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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X R9 3900X Guru3d review

    I don't think DDR4 can get much less expensive, if anything it gives DDR4 memory manufacturers time to collude and fix pricing.
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    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    Contractors in software roles are typically regarded as inferior to full time employees in terms of technical ability, hiring bar, and compensation. This is especially true at top tech companies (Apple being one as it is part of FAANG) as they aren't bringing in some external expert to fix...
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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    It isn't all that difficult for large companies to build software these days. In the case of a game they just need to iron out the game design and create the corresponding art assets. They don't even need to make their own engine these days, I don't see why they couldn't adapt Unreal. Blizzard...
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    Twitter Finds New Excuses to Shut Down Folks They Don't Like

    Social media sites are the modern public square. Malls are privately owned just as Twitter is privately owned.
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    Twitter Finds New Excuses to Shut Down Folks They Don't Like

    Except there's this...
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    nVidia CEO makes a comment about GPU supply

    GPUs are cheaper than they have ever been but you absolutely must mine on them to take advantage of the lower total cost of ownership.
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    Big Question - After 40 years do I abandon tricked out rigs for GeForce Now et al

    You don't need to build a new machine every two years, you could probably get by with every four to five years if you aren't interested in 4K gaming. Star Citizen is broken and runs terribly for everyone, at the current rate that game won't actually be released until 2022.
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    Price of Silicon Wafer Continues to Soar

    Financing computers used to be pretty common in the 90s and probably earlier.
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    GameStop Halts Its Unlimited Used Game Rental Program

    I went into a Gamestop last Summer and was surprised to find it had turned into a pawn shop. I hadn't been in a Gamestop since before they bought out EB Games in the early 2000s and was very disappointed, this brand is a zombie and will be gone like Blockbuster thanks to digital downloads.
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    System Shock Early Pre-Alpha Trailer

    This looks like Doom 3, the problem with that is it's no longer 2004.
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    Best Buy Geeksquad Informants for FBI?

    They're not informants, the author was confused by their silly job titles. Their job titles are literally like "Counter Intelligence Agent" and "Counter Operations Agent".
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    If A Self-Driving Car Kills A Pedestrian, Who Is At Fault?

    With caps on liability the insurance bill will be minuscule compared to what is currently charged. Accident rates for self-driving cars will be far lower and almost all accidents involving them will have an external, human driver who was the cause.
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    If A Self-Driving Car Kills A Pedestrian, Who Is At Fault?

    I think manufacturers will be liable but liability will probably be limited in terms of dollar amount because overall self-driving vehicles will greatly reduce traffic related fatalities.
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    Star Citizen Switching To Amazon's Lumberyard Game Engine

    IIRC he wanted $20 million, the $2 million via crowd funding was so he could approach publishers and demonstrate that there was a real interest in the product.
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    T-Mobile Workers Accused Of Selling Unwanted Services

    They've been doing this for years, retail sales with commisions leads to unethical behavior such as this. I have a friend who told me they were doing this seven years ago.
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    Star Citizen Dev Asks For More Money

    They are having serious difficulties releasing a single player game and they just put out an FPS mode that is subpar when compared to Halo 1. I wouldn't have minded if the times merely "shifted" and the game was released a year later than initially planned such as in early 2016. However, it now...
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    Star Citizen Dev Asks For More Money

    It's fraud when they willingly disregard what they sold initial backers. We did not vote on these changes.
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    Star Citizen Dev Asks For More Money

    That would have only been the true for the people who chose to partake in the poll, it does not absolve CIG of their obligations to earlier backers. When I gave them money during the KickStarter, I expected them to attempt to deliver based on their initial timeline of late 2014/early 2015...
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    Amazon Testing Grocery Store With No Checkout

    IBM never actually did this, they only made a video.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Announced

    well, this was totally unexpected.
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    Why Can’t Silicon Valley Solve Its Diversity Problem?

    The second rate technology companies like Intel and Adobe really don't seem to interview junior candidates outside of their certain chosen schools. Based on my experiences, if you want a job at a reputable technology company, you really ought to go to a solid, top 50 CS/CE/EE program.
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    Star Citizen’s Production Schedule Made Public

    The only thing Derek did is call them out and he has enough infamy to get people to pay attention to him. I realized prior to Derek that SC was a disaster in the making when they kept selling expensive ship packages after the kickstarter had ended and increased the alpha slot limit right as it...
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    Star Citizen’s Production Schedule Made Public

    Star Marine looks to play like a mediocre, early 2000s shooter. Halo 1 multiplayer appears to be a better experience.
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    FS: MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming

    I am selling an MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6Gb graphics card. I am the original owner and used the card for roughly 8 months in a well maintained environment. I would like $330 shipped via PayPal or money order. Pictures are available at
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    Nintendo Down 6% After 'Switch' Console Unveil

    Twenty years ago is not relevant in the mobile space, they see this is a stupid idea because people already carry a mobile gaming device - their smart phone.
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    Police To Scan Social Media For Violence Alerts

    Some law enforcement agencies already use software from companies like Geofeedia to do just this.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    This isn't open development, open development would mean we'd have access to financials as promised in the older TOS and would be able to see software development issue tracking systems as well as project plans. All CIG does is release marketing materials.
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    DUSK Reveal Trailer

    Looks like indie trash.
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    Blizzard's Chris Metzen Has Retired

    They should have fired him years ago.
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    Metal Gear Survive

    So the oil rig gets sucked up by some sort of paranormal event and a few Diamond Dogs who get sucked in with the rig need to fight crystal zombies?
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    Uber's First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives This Month

    Except I'm sure the cars will be better drivers than humans.
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    Toshiba 4tb hdd 15.99

    This is fraudulent, you're not getting this. I've seen several listings like this.
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    Battletech Kickstarter News.

    This crowd funded project is certainly coming along much better than Star Citizen.
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    Jet - ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo $581 shipped

    JET does operate their own warehouses.
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    Dual E5-2679v4 Workstation Build

    If power consumption isn't an issue I'd look at using multiple dual E5-2670v1 servers for your data analysis setup. Any CUDA accelerated machine learning you do wouldn't be very CPU dependent and a separate workstation could be used for that purpose.
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    Steam Hardware Survey for July 2016

    I can't believe there are twice as many Nvidia Geforce 6600 cards being used over Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti cards.
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    The first standalone card that I bought was a Gefore FX 5700 ultra. First GPU I ever owned came in an IBM PC and was an ATI 3d RAGE GPU.
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    Intel Retail Edge Summer Deal 2016

    Don't feel bad, these are mainstream CPUs and now you don't need to work retail. Trust me, it is soul crushing.
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    Austin Conducting Sting Operations Against Ride-Sharing Drivers

    Soon the cars will drive themselves, then this will not be a concern.
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    Ever got a game from someone that was so bad you felt bad about them spending the money?

    I hated Haegemonia: Legions of Iron, I remember getting it from GameStop in the mall prior to GameStop acquiring EB Games and when Gamestop had a dark interior.