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    Apple Mac Studio and Studio Display

    This just isn't true at all. Most monitors have limited color gamut and nothing in the world will change that. A colorimeter can only go so far. Don't get me wrong: I won't be buying one of these monitors. But someone who does professional color grading at a studio would just chuckle at this.
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    Tesla owner blows up his Model S with dynamite over $22,000 battery replacement

    Just a hunch here: this whole stunt was paid for (handsomely) by a competing car manufacturer.
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    TSMC to prioritize production of chips for cars, not your next graphics card

    The industry is appreciative for your insightful advice, as are world governments. Your informed guidance could lead the way out of this. We are all so incredibly thankful.
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    NVIDIA CEO: GPU Shortage Will Continue Throughout 2022

    Agreed 1000%. We better join up w/Japan to defend Taiwan. Aside from the sheer economic, strategic mayhem it would cause, we need to make it clear to China that free people cannot be gobbled up.
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    True, if they want to use top 7nm or 5nm parts. But Intel could impose reasonable prices on their channel partners, and win market share (and good will) in doing so. (If they so wished)
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    LOL..."Battlemage, Celestial and Druid" They might as well go all the way for the gamer market...with a series of Darth cards. Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, etc.
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    Right to repair executive order

    Of course Rossmann has a vested interest. Duh! His videos are good marketing. While marketing he has become an agent for a common-sense proposition that 99% of Americans can agree upon, but won't fight for. Without his voice we would be the worse. Similarly his videos on New York blight are...
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    Right to repair executive order

    Yup...and then they'll use faux-law to silence people like Rossmann. The elites will say, "You got what you wanted, now shut yo mouth." As you say...this might only make things worse. Reality? Rossmann and the movement might have gained nothing but sand and lies. Just more gamesmanship and...
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    Right to repair executive order

    Yes and I hope this is one of those times. How this will actually impact corporate practices remains to be seen. I don't want to be skeptical, but I am 80% dubious at this point that this will end up w/the results we would assume from the announcements. Love Louis Rossmann!
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    US Senate approves massive $52B spend on easing the chip shortage

    A sure supply of chips are, certainly. But this swamp money was unnecessary to achieve the goal. But hey, if the government is baililng out Jeff Bezos "Blue Origin" with untold billions...what other filthy rich corp/person should we lather up in sticky cash?
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    US Senate approves massive $52B spend on easing the chip shortage

    Maybe from the news I've been tracking every week or two? It's right in my backyard.Originally the plant was going to be for 7nm chips. In the past month or so the plans explicitly switched to 5nm chips. Conflating the cost of the fab and the financial incentives to bring that here...two...
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    Jeff Bezos to Shoot Himself Into Space

    I see them as complete opposite entities on the planet. Bezos is a snake who hasn't invented a thing. Musk has brought positive benefit to planet and humanity. And he's hella fun.
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    US Senate approves massive $52B spend on easing the chip shortage

    TSMC is building a plant 3 miles away from me here in Arizona. Pricetag: 7 billion$. Not $10bil, not $20bil, not $30bil. They had already announced a second plant in the state. This happened before this bill. Without this bill. Intel and TSMC are swimming in profits and available cash. While...
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    Apple M2 enters mass production

    Apple years in advance from TSMC, and due to iPhone/iPad purchases they are TSMC's biggest customer. While they aren't impervious to chip shortages, Apple is impacted them less than other players.
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    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Chip Shortage and Xilinx Acquisition

    Teens and wannabes might want to pass on this... But ask any business: Is it good if your production is strong, delivered sales are way, way up...yet you still have lines of customers beating down your doors to buy your products? Ask this business: is this good? I'm still laughing at anyone...
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    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Chip Shortage and Xilinx Acquisition

    You know a big fat zero about business. A chip shortage means massive forward-moving addressable market. By any business measure it's fabulous news for AMD. The shortage is driven by DEMAND. They already have and are still projected to sell a gazillion chips and could even bump prices. I...
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    Tesla rumored to be using AMD Gpus in their upcoming cars (Rumor)

    Tesla uses ARM as it's low power and cheap. Tesla, like other car manufacturers, offer bonus packages for those who can afford. So perhaps they offer a mid-range game capable media center as an option. Won't be that huge number of customers that buy it. It hasn't and won't make much impact on...
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    If it was one evil Goliath versus another...they threaten to sink all their ships together. That's why such spin makes absolutely zero sense. They are way too smart for potential suicide. These types play nice w/other members of their club. So no it's not: "market maker vs market maker."
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    My declaration of independence

    I quietly made the same decision a while back. Zen.
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    Clearly these investors will be huge net gainers (Some certainly will lose). Billions are pouring out of the leech Hedge Funds pockets and into the hands of the common man. It's brilliant. Best thing to happen in America in a decade. It's likely no longer a good financial play, but I absolutely...
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    Anyone still running an X99 Broadwell-E system?

