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    Should i keep X370 motherboard or not?

    So i have a x370 (Asus Strix) and just checked it supports the 3700x (through a bios update). My concern is if i should keep it or get a x570 motherboard. If i keep it, i’d lose some features like pbo and xfr and maybe some memory support since qvl is quite old (2018) and hasn’t been updated. If...
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    RTX Super review embargo and launch dates...

    If nvidia keeps the same prices for their super lineup and drop a few buck off the ogs (~50$ or so), i think they will probably sell well
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    miniITX GOD Box.... Blasphemy!

    That's amazing! What do you do with so many cores and some many Titan Vs?
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    two 8 core chiplets i believe since the chiplets can be configured up to 8 cores Also for those asking if it will stay on the am4 socket, it will. AMD said that the am4 socket will be supported till 2020, after that it will be am5 and so on
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    Wiring for a home - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a?

    I've worked with both cat5e and cat6, first one it was easier to crimp unlike the latter, it was pita since cable is stiffer (mostly installing the rj45 jack since i had the electrician help me rout the cables through the house). so ymmv
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    New Ryzen 5 1600 system having Issues with hard locking

    Yeah, right now i have a conservative 3.65GHz @ ~1.3v oc. Tho, I'm thinking on upgrading to 3rd gen Ryzen next year when it comes out (3700x most likely)
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    Goodbye i7 2700k, hello Ryzen2600

    Well the X model is if you want to deal with PBO overclock. Not sure if the X has a better stock cooler or both SKUs come with the same one (wraith stealth) 2600 is one of the best price/perf cpu especially if you can oc it to 4.1GHz. I wish my 1600 do 4GHz, it does 3.9GHz @ 1.425V.
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    New Ryzen 5 1600 system having Issues with hard locking

    I would suggest on looking for ram with samsung b-dies (like g.skill flare x or trident z (cas14) if you're getting 3200mhz) Here is a nifty tool to find those kits
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    No Post After Crash

    Just a little background info, was trying to overclock my ryzen cpu (anything below 3.6 GHz), set ram to 2933 MHz and it booted, restarted the pc and it wouldn't boot to the os. So i decide to just try with ram and no oc, boots into windows, crashed and after that no post at all, can't even...
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    Accidentally overwrote mouse drivers with Zadig

    So i used Zadig to install a gamecube controller hub and accidentally overwrote my mouse drivers and it's not being recognized in mouse's software (Logitech Gaming Software) Current mouse is a Logitech G Pro and this is how the device manager is showing my mouse's drivers I'd like a way to...
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    LFG subforum

    I'm wondering if there is a LFG subforum in this forum or where can i make a LFG post?
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    AMD Ryzen 9 Threadripper Lineup Leaked

    Same :P biostar has a am4 itx mobo, too bad it's out of stock and it doesn't have wifi...
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    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    I may not do it, i was just curious about it ;)
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    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    lol,, i guess i might just use the m.2 as boot drive and 500gb ssd as game storage. BTW ssd has almost 20TB worth of writes
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    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    alright, thanks for the response
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    Raid 0 with m.2 sata and sata ssd

    I'm wondering if it's possible to raid 0 an m.2 sata drive with a sata ssd I bought a 500gb 850 evo m.2 (used) and i also have a normal 850evo of the same capacity, so i was thinking on making a raid 0 array with both drives