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    Cisco Switch Config Question

    /usr/home got my question answered. Thank you guys very much for the offers, though! Cheers!
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    Cisco Switch Config Question

    I was wondering if there was anyone here familiar with configuring Cisco L3 switches that I could PM a question regarding a config a contracted network engineer did for my company. I would rather not post everything publicly but if this kind of post is against the rules, I apologize. For...
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    Synology NAS and Chromecast?

    This is exactly correct. I deploy Synology units in most of the houses I install home theaters in and the media capabilities are more than adequate -- especially if you're a little technically inclined. Our general usage goes something like: -- 2-6 3MP IP Cameras recording to Surveillance...
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    1TB External Hard Drive?

    Those do look like nice drives. I was kind of hoping to keep it under $100 for him, but I will add that to the list of potentials! Thanks! Anyone know of any solid sub-$100 drives I can compare those to?
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    1TB External Hard Drive?

    Hello [H]! My brother is in need of a quality, reliable 1TB external hard drive. I've been out of the market for over a year and I have no idea what is worthwhile right now. Ran into a lot of flaky externals back when I needed them for work, so I figured I better ask someone who knows what...
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    How-to Guide for Virus/Trojan/Malware Removal

    Something I have seen four times in the last two weeks that has annoyed the hell out of me is after virus removal and fixing the hidden files thing, nothing will appear on your desktop and you're unable to right-click. HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion >...
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    It's not necessarily too much in the long run, but it has to go through board approval, so they just want a couple of options -- one of which they'd like to get in a price range below $400 in case their first choice gets shot down.
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    Right, I'm just asking for actual affordable solutions. This kit looks fantastic but I don't need a mile range and they would prefer something a little more affordable.
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    The local high school wants to run wireless to the crow's nest overlooking their football field across the street from the main building. Wall to wall, I estimate the distance to be about 125 yards. There is line-of-sight, so point-to-point is an option but they're under a pretty tight budget...
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    Recently installed new router, issue?

    I think you just figured out why this is occurring. The router you bought is likely flaky. Two options: get your hands on another router to give it a shot or RMA the one you have now and try a new model. If that one does the same thing, something's not playing nice. My money would just be on...
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    Friend's Gaming Build - $1500 CAD

    I'd go with a Caviar Blue instead of the Green drive for a gaming machine. Other than that it looks pretty snappy. I lost track of heatsinks but $102 for a cooler is a lot - if it's really, really good then it's probably worth it.
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    Long-Range Wireless USB Adapter

    There is a motel here that also has long-term RV areas. They're about 200ft away from the router. It's consumer grade because they're a very small business but a guy walked into the office today saying he couldn't get their wireless signal from his RV and he's gonna be there for a couple months...
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    Friend's Gaming Build - $1500 CAD

    This is for a friend of mine. He'll be using it primarily for Everquest 2 and a few other games (Rift, Star Wars the Old Republic, SC2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2 when it comes out). At any given time he might be running 3 instances of Everquest 2, so I guess...
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    Fastest tool to zero out hard drives

    Same. I think four hours for the six 5400rpm 250GB laptop drives. Just burned six copies and let them do their thing.
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    Lightest anti-virus

    Uh, pretty sure you were linked to in the other thread. A little looking around shows that they do performance tests on AVs, too: Read through the report, see which has the lowest slowdown. Or...
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    I have been with A Small Orange for almost three years and I could not be happier with the customer service and uptime. The cost is competitive and they take care of their customers. I can't say enough good things about them. In hopes that this will be taken seriously and not as an...
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    How to limit access to internet on kids' computer

    No, it's cool. He's a CCNA. Certified Children & Network Advisor.
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    How to limit access to internet on kids' computer

    I laughed really hard. Many internet points to you, good sir.
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    See if your Gawker account was compromised

    Mine's there. Changed my passwords even though it was pretty damn complex. Way to be responsible, Gawker.
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    Comcast Bandwidth Cap

    He downloaded well over 400GB of isos in a single bandwidth period. A share ratio of 1.5 would mean he would need to upload 600GB. If that doesn't get you a call from your ISP, you, sir, are a lucky fool :P
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    Does linux require an antivirus??

    Not to mention it scans for Windows viruses. People install Avast on Ubuntu/Debian if they're sharing files with Windows systems not for their own protection but so they can make sure they're not sharing infected files with someone who could be infected...
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    Dead power supply Fan??

