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    What new OLED gaming monitors in 2023?

    I just want a quality 32" OLED screen. I'm happy with VRR and frame Hz <100 still nothing to buy if I'm going to be editing photos and video sometimes. There was a rumor of a 32" OLED last year but it turned out to be curved or hasn't come out yet.
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    LG 2023 OLED TVs

    I wonder what the size measurements are for the 34" as I'm space constrained by a nook that accepted a 32" plasma so maybe with the thinner bezels I could at last upgrade to OLED?
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    LG 48CX

    What to share the details?
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    Has HDR been standardized already? Is there "HDR Reference Image" ?

    All I want is my display to show HDR as the producer of the image intended me to perceive it. With SDR it has been easy for a long time and not to hard for a while before that to calibrate your display to give you what the artist intended. I'm still not sure how to calibrate a HDR display and...
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    Will CES 2023 Have 8K 60Hz+ Monitors? OLED etc.?

    I just hope to see actual 32" OLEDs at this one. Hopefully that LG one hinted at earlier. I've got a size limit and maybe this will at last be my year to upgrade the old Dell 30".
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    The age of the house (built 1879 per land records) and that the desk is built into the wall and the wall still has the original limestone plaster and horse hair. (Found that out when I ran power for a new outlet) It looks old and brown. Kinda shiney but that is because someone over varnished it...
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    I have a range of displays. I use a 55" trouchboard at work for training groups. A 30" at my desk at work (when I get to sit down). And a pair of 24" monitors at home. It all depends on what space you have and what you are doing. At home I have to work from a built-in desk that is 142 years...
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    I hope this rumor turns out true and I for one welcome out 32inch master thread to rule all discussion of rumors.
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    LG 48CX

    Have you posted in the Emby forum? There are settings you can tweak on the Emby side that this isn't the place to go into.
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    LG 48CX

    What are you running as your Emby Server host that you can't enable transcoding? You can have the server just transcode the audio and mux in with the video stream for playback.
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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    What is the 22yr model? Are monitors aged like cheese now?
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    Take a look at There are some niche companies that are still doing things. The CPU isn't cutting edge but you can find places in the corners for nearly any hardware need.
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    Since LG dropped out of the race I've got no other choice for a phone with a active stylus. I will hold on to the V60 as long as I can as it has a mSD, 3.5mm, and active stylus and I know the Samsung will not. But eventually the v60 will break or stop getting any updates. (Although root is now...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    The ATi x800 as that was the last card I was able to Pelter cool using a customized generic block. After that it was just ordinary water cooling as the cards started having bad cold bugs and not seeing much gain from the pelter. I don't the I've brazed anything since. Even the plumbing in the...
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    Moved to new thread!!

    Does the Dell R720 2U with 3.5 bays have the trays and if so how many?
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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    You always pay a price for miniaturization. Oh wait, you say they didn't have to develop something custom, densely packed, and smaller than normal? Well, I guess it is just to get extra money from those of us for whom 48+ inches is to big.
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    PD3200Q Banding - Should I RMA?

    If you aren't happy you should contact BenQ and try. The worst thing to do is to 'live with" something you don't like when it comes to monitors. For most of it it is the thing you interact with most after your bed and chair.
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    PC gaming monitors that have hardware calibration? 32" or 27"

    How do you define gaming grade?
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    The Samsung QLED q90a will be released in a 43" model.

    Getting closer to something I can fit at my desk.
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    LG 48CX

    Same here. We have a TV that is in a built into the wall cabinet and it maxes out at a 34" diagonal for 16:9 ratio. This means a 32" class TV if we want space for the sound to come out. Couch distance at that size means 1080p is fine and I would love the benefits of HDR in that room.
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    LG 48CX

    So can someone confirm that the newest firmware and VRR not longer result in elevated black levels when the frame rate is near the bottom of the band?
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    LG to make a 42" OLED panel in 2021!

    Selling and showing! LG 32EP950 If the 32 inch is this close then the 42 is way more likely and for this year!
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    LG 48CX

    This is exactly the monitor I have been waiting for! Now, if only it would cost less than $3k. :(
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    What printers do you all use?

