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    Tesla Rival Nio Causes Traffic Jam as Software Upgrade Incapacitates Smart Car

    Oh this is freaky, I just speculated what someone would do if this happened in a post here about the Volvo EV earlier this week :eek: I promise, I didn't do it.
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    Orion Span Wants to Build a Space Hotel

    Oh I hope Elon reads this and takes it as a challenge ;)
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    Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

    Well it was many years ago and I don't think he won or even got into court. Of course, if it had been recent, he probably would have won a big settlement with the crazy courts we have now.
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    Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

    A few years ago near me a guy lost his leg while trying to cut a 660v cable powering a dragline in a surface coal mine. He tried to chop through it with an axe and steal it for the copper(think about an extension cord the size of a firehose running across a field). When it arced it burnt his...
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    Tesla Supercharger Sabotaged: The Latest in a Series of Weird Anti-Tesla Incidents

    I think a reason it could be happening is people always heard about being able to charge a Tesla for free. Honestly it irked me some to know that if you owned a Tesla you more or less got fuel for free back when I way paying $3 or more per gallon for gasoline. Offer free gasoline for anyone...
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    The Polestar 2 Will Come With Google Integration

    First, I don't know how the autonomous vehicle is going to travel 20-40 miles across roads that are barely two lanes wide with deer and potholes along the way and get to my house in 5-10 minutes, that is just impossible. I haven't been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for more than 10 minutes...
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    The Polestar 2 Will Come With Google Integration

    So what you are saying is that I won't be able to own and drive my own car, and that if I need to go to town I need to call an autonomous car and wait for it to drive twenty miles out in the middle of nowhere to pick me up and take me to town. Why would anyone ever want to wait for the...
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    Motorola Patent Hints at a Fullscreen Razr

    If it is as dependable as my old V3 that I used over 10 years then I would go for it. My V3 was my favorite phone ever. This would actually possibly get me to finally get a smart phone :P
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    Google Chrome's New UI Is Ugly, and People Are Very Angry

    Never installed Chrome and have given up on all things Google and can't be happier. DuckDuckGo for searches and FF for browser and either Linux or W7 for OS. No Apple either. And have all scripts that contact Google blocked. Things still work just fine it seems. Honestly I wish all websites...
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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    That is why it has to be carefully written to be valid only when the crime is being committed and while the person committing the crime is at the location where the crime is committed. Once they left his property, the rule would no longer be in effect.
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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    He mentioned the police said it wasn't enough of a concern for them to follow up on, I would have asked "If I shoot the next one that tries it, is that ok and you won't follow up on that one either?" I think we need a Constitutional Amendment so it can't be found unconstitutional :) that...
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    Why Apple Chose Austin for Its Next Campus

    Wasn't that what Al Gore said about New York City 20 years ago? If his measuring stick actually recorded that 8 food sea level rise since then, I will start advertising myself as the next John Holmes :P
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    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    I have no problem with paying school taxes as long as it goes to the operation of the school for teaching the kids. Now if all of the school tax money went to pay for non school related items like a car for the mayor to drive, and things like that, then I would be totally against the school...
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    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    My parents live 20 miles from any town of 500-1500 people and they have minimum 2Mb DSL service because the independent telco there (Brandenburg Telephone Company-BBTell) used the original payment to telcos to actually run fiber out into rural areas, and this is in nowhere Ky. All around them...
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    Cars in China Transmit Location Data to the Government

    Well with a warrant the government can track if they really want to, but at least Google isn't getting all my information for marketing purposes :)
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    Cars in China Transmit Location Data to the Government

    Let them try to track my 85 Jeep Cherokee and my non-GPS flip phone :P
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    Tesla Achieves Production Goal of 1,000 Model 3 Cars per Day

    $35k is getting there, but still won't make electric vehicles ubiquitous. $25k is what it will take for that, even if that is for vehicles when they begin to flow into the used market. Hardly anyone I know can afford a "new" car and must purchase used. I am hoping these and others will still...
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    U.S. Secret Service Issues Warning to Gas Pump Skimmer Operators

    I use the best solution, my card stays maxed out so if anyone steals the number and tries to use it they get a rejection notice for anything over about $30 :P
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    Fake Google Analytics Script Exposes Vision Direct Customer Info

    Google is one of the main domains I always block scripts from. Facebook is number 2.
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    Google Patents Data Mining Cameras in Bedroom and Listening Devices in Homes

    No smartphone so don't have to worry about that. No wonder the "building off the grid" trend is growing so fast. Maybe some are taking it serious and doing something about it, though it is still only a few.
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    SpaceX Receives FCC Approval to Launch Low Earth Orbit Internet Satellites into Space

    I wonder what will happen when after 12K of these are in orbit, a ULA rocket hits one and damages a payload? That is a lot more "stuff"in orbit to have to avoid when in orbit. FCC granted permission, but FCC doesn't regulate space itself, only transmissions to and from space.
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    Panasonic’s "Wear Space" Helps People Concentrate in Open-Plan Offices