    This would be a better question for General Hardware or even Power Supplies. That said, if the machine powers up and the fan doesn't spin at all, it's probably just a dead fan in the PSU. There's a chance it is temperature controlled and will only kick on when it needs cooling (could be...
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    What UPS for 208V 3 phase 3 pole 4 wire (Delta) NEMA L15-30R PDU?

    That would be one heck of an [H] mod. :D
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    can I do this with Astaro Home edition?

    If you don't need UTM features (i.e. if it's for a home network that you don't want to filter), I still stand by my pfSense recommendation. Being able to game with downloads going or someone watching Netflix is so nice, and pfSense does QoS better than anything I have been able to play with so far.
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    can I do this with Astaro Home edition?

    I would just set up QoS. And by would, I mean I did. I use pfSense at home. I think YeOlde does as well, although as often as he changes router/UTM distros, don't take my word on it. Basically rather than "allocating bandwidth" as you want to do, you give packets priorities; ideally set up so...
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    Security + Exam

    Do you happen to work for a technology firm or something similar? Maybe they'd pay for the book? My job pays for materials and vouchers for about any cert I want to take. I had to pay for my own Cisco lab, but that's understandable.
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    not sure untangle is the best option for me

    Look, you come to a forum and ask for advice. Multiple people point out the fallacies in your misconceived notions of what constitutes acceptable home network security. There's cautious, then there's overly cautious, and then you're riding a thin line between paranoid and foolish. Again, if you...
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    Wireless Driver

    Check the wire connections to the card itself. It's usually by the memory on the bottom of the laptop, accessed by unscrewing one of the little hatches. If I had $20 for every time someone brought me a laptop with a "dead" wireless card when in reality they just got a little rough with it and...
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    Anyone Follow Desert Bus for Hope?

    The guys over at LoadingReadyRun have done an annual charity event for the last 3 years and raised a ton of money for Child's Play called Desert Bus for Hope. If you haven't heard of it already, I encourage you to check it out. Pretty cool to see fellow gamers (whether or not Desert Bus is a...
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    not sure untangle is the best option for me

    No it's not, and no it doesn't. 5 seconds is 5 seconds. If you set it up correctly, you won't even have any traffic flowing during those 5 seconds (or however long a reboot takes, probably longer, but it's still not anything of consequence) anyway. I also don't quite get the RADIUS. If it's...
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    not sure untangle is the best option for me

    You never really answered this. I mean, I can be upset that my house isn't secure (read: locked) for the five seconds I'm walking through the door, but that doesn't mean it's logical. Especially when I'm walking through the door once a year.
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    Need help setting up a CISCO lab

    Calm down. He's saying for someone on a CCNA to CCNP path, it's relatively simple. Which it is. It's self-described as the introductory and theoretical side of the CCNA. Most people studying for the CCNA already have a grasp of the OSI model, DNS basics, NAT, routing, etc. At least that's been...
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    New IT job

    I am totally doing this when I get home.
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    Bose Around Ear Triport Headphone $80 shipped

    I really enjoy my HD280 Pros. They are a bit bulky but I have never experienced discomfort, even after intense 6-hour music, movie, or gaming sessions! :P
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    Motorola Droid X Walmart Deal $79.99

    Great deal. I am in love my X. I have friends with the original Droid, the Droid 2, and the Incredible and they all drool when they see the size and clarity of my screen. FroYo seems a little buggier on it than before I upgraded, but I'm guessing that just comes from finding quirks that I didn't...
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    PAV rogue imitating Microsoft Security Essentials

    Had one get past MSE yesterday. I don't know if it's the exact strain or a variant, or if MSE was crippled by another infection first, but it was definitely on a computer with up-to-date definitions. Luckily customer was smart enough to stop when it asked for personal information and called us...
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    PAV rogue imitating Microsoft Security Essentials

    Ugh, I wish I would have seen the article as soon as it was posted. All of our home users that aren't on paid nod32 or kapersky, we switch to MSE. This could potentially be a nightmare.
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    Laptop Infected With W32/Infector.Gen2

    Truer words have never been spoken, sir.
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    Logitech G15 Retail Box $34.99 IR, MIR, Code (DeadDeal)

    Mine's scheduled for delivery today as well, and I live in Nebraska :P No tax, though.
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    Laptop Infected With W32/Infector.Gen2

    You gotta admit, those are the fun ones. I get more joy out of spending a couple hours and having to be creative to beat an infection than being able to start a battery of scans and walk away from something in a few minutes of work.