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    Apple: You Can't Sue Us for Slowing Down Your iPhones Because We're "Contractors"

    Owner: "You broke my kitchen!" Contractor: "Yeah, remember you let us in and upgrade your kitchen?" Owner: "When the F did I let you in? And WTF did you break?" Contractor: "You gave us the permission to come into your kitchen whenever we see fit the moment you purchased the kitchen, and we...
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    Second Apple Hardware Engineer Charged with Stealing Trade Secrets for China

    You have been brain washed by the media. Look up Oculus and see if you will draw the conclusion to not hire white people.
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    China Is Hijacking the US Internet Backbone

    "...dependent on massive expropriation of foreign R&D..." Aren't they putting chips half the size of a grind of rice that could take control of the entire server undetected for a while now?
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    Bloomberg Stands by Chinese Chip Story as Apple, Amazon Ratchet Up Denials

    Happy April fools in October and Bloomberg walks free. See CTS Labs for more details.
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    Who would have thought a transistor can have such a story?
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    AMD RX GPUs Back in Stock

    I disagree. The recent perfect storm of Spectres has created an opening at the server space for AMD, which is a big deal for the next few years, while Ryzen is very competitive at the consumer space. They need to focus on production to meet those incoming demands before Intel resolves their...
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    Windows 10 Lean: Microsoft Working on Cut-Down Version of OS

    A no non-sense os for user is what they want us to think, an os with nothing useful and full of features that suck every single but if user data is what it will be. Windows lean.
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    Bitcoin's Blockchain Loaded with Child Pornography

    Excuse me, but how can an images file got embedded into bitcoin's blockchain? Was my understanding that blockchain completely wrong?
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    Facebook Co-Founder Says Technology Will Continue Destroying Jobs

    Technology does not destroy jobs, big coop and rich business people destroy jobs so they can have your money.
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    Intel Stock is Up 4.5% After Beating Market Estimates

    There are lots of idiots who will buy more Xeons because of the performance decrease. My guess: Lots of AMD were brought due to Spectre/Meltdown, but if this sales number doesn't show on Q4, then its price will tank. It is hard to say whether or not the big 8 started deals with AMD at Q4...
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    NVIDIA Forbids GeForce Driver Deployment in Data Centers

    Nvidia ... I did loved you, but you need to understand CUDA is really not as good as you say it is. Yes, you have your rights and you can do that EULA thing, but the question is ... should you? By doing so, our relation will be severely damaged, remember that GPU as PPU thing you played and...
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    Walmart Is Reportedly Developing a Store of the Future with No Cashiers

    The tech works, but we need human for these positions.
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    All Major Browsers Now Support WebAssembly

    Tried the tank demo and OoM .... hardware acceleration was the problem ...
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    Jen-Hsun Huang Bullish on Gaming, AI and Data-Centers

    Don't get me wrong, Nvidia has been doing great. I am simply referring to the crypto-currency business. I heard the earning call and the way he describe crypto-currency movement is cryptic, how ASIC will corner existing crypto-currencies and how new ones will arise. Gaming is big, especially...
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    Jen-Hsun Huang Bullish on Gaming, AI and Data-Centers

    He didn't. It seems he don't want to openly promote/support crypto-currency. How did they measure gaming sales? By unit of video cards sold? Well, I don't think everyone who brought 1070 use it for competitive gaming.
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    Scientists Conclude That the Universe Shouldn’t Really Exist

    Me: "hey scientist, give me a formula that will equal to 10." scientist: "3054 * log (3901 /12 ^ e / pi)" Me: "... dude, that isn't even close!" scientist: "Well that is because it is impossible to have formulas that will equal to 10."
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    Senate Kills Rule on Class-Action Suits against Financial Companies

    So if the big guys are immune to class-action lawsuits, then what is there to protect the small guys?
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    MegaBots Really Happening....Finally

    Who is going to be responsible when pilots got injured or killed?
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    Shadow of War's Denuvo Cracked in One Day

    Don't make assumptions. Just because I defend the act of Robin Hood doesn't mean I benefit from it. In fact, what I said here doesn't benefit me. I simply state what is in my mind. You should know that those dictionary updates itself as new words get created, i.e. selfie, or new meaning to...
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    Cortana's Follow Me Looks to Cut Down on Calls from Your Parents

    When I read the title I thought Contana now by used to spy children so parents don't need to call their kids to check on them. Wait, do parents still check their kids via phone?
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    Shadow of War's Denuvo Cracked in One Day

    According to Wikipedia, the word `Pirate` refers those who commits warlike acts at sea without the authorization of any nation. Source : As to Piracy, also according to Wikipedia: ( Where is the ship...
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    Shadow of War's Denuvo Cracked in One Day

    Incoming non-senses... There was a time where uploading/downloading songs are said define what is now known to be pirating, and the entire music industry claims that the world's economy is damaged because of it. Eventually, artists found that uploading their own songs, acts, even opinions for...
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    Equifax Tweeted Link to Phishing Site

    So everything can be channeled down to its IT department, down to some IT personal, down to an infected computer with a backdoor they could not avoid and then back to business as usual. Or they simply don't give a sheep and go straight back to business as usual.
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    CCleaner Was Compromised for a Month

    System restore can't not be the only way, but it can be the fastest way to resolve problems. To do it manually, you will need to identify every single affected files and processes, then restore them. This can take a long time and some files are dynamically generated and you may need to...
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    What Really Happened with Apple’s Face ID “Fail” Onstage

    " is as easy as ..." "And here we are, and you see this expensive ..."
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    Bitcoin Has Split in Two

    What capacity problem?
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    Blind Test - RX Vega FreeSync vs. GTX 1080 TI G-Sync

    In (my) theory, G-sync is better as there is a processor inside the monitor processing feed from the GPU, where free-sync doesn't. I will believe that there will be scenarios where G-sync > free-sync because of that, but I also believe that G-sync is over priced. Free-sync is indeed a viable...
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    Millions in bitcoin

    Retire, spend it slowly, like 1k a day. Reason: Name me an investment that grows faster than bitcoin. If you can't, then why do you wanna cash it out all at once? Trying to cash things like that at one shot is not wise no matter if it is stock or a simple cash withdraw from the bank...
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    Computer Science Students Should Learn to Cheat, Not Be Punished for It

    No one ever got punished from cheating, people got punished sometimes after getting caught cheating.
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    WannaCry Evolves to Uiwix RansomWorm

    Imargine if MS patches things that don't work and introduce things that works as quickly as they do.
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    Netflix Blocked on Rooted and Unlocked Android Devices

    So vendors now believe that it is not okay for users to have admin rights to their own hardwares. Admin rights => no legit apps, got it.
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    Windows Users Should Want Windows 10 S to Succeed

    At this rate, windows operating system will become history. Keep feeding users things they don't want and remove features they users need is just not going to work Microsoft.
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    Many Believe That Using Spyware to Snoop on Family Members Is Legal

    Now I know Google, Apple Microsoft, you and I are just one big family.
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    Nissan Builds Signal Blocker into Cars to Eliminate Phone Distractions

    This is way better than turning the phone off, way better.
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    How Juicero Evolved from IoT Tech Investment Darling to Mockery of Human Laziness

    Excuse me, what is wrong with chewing again?
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    95% of Organizations Have Employees Seeking to Bypass Security Controls

    Does that mean 5% of all orgainzations don't have security protocols?