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    Sapphire Toxic Radeon RX 6900 XT Extreme Edition (TDP 430W) Launched for nearly €3,000

    this is the natural reaction to scalpers. there's no other way the market can respond until supply can outstrip demand
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    World Wide Web creator, Tim Berners-Lee, sad to see his invention being used for evil, hatches plan to take it back

    companies around using your stuff without your consent. you are giving it to them by using their stuff. nearly everything running on software is just licensed to you and in using it you have agreed to give them everything they want. privacy only exists when all parties involved in the...
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    Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs

    Microcenter gets stock of the good stuff every now and then. they dont sell these high demand things online so it's harder for bots to do anything about it . if best buy cared about their customers, they'd do the same, only sell these high demand items physically in store then nvidia could...
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    MSI & ASUS Prep Up AMD AGESA BIOS Firmware For 500 & 400 Series Motherboards, Improved Ryzen CPU Compatibility & More

    motherboards just have to get you to the OS handoff. writing the OS for them is probably not something any manufacturer is going to invest much time into and I'm not sure that's where i'd want a lot of money going as a customer. If they're doing their job right, I should basically not spend...
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    "Nehalem" Lead Architect Rejoins Intel to Work on New High-Performance Architecture

    it'll be nice when some day in the distant future intel can sell their cpu's on the merit of them and not thru backroom deals and anti-competitive practices limiting how oems can utilize and market other manufacturer's chips.
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    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti leak reveals another high-end GPU no one can buy

    botting and scalping can only be combatted by dealing with the idiots who buy from them. Not any other way.
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    Scientists Develop an Efficient Way to Produce Low-Cost Heatsinks

    Yes, i do my own car work down to the engine block so long as the job doesn't require some special tool that doesn't make sense to purchase for a one-off. A metal intake transmits the heat it is absorbing from the block and surrounding engine compartment air to the cooler air flowing inside...
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    Scientists Develop an Efficient Way to Produce Low-Cost Heatsinks

    Why? composite intake manifolds keep your intake air cooler by acting as an insulator without stupid aftermarket "spacers" - they're lighter and cheaper to produce.
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    Intel Expands 10nm Manufacturing Capacity

    intel is going to be focussing on the medium to low end consumer and they need cheap 10++++ solutions rather than expensive cutting edge stuff.
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    Scalper group says it has ‘no regrets’ over reselling 3,500 Playstation 5 consoles

    The problem isn't scalping. It's the automated botification of it.
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    Scalper group says it has ‘no regrets’ over reselling 3,500 Playstation 5 consoles

    Scalping via bots for anything deserves prison sentences. Though, the people paying the scalpers for something like a ps5 or other item that is still being manufactured and sold by the company making them are almost as bad. The lack of patience is insane and basically delaying launch dates for...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU Review & Benchmarks (Workstation, Gaming, Overclocking)

    so tempted to get the 5900x ...but i have a 3900x now. could give the wife the 3900x but she's got a 3800x. Decisions!
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    AMD’s RX 6000 GPUs to Boost Perf With Ryzen 5000 CPUs via Smart Memory Access

    the whole end of x86 writing has been on the wall is something people have have said since the days of the movie Hackers and powerPC architecture. And we see how that writing stuck. Anyone trying to kill x86 only seems to be able to write with magic markers.
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    Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20

    i dont use the proprietary drivers so how they behave doesn't matter to me. Just future proofed VR and insane overkill 1080p ... giggity. gonna have to camp microcenter come December 8th
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    Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20

    what presentation were you watching? they mentioned ray tracing a number of times. The developers they had talking about the card mentioned ray tracing specifically a number of times.
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    [WCCF] [IgorsLab] Alleged performance benchmarks for the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT "Big Navi" graphics card have been leaked out.

    looks like i'll be getting an 6900 xt this holiday season (for the wife's computer) ...and eventually one for mine since i dont play games as much as she does.
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    VideoCardz: AMD to introduce Zen3 on October 8, Radeon RX 6000 series on October 28

    I'll be waiting for amd. Nvidia isn't a good Linux option. Coming out after nvidia isn't new for them and they've used it to their advantage before in manipulating nvidia's pricing. Not worried debuting later as hurting their sales. But hey, if it magically does, it'll be easier for me to...
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    Intel defends its 'magic instructions' against Linux founder's criticism

    the half that isn't kidding is how avx-512 impacts the entire cpu (all the cores). So benchmarks that basically push non avx-512 operations out while being run are even more misleading than normal microbenchmarks tend to be.
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    Intel Readies Atom "Grand Ridge" 24-core Processor, Features PCIe 4.0 and DDR5

    i usually associate pi-hole with a firewall, but i guess you could just rock it as the lan's dns box.
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    Intel Readies Atom "Grand Ridge" 24-core Processor, Features PCIe 4.0 and DDR5

    In what universe does a raspberry pi 3 b+ have dual gigabit network adaptors? Or even 1. You would want any good firewall to have two separate gigabit nics ...isolating your internal network from the external device and offering full gigabit speeds. (i have google fiber and gigabit is...
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    A machinist lapped an AMD Ryzen 16-core CPU within a nanometer

    i'd think too close to a conductive surface like a heatsink would allow for quantum tunneling or just classic conducting by not having enough insulating material (if it was truly around 1nm). The real story would be testing it. given the urgency in reporting the lapping ...wonder why it's...
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    Boeing 747s Use Floppy Disks to Get Critical Software Updates

    floppy disks aren't reliable storage mediums nor is it safe or good practice to have current in-use systems using obsolete / out of production tech that nobody is currently familiar with servicing. USB flash drives aren't permanent either since they must be plugged in periodically to retain...
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    Blizzard Workers Share Salaries in Revolt Over Wage Disparities

