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    Road Redemption Release Trailer

    I bought this a couple years ago when it first entered early access. It was a lot of fun, but then they upgraded to Unity 5 and had a bunch of performance issues. I gave up on it for a while, and then totally forgot it --- pretty typical for a lot of early access stuff, really. I might have to...
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    NVIDIA Releases Game Ready 381.89 WHQL Driver

    Yeah...oddly enough, when Sniper Elite 4 was released, the new nVidia graphics drivers made SE 3 crash constantly every 5 minutes. Completing a single mission could take an hour because of crashes and rollbacks. So, a lot of tinfoil-hat types were saying that it was a cheap ploy to get more SE4...
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Heaven for Power Users

    I updated a few days ago, and I was having issues with frequent 20-30 second lockups when writing to the C Drive. Then, Steam started giving me a DRIVE WRITE ERROR when I tried to download anything. Chkdsk would then find a crosslinked file, and I'd have to go through the multi-boot disk cleanup...
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    Ransomware Hackers Get Their Money, Immediately Ask For More

    Oddly enough, I've spent the past 3 days reinstalling software for a hospital (not the one in the article) whose entire network was hit with ransomware last week. In their case, they removed the ransomware with a cleanup tool, but they still lost a ton of files. It was easier to reinstall most...
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    Teen Funds Incredible Apple Collection With Lawn-Mowing Money

    I recently bought an Apple IIc off of eBay for $75. My family bought one back in 1984, and it was a great little computer. I decided to get another one because the Apple II was such a fun machine to program. You had completely direct access to every piece of hardware in the machine, to the point...
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    Snapchat's Payroll Department Falls For Phishing Scam

    My job has taught me that you should never expect anyone in HR or Payroll to be technically savvy. So, this isn't terribly surprising. Most of the time when I have to talk software with someone in Payroll, I have to break out a puppet show for them.
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    A New Cartridge-Based Console Is Coming Out Next Year

    Ahh, that makes sense, I suppose. I wonder if they'll eventually release a toilet-shaped cd player attachment :-D
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    A New Cartridge-Based Console Is Coming Out Next Year

    Is there a reason why they directly ripped off the case for the Atari Jaguar in those product renders? It's a little weird to me, because I owned both a Colecovision and a Jaguar...
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    Reuters Issues Worldwide Ban On RAW Photos

    I guarantee that the real reason for this has nothing to do with quality or photo manipulation. I bet they want a seamless backend for uploading pics, so that editors can just quickly sort through photos from a web back end. JPEGs would make that simple. Right now, they are probably having to do...
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    14.5% Of Fallout 4 PC Players Still In Vault 111

    Yeah, I'm 32 hours in but I don't have the achievement for leaving vault 111.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 Windows 10 Driver

    I'll have to try this when I get home. 15.7 makes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom crash if GPU acceleration is enabled. I could actually get into Lightroom to turn it off, but Photoshop crashes before I even get a chance. I didn't see anything in the release notes about it, but hope springs eternal...
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    Mozilla Launching New Firefox Feature Testing Program

    I won't be happy until they release the "Funky Town" development program.
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    Video Games That Have Disgraced The Industry

    I think Amiga Format (iirc) had one of the best reviews of Shaq Fu. It started off with a paragraph that said something like "When I first heard about this game, I just assumed it would be another mediocre fighting game where you trap someone in a corner and kick them in the head until they...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Check this out:
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    Robert Downey Jr. Delivers Real 3D Printed Bionic Arm To Kid

    There is a group of people making 3d-printed prosthetic hands for kids: It's a really great cause.
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    Microsoft HoloLens Designer Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident

    Man, what is it with VR projects and horrific accidents? This happened to the co-founder of Oculus Rift in 2013:
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    US Recommends Emergency Braking Tech on All New Cars

    That came out worse than I intended. What I mean is that most people on the road don't delve into the technicalities of driving. A vast majority of people don't work on their own cars, and they honestly don't care how it works. They just want a car that gets from a to b with good comfort...
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    US Recommends Emergency Braking Tech on All New Cars

    ABS may have improved to the point where my numbers aren't relevant anymore. However, I still think that threshold braking should still be taught to drivers. My non-ABS car from 1996 has front discs, rear-drums, and a light back-end due to the front engine/FWD configuration. A large amount of...
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    US Recommends Emergency Braking Tech on All New Cars

    If you learn to threshold brake (which means braking at 90-ish percent pedal pressure to get maximum braking without locking up the tires), you can stop 25% quicker than a car with ABS enabled who just slams the brakes to the floor. It takes practice and control, but you can train yourself to do...
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    How Long Would It Take You To Beat The Games In Your Steam Library?

