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    Tons of goods for sale!

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    KBT Race/Death Adder

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    FS - CPU's, GPU's, MOBO's. HDD's, PSU's, RAM, and MORE!

    delete thread
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    WTT - GTX 460 for AMD

    Heat - CLOSE, will be selling, bought a 6870.
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    Huge laptop decision...Help!

    Ok guys. I always come to you when I need the best advice...cuz you are all the best. I'm thinking of parting out my gaming rig, because with work now a days I simply do not have time to do a lot of gaming, nor do I have the money to spend on continuing to do so. She gather's dust more than...
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    Hata Region Unload? Virus?

    Everytime I boot up a little window pops up that is titled Hata, and it says Region Unload. Is this a virus, I ran Windows Defender, Malware Byes, and Spybot, and got rid of some baddies, but it's still doing it. Help!
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    Windows 8 Search Problem

    Windows 8 won't search any of the files on my second HDD, even after I enabled it under indexing options... Any ideas on how to get that fixed?
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    FS: i5-2500k GAMING RIG!

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    Asus PCE-N15 connection!

    Hey all. I need help. I have the Asus PCE-N15 wireless card in my pc, and I can't get it to connect to my workplace's proxy server. First of all, there is a username and password, but when I configure my settings through the asus driver, I don't have that option. When I try to connect via...
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    Ranviper's For Sale/Trade Thread

    Heatware: ranviper - Paypal Only. For Sale Sold EVGA Nvidia GTX 550ti 1GB 2x 1GB Hynix Laptop Memory so-dimms XArmor U9BL VGA Cable
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    WTT My red vengeance for your blue!

    TRADED with trungerz Hey guys. So I have 8GB Corsair Vengeance and I love it. But, being the nit picky guy I am I want blue to match my Asus mobo. But when I originally built it, I didn't think about my color choice... So, I figured in the off chance that someone may have the same...
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    WTB: Netbook $100ish

    Hey guys. Recently sold my MacBook on MacRumors Forums and need to pick up a cheap netbook to take notes for the last 3 weeks of classes here at college. Looking for something in decent condition with at least a couple hours battery life (I have a class or two that I won't be able to...
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    WTT: MacBook for 560ti

    TRADED I have a like new condition 2008 Aluminium MacBook with all the original packaging and discs. I share a MBP with my Fiance, so I am trying to make some cash for the wedding plus get an upgrade or two for my rig. Looking to trade for: 560ti + $ or higher SSD + $ Mech KB + $ Up for any...
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    Daemon Tools App for Mac OS?

    Is there any kind of Daemon Tools lite app for Mac OS? I am headed out for the weekend without my desktop, but I have the iso files of Insanity and no way to play it on my mac without some form of disc image mounting app. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Look what I got for free. =)

    Sister-in-law gave this too me. Still works, running a Pentium 4 and 512mb RAM. Thinking I'll salvage the PSU, dvd drive, and the case. And idea's what I could do with the case? HTPC? Mod and build a mATX?
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    Starhawk PS3 Beta Key - First PM Get's it!

    First PM I get, gets the beta key!
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    QQ Can I Remap f1-f12 to media keys?

    Just as the title states. I miss the media keys on my old KB, but thats all I miss. Mostly volume control. Is there I was I could map the function keys to adjust volume? Or to Play, Pause? Thanks. :D
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    ircok 6260 mechanical-like keyboard

    So. I have been recently desiring to purchase my first mechanical keyboard. However, I am a poor college student, and as I was browsing for a cheap mech board, I came across the i-rocks 6260 gaming keyboard, claiming to have the same feel as a mechanical keyboard, yet still being a rubber dome...
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    Help!!! Asus P8P67

    Hey guys, so I just moved my system to a new case and installed a CM Hyper 212 plus and once everything was put together and plugged in, and I turn it on, my keyboard and monitor are not working. They keyboard never comes on and my monitor doesnt register there is something connected to it...
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    R.A.T. 7 for Mac

    Thought this might interest some of you.
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    New PSU line from NZXT

    Looks pretty solid to me. And they finally come in black.
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    What fans are these?!

    Can anyone help me out, I'd like to know what fans these are, thanks!
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    Help me choose my next case?!?!

    Hey guys, so I have been dying to upgrade my case for some time now, and decided I will this winter. I have narrowed it down to just a couple options. I want you guys to help me out! Pro's and con's of both if at all possible. Here are my two favorites: 1.The Corsair Obsidian 650D: I love...
  24. ranviper

    Cute cable management holes w/o saw?