    Not only in the office and tech space, when we built our new lab building 15 years ago they decided to go with an Open Lab concept. Worse thing ever considering cross contamination of samples. Just what happens when admin doesn't talk to the chemist who actually do the work. Blinders was also...
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    China to Launch an Artificial Moon

    Just thinking, to remain overhead all the time it will have to be in geosynchronous orbit which is what, 28,000 miles up, while the ISS orbits maybe 150 miles up. To reflect enough light down on a single city bright enough to see in the dark well, this thing will have to be absolutely huge...
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    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    I just don't get $117k being low income or poverty, here that would be in the Rich category. A nice 3 or 4 bedroom house sells for $90-150k. Higher property values are mostly set by the government assessing the value for tax purposes, so the high cost of housing there is mostly on the...
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    Microsoft Employees Beg Company Not to Bid on US Military's Project JEDI

    It is all find an good to aspire to utopia and work towards it, but in the mean time when there are people out there that want to kill us just because we are who we are, do we just sit and sing khumbyyah while they cut off our heads? The project is to develop a new cloud based secure database...
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    DuckDuckGo Hits High of 30 Million Searches in One Day

    Been using it for a long time. I switched after it got to where Google only wanted to give me shopping information when I search scientific topics. I have to look up information on chemicals daily and if you try to type Boric Acid into Google, the first two pages seem to be adds for someone...
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    EU Wants to Scrap Seasonal Time Changes

    Actually local noon changes only a few minutes over the course of a year so setting it to when the sun is directly overhead on the Equinox local time would give a true noon would be off versus the solar noon by only a couple minutes depending on day of the year. On the Equinox either Spring or...
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    California Launching Their "Own Damn Satellite" to Fight Climate Change

    Just think how both of these benefits advertising/media, they just love the argument when it keeps going as they can make money from both sides. If one side ever wins, then their trough dries up too. Politicians would lose also if the debate ends.
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    EU Wants to Scrap Seasonal Time Changes

    I get up at 6am and leave work at 5pm or after, doesn't really matter because by the time I can drive home it will be dark anyhow, so I vote just sync with standard time so it doesn't mess up my system on my telescope for making astrophotos. My friend always complained and said he wanted the...
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    California Launching Their "Own Damn Satellite" to Fight Climate Change

    I have been a chemist for 30 years and I see all kinds of wrong in this. If you warm water, CO2 becomes less soluble therefore it will want to leave the water and enter the atmosphere above it. The CO2 dissolved in the oceans is coming from the fact that the water is warmer and it causes the...
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    Pluto Should Be Reclassified as a Planet, Experts Say

    What is interesting about the change in definition is that the IAU is normally considered the body that regulates study of stellar astronomy and made the decision without consulting with the groups representing planetary scientists. Many actual planetary scientists still argue for Pluto to be a...
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    Many Rural Americans Lack Access to High Speed Internet in Their Area

    It isn't a problem that it can't be offered at a decent price, the problem is the large telcos just won't do it. My parents live 20 miles for any town of 1500 people or less and there is an independent telco there Brandenburg Telephone Company(BBTel) and my parents have a the lowest package...
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    Google Wants to Replace URLs

    If they would stop adding silly icons inside the address bar then maybe we could actually see more of the URL. Used to be the lock icon was in the bar at the bottom of the screen, which everyone has gotten rid of for the sake of more space, yet stuck all that info into the URL space which makes...
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    Canadian Researchers Make a Bendable Tablet

    Well this is a start, but once they can get it down to that format it would be more appealing. I always liked those when I watched the show years ago.
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    Amazon Data Center Electrical Bills Are Secretly Funded by Taxpayers

    I personally don't buy anything from Amazon just because I don't like to feed such large companies if I can avoid it. If it is paid for with public funds, then Amazon has no right to keep it secret. If anyone files a FOIA request ( if there is an equivalent for State versus Federal...
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    Air Force to Fly F-15s, F-22s and F-35s Controlling Attack Drones From the Air

    Reminds me of the WISKERS on SeaQuest. Drones that fly point and cover the rear to extend your capabilities.
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    Welfare Agents Tapped License Plate Database to Track and Prove Welfare Fraud

    I love living in the middle of nowhere where there are no cameras to watch my every move. Cell reception has so many holes in it that tracking by phone would be sketchy too :) Also my 85 Jeep doesn't have a computer in it to record any type of activity the vehicle might do so that is even less...
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    Microsoft Boosts Office 2019 Price by 10%

    If I was sending a resume I would send it in .pdf since that is an industry standard and regardless of which word processor you use, the formatting should remain the same to all end users. Sending something in Word format just means a much larger document to send and who knows if the receiver...