    I would aim for a Delta or CoreXY machine as I think moving beds are fundamentaly flawed for any taller prints you might ever want to do. If you only ever see your self printing a few cm or couple inches of the bed (which if you have a built plate that is tall enough you can lay a lot of stuff...
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    Enclosure Builds! Show off your setup!

    I used a steel garage shelving unit with 1/2 cement fibre board walls. I used roofing and chimney tape to seal the edges. This makes it pretty fire resistant if something goes wrong. It hits about 45C above ambient just from the printer and lights. I'm still in the process of cutting and...
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    Which printer to buy? Where to start research?

    In the $1k range I like the SeeMeCNC Delta kits and the ready to print models are good if you just want to drop coin and go. I have a Rostock V3.2 at home and a Artemis and Prusa mk3 at work. the Artemis can go 3 or 4 months with just filament changes. The Prusa needs to be tweaked every...
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    3D printer silliness

    After traveling is OKed I'd suggest you stop by the SeeMeCNC factory there in Indiana. They manufactur the best Delta style printers in the world. A Prusa is what is commonly called a bed slider or Cartesian style printer. They also make one of the largest printers...
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    Just picked up an Ender 3 Pro -Question about Bed Leveling, upgrades

    If you are still looking for an authentic BLTouch I recommend and as they only deal in authentic parts.
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    Favorite filaments?

    I use Atomic for PETG and ABS as they have a neat filament holder that lets air flow well. They are also very consistent in their quality between batches so I don't have to Cal new spools and haven't seen any variablity in the last two years. They also have a partial spool discount from the end...
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    Microsoft Phasing Out 32 bit Windows 10

    Only reason I still have a Win10 32bit machine is for Win16 compatibility mode. I still have some old stuff that needed it. I hadn't pursued virtualization for it as it was easy enough to have a 32bit OS around. Hopefully by the time they stop patching it someone will have done all the work for...
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    What printers do you all use?

    How many hours / meters of filament do you think you get out of them? I'm at ~540 hours of motion. I have a Rostock V3 that just broke 16k printing meters. It is original everything but the hot end. (Complete replacement of that at 12k m) I'm trying to talk myself into doing the 3.2 upgrade...
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    LG 48CX

    So I need them to make a 8K 65" display so I can get the 32" 4k OLED I want?
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    [Closed] WTB - Cheapest SSD > 30GB

    You've got PM! ;) I don't think I can do better than this deal. Thank you SamirD for the links and if I wasn't wanting to make this as easy as possible, and as likely to work, I'd likely do one of the adapters.
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    [Closed] WTB - Cheapest SSD > 30GB

    I'd like to buy your ancient and small SSD for cheap. I'm restoring a old computer to give to a spot in need of something that can securely provide basic web needs. This means I'm sticking a locked down Linux install on it. So 30+ GB will be enough. Its a 4C/8T Haswell so any functional SATA...
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    Uniformity - what is a reasonable expectation?

    Each manufacturer is different and most vary or have none on most of their lines. I know of no compiled source. As far as empirical data and measured averages that would be a question best addressed to rtings as theyvare the only one who still gathers enough data to say.
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    Intel returns to Atom series - Tremont core announced Anyone have a good link to a break down? It reads to me like their reentry into the Atom line and the low-power market in both tablets and servers.
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    Philips 346B1C

    From the Anandtech write up at It doesn't seem terrible. I don't like using curved monitors for any reason but content viewing as the geometry distortion bothers me. Hopefully someone who finds curved...
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    4k multi-touch monitor (32-45")?

    Planar is the one we use at work. However, ours are all >55" so I can't directly review any particular model in your range.
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    Suggestions for a professional color monitor

    Are you Ok with a used pro monitor or do you want a new one?
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    32" 4k display for design and 3d work.

    It doesn't officially and would likely have a very small range but if you want you need Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) and to create a custom profile via it for your monitor. You set an easy range like 50-65 or something and test it. Keep extending the range until it doesn't work and now you...