    Hey guys, here at college I have a major lack of tools, and I would really like to cut out some cable management holes in the mobo tray of my apollo. I am wondering what I could use to accomplish this seeing as how I have no saws or anything?? Is it possible?! Thanks.
  25. ranviper

    Logitech MW3 Keyboard and Mouse

    Now razer has the BF3 gear, and Logitech has the MW3 gear. Not bad.
  26. ranviper

    G510 Keyboard Keycaps?

    Anyone know if any other key caps fit on the G510? I'd like to get a wasd and maybe arrow and escape keys in a different color. Thanks.
  27. ranviper

    Need a keyboard! Help!

    Hey all. As much as I love my G510, I've moved around enough that now it's borderline too big, and I may have to part with it. My first choice is the G110, but what other options are there? Anyway here are my needs: Smaller than the massive 21" length g510, blue led's, black, media keys...
  28. ranviper

    Best Netbook under $300

    So, I am thinking of selling my macbook and getting a netbook to earn some extra bucks. I use it primarily for class notes (word) and chrome. I like the looks of the asus eee series. Looking for something under 300 bucks and with upwards 7-10 hours of battery. Decent screen res too, my eyes...
  29. ranviper

    Help! What case?!

    Ok guys I am at a loss, and can't make a decision here on what next I want to get. Here is what I am looking for. Preferably a mid tower case, as I move my rig around a bit for LAN parties and such. But I really want something elegant, like the 650D, but I really like the style of the nzxt...
  30. ranviper

    Best way to travel my rig?!

    Hey guys, I am going back to college tomorrow with my first self-built rig, and I am curious what might be the best way to transport it? It will be in my jeep with me, but should I put it (and the peripherals) in the boxes they came in? And my rig in the towers box? Thanks.
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    LF New Mouse, like Deathadder

    So I have been using my deathadder for 3, going on 4 years now, and she's still great, but I'm getting bored of it. I'd like to get a new mouse. I do like the black edition deathadder, but again, I think I wanna try something new. Any good mice that would be a relatively easy transition...
  32. ranviper

    Logitech G300

    Thought this might interest some folks. New Logitech gaming mouse G300.
  33. ranviper

    Should I return my case?

    I guess I'm split. I have the NZXT Apollo, and I really like the looks of the case outside, but I am just not happy with the lack of cable management ability in the case, and the grey interior I don't really wanna spend the time to repaint (I don't have the time) I could return it to newegg...
  34. ranviper

    Need tips for nzxt apollo modding!

    Hey all. I want to take apart my NZXT apollo case this weekend and do a little painting and cut a few holes in the mobo tray for cables. What kind of tips do you have for me to get the best outcome (i.e. types of paint/paint coating, or tools for tray cutting, etc) Thanks. :D
  35. ranviper

    The NZXT Gallery

    Not sure how many of you actually even own a NZXT, other than myself, but I know the phantom is a pretty popular case as well. If you DO have em, lets see em.
  36. ranviper

    NZXT Apollo Cable Management

    Hey all, I have an NZXT Apollo chassis and I love it. Every bit except the lack of cable management solutions. I need to install a front 120mm fan but all my cables are there so I can get some decent airflow from the other ones. Any ideas on what I can do? Am also up for cutting some holes in...
  37. ranviper

    FT - 2010 MacBook Pro 13" MINT

    I am looking to trade my late 2010 13" MacBook Pro in mint condition with a brand new Apple installed 250GB Hard Drive and a new Apple installed fan. I love it because of it's mobility, and its fantastic for those on the go for business and some light gaming, but I need something with just a...
  38. ranviper

    MINT 13" 2010 MacBook Pro

    Hey all, I have a 2010 MacBook Pro 13" for sale in MINT condition. I am looking to replace it with a gaming computer, as I do more gaming than I used too. If you are interested please check it out on craigslist! It's 100 less than the price of a new MBP and there's no tax either! Specs...
  39. ranviper

    G700 compatible with mac?

    Just wondering if this mouse works at all for mac. Still deciding what new mouse is to come to my doorstep and this looks like a viable candidate...if it will work with my mbp and wow.
  40. ranviper

    Razer Naga

    Well, I am mostly an MMO gamer, my fort-ay being Word of Warcraft, and I am seriously considering picking up a Razer Naga. Switfy - if you at all play wow you probably know who he is - even suggests getting one. I was just wondering who here has one and if you could give me any experiences youve...