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    T-Mobile buying Mint Mobile

    I thought they merged with jack in the box
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    A New Era Begins at Firaxis Games

    This might either be a good thing or bad. It is hard to tell since games evolved so much. Games we like might be different than the younger generations.
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    LARGE Corsair & Chieftec case FREE - local pickup only So.Cal

    OP, make sure you do not let them pick up at your address. Since you said you were going on vacation. You don't want to come back to an empty house after your vacation.
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    Intel 1226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet Chipset Showing Connection Drop Issues (Chipset Used on most Raptor Lake Motherboards)

    v2 will solve the issue, just buy a new motherboard. they will force the old port to be 1 gig only
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    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    So they almost ran out of business 16 times?
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Why is it always call final fantasy? Are they all connected? Are they different stories? What will the final version of Final Fantasy be?
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    Solid State Fans

    Seems like a fan without moving parts is getting created So far it is for laptops. But I wonder if they will make it be able to cool a desktop too. But maybe for desktop water cooling is still better?
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    Metroid Prime could only be patched at sub zero!

    Yeah seems like there might be some thermal trotting back then. I guess in cold places it does not reach it as fast which is like overclockig.
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    Metroid Prime could only be patched at sub zero!

    So seems like the code runs as fast as possible. However the bug only occurs when the cpu can run faster than what was excepted. So they have to put the dev kit into a freezer so it can run faster. Afterwards they figure out they need to cap the code speed and not run as fast as possible to fix...
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    This makes me think of dead space a little
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    So Steam is practically Ancient in computer years...

    There is 3 types of steam id, you can find the different ones tied to yours at
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    So Steam is practically Ancient in computer years...

    seems like i am also at 19 years
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    (Rumor) Ryzen 7000 thermals are as hot as a neutron star

    If the chip does get that hot, and use so little power, maybe it can be made into a fusion reactor! Infinite energy if we harvest the heat back into energy.
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    Scathe Demo

    On their steam page their developers are playing it live. It seems alright.
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    BitSight Discovers Critical Vulnerabilities in Widely Used Vehicle GPS Tracker

    sounds like the main problem is a "hacker" can hack into the gps of cars and stop the car from sending fuel. btw they already post what the hack is So mainly their site auth system is flawed and they can access...
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    STRAY Cat game Cyberpunk dystopia

    this game runs on crap on my comp, but than my comp is just a i7 first gen, every new games run crap on it :)
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    cool. unreal 5 powered. hopefully it is a big scale triple a game.
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    Nostalgia Moment

    Yep boxes will bring back memories.
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    Riot Games to start recording Valorant voice chats starting July 13

    why dont they just add features to block certain players. so if you don't like someone you can just mute them and block their text.
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    Not to be left behind look its "The looking glass 65"

    that seems cool, waiting for this type of display to be thin enough and on a cell phone
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    AQtion (standalone Action Quake 2)

    Wow this is old. I used to play a bit of it but than counter-strike came out and I found that much better.
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    Intel ARC at Intel Extreme Masters

    how long is that? looks even longer than many gfx cards?
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    Duke Nukem Forever’s 2001 build appears online, may fully leak in June

    yep this is the old version on stream
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    Duke Nukem Forever’s 2001 build appears online, may fully leak in June

    wow gearbox did the whole game in a year or 2? No wonder it wasn't that great.
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    Valve to Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Steam Gaming Platform

    I hope this get dismissed, I like having all my games on one platform. If developers don't like the cost, don't use it. It isn't like valve force them to use it.
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    NVIDIA fined USD $5.5 million for hiding how many gaming GPUs were sold to crypto miners

    most likely, expect to see a price hike for next gen
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I think they are doing that already
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Dan thanks for the review on what it is like now. This game is mainly a metaverse similar to gta v or minecraft based on what I can tell. Fun for some groups of people but not for all.
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    Want to become a "Gamer" Need Help

    you want to become a pro gamer or just a normal gamer? if you want to be pro good luck, a normal gamer just install any games and you are a gamer.
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    Duke Nukem/Bullet Storm sequel teased

    Bring back a old thread since I not sure how many of you know this Seems like duke nukem was in a game called bulletstorm, and it seems way better than Duke nukem forever.
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    What was the launch of the PS1 like?

    back than kids were not as spoiled, most parents that had money bought it for themselves.
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    Next Tomb Raider

    Someone should import this model into unreal 5 and try it
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    Here are random videos I found of people using unreal engine 5
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    Their new sizzle reel looks great
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    Next Tomb Raider

    I am guessing next tomb raider will look like this
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    in for 100, will sell it to spoiled kids for 3000 j/k This is what is prob going to happen.
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    Mouse click test.

    Don't understand your question that well. First what javascript file you are trying to load? are you just trying to make a javascript that can keep clicking? well here what might help you first click is document.getElementById('start').dispatchEvent(new Event('click', {bubbles: true})) rest...
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    The Charachorder Keyboard is too Fast for Competition

    well after reading more about it, they have the right to ban since they did not type the word, the keyboard predicts the word they are typing.