    5152 continuous hours 214 days,16 hours,17 minutes Fly from New York to London 1,472 times on a Concorde jet
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    Oculus Rift Could Make Music Software Way Easier to Use

    Sixense (the company who developed the Hydra hardware) has a new wireless system coming out that is replacing the Hydra. They also have a Rift-enabled 3d modeller that looks really promising: It's interesting that people are paying so much for old Hydra...
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    Elite: Dangerous – a Beginner's Guide

    I've really enjoyed Elite Dangerous so far. It has a pretty slow pace, for sure. But, flying a ship around is strangely relaxing. Also, once you master docking, it is pretty rewarding, even though it is something you end up doing a bunch of times in a row. I've seen it called Euro Truck...
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    The Open-Office Trend Is Destroying The Workplace

    We have tall cubicles and white noise generators at my workplace, and it's really nice. The white noise generators take care of any stray noise that floats over the top of the cubes, and the walls provide a combination of privacy, storage space, and space to hang up calendars and paperwork...
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    A lot of times, cheap devices aren't specifically designed to not be fixed. The designs go through cost reductions to increase profits, and that results in sloppy products that can't be fixed. For example, they might take a design with a main logic board and a separate power board and combine...
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    Part of the problem is also the 'bought it at Wal-Mart' mentality, where people buy the absolute cheapest stuff and then complain when it breaks. There is a place for cheap stuff sometimes. If I need a tool for a single use and don't really care about how long it will last, I'll get something...
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    I have regularly fixed electronics for my friends and coworkers(recapping monitors, doing solder reflows on PS3s with the yellow light of death, etc). I also do my own car repairs, build my own furniture, and have repaired things by designing parts and printing them out on my 3d printer...
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    Memorable Overclocking-Friendly CPUs

    I had an athlon xp2200 1.8ghz that ran solid at 2.6ghz with water cooling, slightly under-volted. I was using a crappy Kingwin water cooling rig that a friend had bought for me. While I was at work one day, it sprung a huge leak and dumped water on the CPU. It never quite worked again...the cpu...
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    Elf On The Shelf Has A Sinister Side

    By definition, doesn't Santa do the same thing? He knows when you've been sleeping He knows when you're awake He knows when you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake Sounds cute in the context of the song, but if you add "It'd be a shame if something bad happened to you while you...
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    Science Gifts for the Coolest Geeks You Know

    I bought a Campo de Cielo meteorite from a couple years ago (just checked...they are currently sold out). The prices in the article are ridiculous compared to what I paid. I think I paid $40 for mine but you can find smaller specimens for less. Meteorites are neat, but I don't...
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    Flash Vulnerability Being Exploited In Large-Scale Attacks

    It doesn't require always-on internet. You have to install the app with an internet connection, and it just has to be able to ping a license server once a month. If it can't ping the server one month, you still get 60 additional days of run time before the app locks you out. Since 99% of people...
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    MasterCard Making A Credit Card With A Fingerprint Sensor

    Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much. Biometric readers don't take a photo of your fingerprint. A vast majority of them are just capacitive readers (like a specialized capacitive touch screen) which pick up a few data points on your thumbprint. There are precious few systems that get enough data...
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    MasterCard Making A Credit Card With A Fingerprint Sensor

    This is not a bad idea, if it actually works. I see somewhere between a 5% and 20% failure rate for fingerprint biometrics at my job, depending on the person's age, the moisture in their skin, and the climate. Dry and cold places are skewed more towards the higher failure percentages, and people...
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    Global Amazon Outage?

    Netflix had an outage earlier today, and I found this site, which has a really neat tracking page for website outages: You can see the spikes for Amazon, Netflix, and a few other services. That's a brilliant way to see in a few seconds if a site outage is an...
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    4 Of 5 Restaurant Twitter Complaints Made Mid-Meal

    Yes, but it's a scientific fact that most people are morons as well. :D
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    4 Of 5 Restaurant Twitter Complaints Made Mid-Meal

    People need to realize that you can send food back. Tweeting out a complaint before you've even given the restaurant a chance to fix the issue is just lazy, and it does a disservice to the people who actually work there. Restaurants are in the business to serve you. If you honestly tell a sever...
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    Microwave Weapon Made With A Stick And Soup Can

    Yeah, exposure to microwaves at that power level and frequency will toast your corneas in less than a second.
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    Companies With The Worst Customer Service

    Dick's Last Resort is on there. Kinda funny, since they feature intentionally-rude service. They need to step up their game if they're going to compete with AT&T and Comcast :D
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    3D Printer For Only $300

    Style over substance there. The Z-stage is probably going to wobble and vibrate with those vertical rods unsupported at the top.
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    How Google Screwed Up Glass

    Google Glass seems to have the hybrid/electric syndrome: If car manufacturers could make a hybrid or electric car that a) looked good and b) didn't have the words hybrid/electric/or zero emissions plastered on the side like a billboard, they might get more sales. Glass could be successful if the...
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    3D Printing: Revolution or Hype?

    That's part of the problem. A lot of people don't have a use for it, other than printing out goofy toys. And, the technology is so far from being user friendly that there is a large learning curve. It took a couple years of upgrades, practice, and research to learn my machine's quirks, the...