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    Apple's Secret Repair Kill Switch Hasn’t Been Activated—Yet

    This is obviously to prevent a Skynet takeover.
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    Pressure Mounts for Xbox’s Missing VR Strategy as PS VR Revenue Tops $1 Billion

    I’d be more interested to know how often that sold VR tech is being used. It’s one thing to sell it, and another to make continuing revenue so it makes business sense. I think VR is a fad for now. The tech has a long way to go.
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    Using the tariffs as an excuse to shut down, or lay people off is nonsense. Most products I deal with are entirely made of metal. Those manufacturers are only increasing pricing by 5-10% and that includes labor, insurance, freight and metal increases. Even if your product is completely metal, it...
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Finalizing Merger

    Their CDMA is good and they have triband LTE. They are better than AT&T in my area.
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    Don't forget, they are testing making their vehicles in China. This maximum profit model may wind up ruining the brand, not to mention, if we ever have another long term issue with oil prices...
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    AT&T Starts 5G Groundwork in More U.S. Cities

    Would be nice if they just got their existing LTE to work in my market. Sprint is more reliable.
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    Don't Have Amazon Prime? No Star Wars VIII on Disc For You

    This is probably because of the ongoing Amazon / Disney dispute behind the scenes. Disney wants so much control over pricing, so basically Amazon doesn’t really want to sell newer Disney movies. You also can’t preorder them on Amazon. Another example of Disney’s control, look at how there are no...
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    IRS Reminds US Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings

    I don’t think the IRS cares about sales tax unless it’s a deduction. Sales tax is a state issue.
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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    Too little too late. The latest generation of kids are growing up without commercials and cable TV.
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    Dish Allocating $1 Billion to Build 5G Network

    Maybe Windows Phone would have had more apps then?
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    T-Mobile Pushing New Security Layer for Port-Out Scamming

    This is going on at the other carriers too but TMo seems more susceptible. The fraudsters have used social engineering to get into accounts as well.
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    Apple Delays New iOS Features to Focus On Stability

    Windows Phone just worked. It was sad to see it go, but I understand why it died.
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    Union Heavyweight Wants to Ban UPS from Using Drones or Driverless Vehicles

    The union is thinking clearly. It’s looking out for its own interests and self preservation.
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    EU Fines Qualcomm for Apple Collusion

    Intel makes modems, which Apple does use.
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    iPhone X May Be “End of Life” When Replacements Ship

    Everyone I know who had upgraded has gotten the X. It's a good phone. Honestly it's everything every Android geek wanted minus the OS.
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    Intel Publishes In-House Security Fix Benchmarks for Desktop

    I'm just interested if Intel knew the security risk all this time, but kept it to keep a greater edge over AMD.
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    Work Has Begun on Next DisplayPort Standard; Display Bandwidth to Double

    Honestly, the DP connector that requires you to push the button to remove it, would get me to use HDMI alone.
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    The Cable Industry Greets the New Year with a Flurry of Price Increases

    They (Comcast) typically have a promotional package but it varries by market. Typically you can switch to it at any time. Just call and check periodically.
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    The Cable Industry Greets the New Year with a Flurry of Price Increases

    Yeah, they just increased my 150 tier by $15. I called and dropped to the 100 tier for $50, so now they are losing $25 per month compared to my old plan. I don't get their logic. I was fine paying $75, not $90 and now they lost out on $25.
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    Amazon probably pays a fair rate. They do most of the work and drop the packages at the local post offices so the USPS doesn't have to sort and distribute them. USPS just handles last mile.
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    Apple’s Apology for Batterygate Didn’t Go Far Enough

    I'm not entirely convinced the slowing down thing is entirely marketing. My iPhone was at 16% and the phone just shut off. I turned it back on and there was 9% battery life. Something probably required a surge of power that was too much for my old battery to handle. Throttling would probably...
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    I think the pensions and entitlements mandated by the government are the problem here, not day to day operations.
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    All 50 States Vote Yes On AT&T’s $40 Billion Emergency Response Network FirstNet

    If it's anything like the LTE coverage in my area, good luck when you need it most.
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    That's unfortunate. It works fine in my area.
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    Trump Wants Postal Service to Charge “Much More” for Amazon Shipments

    If USPS raises it's prices too much, Amazon may use someone else or do last mile themselves and the USPS will fail. I believe that Amazon delivers to post offices instead of distribution hubs which helps the USPS save money, so they charge Amazon less. Amazon's success has probably saved the...
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    Apple Rumored to Slash iPhone Prices Due to Lower Demand than Expected

    The real issue is people with 6 or 6S series iPhones aren't upgrading very quickly, myself included. Honestly, I don't think the price is the biggest issue, but rather how we are going backwards in phone technology. Prominent features like finger print readers and headphone jacks are being left...
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    Amazon Will Start Selling Apple TV and Chromecast Again

    I watch YouTube on a regular basis. Between live streams and regular content people I follow put up, it's probably the service I watch the most. There's some good stuff on there, you just need to find it.
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    Rambus Confirms HBM3 Memory to Double Memory Bandwidth to 4Gbps

    I cringe every time I hear Rambus. That aside, DDR5 has some impressive bandwidth potential.
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    Disney Sues Redbox, Hoping to Block Digital Movie Sales

    Yep, they say not for resale.
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    The Xbox One X Makes the PlayStation 4 Pro Feel like a Half-Measure

    Honestly, if Xbox had all of the exclusives, people would still complain about the Xbox. I have both consoles and don't have to worry about whether or not I can play something.
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    The Xbox One X Makes the PlayStation 4 Pro Feel like a Half-Measure

    You don't have to rebuy games. They are upgraded automatically.
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    Even with Streaming Video, a Third of Americans Still Buy and Rent

    Surprisingly, if you have good equipment, Blu-ray looks really good with proper upconvert. Only select movies will be repurchased for 4k in my collection.
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    Most of our power comes from natural gas, but we use coal and nuclear as well. That's good to hear. You're probably right, especially since the panels will probably be laying flat on top.
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    That’s crazy. I don’t see why they can’t get it to work properly. In Florida we have a lot of electric heat, because we only have a few cold nights. The power companies have no problem with everyone’s electric heat being used at once early in the morning, and electric heat uses way more power...
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    What cities have power issues?
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    The Tesla Semi Revealed

    You could probably get at least a 5kw array up there. Practical or efficient? No.
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    Qualcomm Tells Broadcom to Forget It

    Never accept the first offer.
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    EA’s Defense of Star Wars: Battlefront II is Now Reddit’s Most Downvoted Comment

    League is actually free to play. Any money you put in goes to cosmetics. Sure, you can buy champions, but they have free rotation and you can unlock champions with points earned while playing the game. You don’t have to spend any money.
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    The Xbox One X 4K Blu-ray Player Is a Disaster

    LOL. They probably have some settings messed up and wrote a whole article saying it’s the consoles fault. My One X looks great playing 4K HDR movies. Mine looked over saturated at first until I reset the input settings on the TV and left HDR on auto.
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    T-Mobile and Sprint End Merger Discussions

    Where I live, Sprint is better than AT&T. Back roads are fine as well. Band 41 is excellent where it’s available. Sprint wanted to maintain control of itself. T-Mobile wanted full control of Sprint. Neither could agree and the deal is definitely dead. Supposedly Sprint has eyes on Charter now.