    Yea, lots of companies with jobs in rural areas. I'm always hearing about how it's booming in west virginia and whatever other rural area you can think of. There's lots of differences between a "city" like irvine and a city like LA or philly or manhatten. In this sense, city is more like...
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    Blizzard Workers Share Salaries in Revolt Over Wage Disparities

    Pure capitalism is as stupid and unviable as pure communism or pure socialism. There's a reason we have the mixed type (and why most nations have mixed kinds of economies) ... because people dont play by the rules, play with the interests of society at heart, or play with the same...
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    Blizzard Workers Share Salaries in Revolt Over Wage Disparities

    one of the downsides to living in cheaper areas is they tend to be more crime ridden, have worse schools, less options once out of school and are less likely to be even interviewed for jobs they would much more easily get in person at companies that dont exist where they are having to live...
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    Fox Sports will use virtual fans created in Unreal Engine to fill empty stadiums in MLB broadcasts

    Baseball is as boring as golf, virtual fans seems about right. No fans would be even better. As a culture, we need a better excuse to get publicly drunk than sitting for hours on hard benches or seats and eating and drinking overpriced garbage and trying to watch tiny players on a far away...
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    AMD's next-gen RDNA 2 'major leap forward' up to 225% faster than RDNA

    Nvidia responded significantly to little Navi. Why do you think you even have to the super lineup? This idea that amd isn't causing the much more entrenched favorites (Nvidia, Intel) to respond just because they don't put out hardware at twice the price point for a dick measuring contest at a...
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    At 100TB, the world’s biggest SSD gets an (eye-watering) price tag

    I spend about 100 for a tb ssd. So it is 4x the cost of what I'd buy. Also, I wonder what kind of reliability it has. Ssd's don't last forever with you basically just being lucky to get one that doesn't get unrecoverable read errors after a couple years. A huge drive like that starting to...
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    Nintendo president apologizes for Joy-Con drift

    a poor batch of gyroscopes can make drift basically impossible to filter out at the sensitivity levels controllers need. Anyone who has played with arduino's or flight controllers with 3/6/9 DoF would get that it's not a simple task to get right across tons of even identical parts without...
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    Rumor: 3080 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    there's always a market for the uber rich to want to have something that the dirty masses can't and I'm sure binning existing hardware will always make that niche market profitable regardless of the size of it. I'd be willing to bet that even without major hardware advances, there is still a...
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir Desktop Benchmarks Show Up To 90 Percent Uplift Over Last-Gen Flagship

    if you start having dedicated video ram, then you technically no longer have an iGPU, but a discrete gpu integrated into a single package, basically a SoC. I'm all for that, but adding vram may start pushing the cost of the part out of the price range of the audience that buys apu's. I'm...
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    Denuvo says its new kernel-level anti-cheat driver is minimally invasive

    There should be a blacklist for cheaters like there are blacklists for renters who take their landlords to court and blacklists for actors/actresses who dont have sex with the casting directors/producers etc. A blacklist that bans you from multiplayer games when you are found cheating on one...
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    New CPU Performance Testing Concludes AMD Beats Intel

    considering how much ryzen trounces on intel on nearly everything but "gaming" would be interesting to know if that's really due to some significant difference in hardware performance or simply because most gaming studios will build with intel supplied math libraries or use gaming engines...
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    AMD Reports Theft of Graphics IP, Stolen

    How firmware is signed and checked can best be determined by looking at the source. Loading hacked firmware is very much the in-thing to do these days. But otherwise, sure, you tend to have work around the idiosyncrasies of how a compiled object executes and the source code is not very...
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    AMD Zen 4 microprocessing units to destroy Intel thanks to their 5nm designs

    even if performance beats intel, it's still a long way for AMD to be a majority of the market share prices will remain what they currently are in terms to how it relates to intel until that situation changes. It's not who's fastest that dictates price. It's market share. edit: in short...
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    AMD Reports Theft of Graphics IP, Stolen

    It's not about using the driver or parts of it. It's about seeing the code so you can make brand new exploits. That's worth money.
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    AMD might detail new RDNA2 graphics card on March 5

    who's blaming the world? I'm blaming nvidia for a specific choice they're making that they have the option to not make as shown by amd and intel (the other 2/3 of the pc graphics manufacturers). But go ahead, continue with your bs troll responses.
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    AMD might detail new RDNA2 graphics card on March 5

    My computer does more than just push pixels so my hardware selection reflects that. If i was building a super expensive single purpose console, then that argument may be valid. Though, I also wouldn't buy an intel system just because it can benchmark faster in certain situations that I may...
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    AMD might detail new RDNA2 graphics card on March 5

    changing OS's so hardware functions is no more valid than changing hardware so it functions in a given OS. I understand though if logic is hard to follow after having to interact with your computer only thru microsoft's software. Maybe reboot and see if that fixes the understanding?
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    AMD might detail new RDNA2 graphics card on March 5

    I have a hard time apt dist-upgrading all my software from console in windows 10. Maybe one day it'll catch up. Until then I'll use linux like I have for the past 20+ years.