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    Backup Multiple Drives to New Single Drive?

    Hi guys, just trying to see if there is a better way to do this other than to click and drag from my old drives to new drive. I currently have two internal 1TB HDD and I'm about to take delivery of a new internal 4TB HDD. My end goal is to have all my raw photo files located on the two 1TB...
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    Dead HD??

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone has seen my issue before... WD 1TB black 32MB cache (2009) gets recognized in bios and windows (all the time including now), in windows I can view all contents of the drive but most of the time it takes forever to open folders/files and move files to...
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    Digi Cam Poll: What Digital Camera do you use?

    now shooting... canon eos 1dmark3 canon eos 5d w/ grip 35 1.4L 85 1.2L 24-70L 70-200 F2.8 IS L 2x 580ex2
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    mine is sittin at 4ghz also at vcore 1.28 idle and 1.24 full load (accordinly to cpu-z), tested up to 8 hours on orthos small ffts
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    i also picked up at 226bw at futureshop today and yes it's a S panel.. hardly any light bleed also. great mon so far. gradient issue is minor unless u really look for it. will do more testing.
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    Chinese New Year @ University of Toronto

    Lion Dance @ U of T -did some volunteer shooting for a friend's club's event. it was my first time shooting an event so it was an interesting experience. d100 + 50mm f1.8 @ 2.2
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    A Picture I Took - 2006

    Got bored from studying tonite and took some shots. University of Toronto @ Mississauga campus..
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    The Power of Photoshop 2

    got bored this afternoon so decided to write my 2nd tutorial (portrait tutorial). theres a link on this one to my last one. hope u all like it.
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    Show off your best pics!

    2 shots i took last nite after studying...
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    Wireless Network Problem.

    ahh same thing happens to me when i use university wireless now... help plz
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    Wireless Network Problem.

    hi all, I'm new to wireless networking. recently i've bought a wireless router and set up a wireless network (mainly use by my laptop which i take around the house). The installation went fine and i was up and running wirelessly very fast. I then went to enable WEP encryption 128Bit. i...
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    Please Critique Picture

    looks out focused.
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    Photoshop Tutorial [Digital Photo] -- 56K WARNING.

    thx for the comments, it's aoaoOnline because the domain and the main blog is made for my gf(aoao) rather than me hehe, i just hijack the gallery and made a secondary blog page. hehe
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    Photoshop Tutorial [Digital Photo] -- 56K WARNING.

    ~The Power of Photoshop~ -written by inzite! 30/08/05 (me) Brief description: Basically this tutorial I wrote up will give you the basics of touching up photos within photoshop. It will only tell you things you should look into when editing or touching up photos. It is not meant to be a...
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    A Night Time Panorama...

    he used photoshop.. "alot of time in PS"
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    Just Created a Blog But Bugged

    :D it works thx :D
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    Just Created a Blog But Bugged

    i found a bug on my blog when i use firefox. Hope someone here can help me fix it. My blog is here: -scroll down to the very bottom. pay attention to the edges on left and right. then go here: -i...
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    Considerig buying Olympus C-8080

    the 8080 also has quite a nice "super macro" mode. my friend uses one.
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    Show off your best pics!

    bored in the afternoon
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    Show off your best pics!

    finally a shot of my toys
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    Show off your best pics!

    nope, don't visit there. I took the tiger shot during my trip in mainland china.
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    Show off your best pics!

    few more
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    Does your digital camera shoot instantly?

    dslr has almost no shutter lag
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    Model Shots Attempt! (girl inside!)

    yeah the tones of the photos are not the same because they were taken at different places using natural lighting. (was not going for the same colors for all of them) Didn't really intended to make these appear to be from the same series of shots. They are picked from their respected series...
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    Show off your best pics!

    comments plz :D
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    Show off your best pics!

    i took those photos in a small asian city called Macau. It's rite next to hong kong and is also part of china. it was a portugese colony.
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    Show off your best pics!

    home town.. hehe. :D
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    Show off your best pics!

    i got really bored today.. haha..
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    Show off your best pics!

    more recent ones...
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    Show off your best pics!

    new one :D
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    Show off your best pics!

    took 3 new ones on the way to the 2005 autoshow in toronto. c/c :)