    Still have an x99 i7-5820K and i7-5960X in the house. They were my first two PC builds. I've toyed upgrading the cpu in the 6-core. It's in a nice mobo, loaded with RAM, and might extend life another 2-4 years. Ebay pricing on 6-year old CPU a bit too stiff for me atm.
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    TSMC and UMC producing Intel Chips

    It's healthy to be critical of Apple on several fronts--they deserve it. Now this short of hyperbolic romp? I'm going to assume this was binge-assisted.
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    New Zealand's Central Bank Says Its Data Systems Were Breached

    I follow Australia news and it's beyond sickening how China is tyrannizing Australia and New Zealand. They've seized Hong Kong as we all know...have broadcast simulated take-overs of Taiwan, are harassing Japan and are blatantly manipulating Aussies and Kiwi governments.
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    Synology NAS - internal benchmarking?

    For comparison I will post my recent experience w/purchasing a Synology RAID. I purchased the DS1621+ 6-Bay. It's loaded with six Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB. I know the risks of using RAID 0, but I decided to roll with that, as I wanted max performance and guessed that it would be fastest to...
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    AMD MoBo to support Dual 3090?

    I would agree with you if...if I did 3d rendering w/CPUs. I, like most 3d pros are using GPU rendering these days. I upgraded an existing PC via a used Ryzen 3900x off Ebay...and upgraded my network to 10Gig w/new Switch & NAS. That and purchased some network rendering software for After...
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    AMD MoBo to support Dual 3090?

    I upgraded my system semi-modestly and now am prepared to wait for the next TR...however long I have to wait. ;)
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    HP Reverb G2

    I purchased one of the very first HTC Vive Units back some years ago. Had a lot of fun w/it for a couple of years, but my vision became an issue. The combination of screen door, lens blur and my eye-sight combined to discourage my use of system. I'm now reading the G2 can work w/original Vive...
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Apple financially committed to millions of 5nm TSMC chips...and they did it *years ago*. iPhones and new M1 Macs haven't seen major supply problems. Meanwhile we see TSMC's great-but-not-top-of-class 7 nm chips going to AMD and console makers...and in insufficient supply. Apple has already...
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    I've heard the line about Intel's deep pockets, but I don't see how that will necessary help them. -Apple is building it's own chips -Amazon is building it's own chips -News this week is that Microsoft will start building it's own chips -Nvidia is coming soon and coming hard with ARM CPUs Intel...
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    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    Currently: -HumptyDumpty -Moth-balled -Vapor
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series "Genesis Peak" Processor Lineup Could Begin with a 16-Core Model

    Are you a 3d Rendering guy? That's sure why I want more lanes.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series "Genesis Peak" Processor Lineup Could Begin with a 16-Core Model

    I'd be very interested if the single core performance can at least be close to 5950x, which I believe it will be.
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    AMD memory question

    That works for me for now. But I will see perf decline when I upgrade to 4 DIMM's? Is there a name for this 'bug' or phenomena where I can google it? After Effects - a primary app, is RAM hog.
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    AMD memory question

    I don't have same specs/gear but am also interested in this question/issue w/x570. Doing new build this weekend, using two chips ... w/plans to add two more in spring.
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    Intel Alder Lake-S 12th Gen Hybrid CPU Leaks Again With 16 Cores And 24 Threads

    Disagree. Energy savings = smaller utility bill, quieter/cooler operation and better for planet. I'm not some green activist (at all)...just saying. However...Intel isn't likely to pull off a convincing case for these advantages in their products as once you do try to compute something w/their...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I suspect the "bots narrative" is largely a cover story for something else going on. Amazon with their "partners" virtually always has stock of the new GPUs and CPUs...if you are willing to pay $200-$1,400 extra. I don't know if it's AMD/Nvidia, the retailers or the AIB players...or a...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    So tryin, what was the trick w/B&H? Bot? Lucky? Their notification system?
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Don't think it will get better in next few weeks. Year end buyers (tax incentives), top-of-year buyers and Chinese New Year holiday season where factories will pause.
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    A tale of two NAS - Budget and MidRange and the performance delta between them

    For comparison I purchased Synology 10 GIG NAS this week w/cards for machines: $799 Synology DS1621+ 6-Bay NAS RAID $129 Synology add-in 10G card (Synology 10Gb Ethernet Adapter 1 RJ45 Port (E10G18-T1) $854 (6x$159) Seagate IronWolf Pro 4TB NAS Hard Drive 7200 RPM 128MB Cache CMR SATA 6.0Gb/s...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    One can fail when responding within *seconds*.