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    Calling all [H] FFXIV players.

    I got into this with the new xpac had to create a second service account as they wanted my 1st active 1st to put add the expats on it, I had a lv10 I looked and went meh and did a second one for me + wife with ps5 starters and pc endwalker
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    Old school [H]ardgaming people sound off

    It's an easy install :D
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    Old school [H]ardgaming people sound off

    For the people filled with hate towards me, it's been decades, let it go. Ah, the good old days from the members I was fond of most of [__] and Grendel who is a member of PCPER's staff for a while now, my former hA clansmen and Bulletstorm for his skill was second too few on the server. Most are...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Global shortage and then we have miners back at with scalpers they all combined are giving us all a triple screw job w/o lube it will, we never get to buy a gpu and computer parts at msrp again
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    be ready for ps5 preorders
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Bots rule the purchasing world for scalpers and miners bot need to be dragged and shot
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    WTB WD80EFAX 8TB 5400RPM 256MB (RED)

    highly interested also still looking
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    External GPU - Akito Node w/ GeForce 1660Ti Ventus - SOLD!

    if remember correctly this can display on the internal display?
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    WTB: Radeon VII or Vega 64

    the VII's are on clearance for under 530 at the egg
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    WTB WD80EFAX 8TB 5400RPM 256MB (RED)

    well i can play the lottery game or i can get two confirmed drives i prefer the latter to the former :D
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    WTB WD80EFAX 8TB 5400RPM 256MB (RED)

    8tb easy store price amazon $152.99 so that is the high end to 120 on low end used
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    WTB WD80EFAX 8TB 5400RPM 256MB (RED)

    Just looking for 2-4 drives :D
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    i need to find one.
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    The End of Blu-ray

    not going to happen anytime soon 8k/4k streaming is ass and will be ass till we all have gbit
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    [Hot] Micron 8TB SSD for under $800

    ps4 pro drive lol
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    also the OP "The 6700k does most everything well, but does struggle here and there" a cpu upgrade will serve his needs more than gpu upgrade at this time. note the key to a good upgrade is determine the users issue and listen then determine their use case. <3 have a good one everyone here
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    You were saying... Here is your evidence actual users of a 6700k see this thread.
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    wile im digging this up you present your evidence he will benefit from a better gpu
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    lets not dart off here he wants to stream what he has now is a 4 core cpu with hyper-threading if he streams with it his 6700k will get crushed
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    His Strix 1070 OC is fine full stop 2070 super will give him 20 more fps
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    The thing i dont get is the intel people in this thread. his current cpu is 3 generations old and amd has something that wipes the floor with it and will unlock more performance out of his current gpu and people are saying stay with it and upgrade the gpu this is madness... pure madness...
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    it will work remember on ryzen the pcie controller and mem controller are on the cpu this is why you are seeing 1st gen and 2nd gen boards with pcie 4.0 showing active you just needed a board that didn't skimp on the bios memory looking directly at you msi
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    the bottleneck in his system is the cpu. the socket his system has is dead. he would get more of a preference uplift by a new R3K cpu than a gpu.
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    yeah i would just do it no reason not to 144hz monitor and your not playing at 144hz you are cheating yourself get that cpu upgrade
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    AMD or Intel for my new build?

    get a 3600x and a good am4 board im seriosuly considering a b450 asus board
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    AMD or Intel for my new build?

    socket 1151 is a dead stick it is being replaced by socket 1200 for the 14nm comet lake series. 1st gen am4 boards support r3k am4 support will go till am5 is released.
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    9900k or 3800x

    1151 is a dead socket it is being replaced by +49 pin 14nm comet lake socket next year the following year their 7nm drops
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    Ryzen 3600 single core performance vs 4690k

    the answer to your question is yes r3k its very competitive with current intel offerings hell even beats them in some places considering you are on a dead socket you may like the upgrade
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    Is it worth going from 6700k to Ryzen 3000 ?

    this is a yes to the op's question /thread
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    AMD 3900X and Gigabyte X470

    see the 1st m.2 and 1st pcie are driven off the cpu so enjoy your pcie 4.0 :D
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    Nintendo announces Switch Lite handheld, $199

    they had to make one you could hand your spawn and not be worried about breaking it /thread
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    Amd 5 3600 broke pin

    honestly take it back to store and say defective and try for another yes its crap to do but sometimes you are left with no alternatives
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    AMD Announces RX 5000 Series Graphics processors at Computex - Demos RX 5700

    this was likely an es and it preformed right were it needs to 2070 for half the power and a smaller chip and pcie 4.0 amd wins
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    Roadmap shows that in 2021, Intel desktop CPUs will remain on 14nm

    with this we can see why they went on the press buying spree the people that would speak freely are now employees
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    Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

    /care they own the platform and can decide the f*ck they want to do with it.
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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    when you are the head of large group of followers some of them will do just about anything and blindly believe its the typical cult mentality.
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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    RF warning sings do exist if RF was harmless their would not be warning you of exposure at one of my former places of work they had them around many of the RF labs