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    Hard drive failing?

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    DVD-ROM not properly working!

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    Best way of backing up data?

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    Where did my USB thing go?

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    Tv Tuner card questions...

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    What should I get for my Ipod?

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    How to remove I/O panel?

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    Drive letters messed up...

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    How to turn of "clicking the user" in Windows XP?

    It says that when you change the way users log on or off, off makes it the old school way where totype everything in. If I just get TweakUI and do the "auto-login" that will basically get me into Windows without the Welcome screen hassle also right?
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    Best codec pack to get? The one I use is getting old.

    I came to [H] to ask this once a couple of years ago. The recommended pack was ffdshow and it worked great. I never encountered any audio or video media tha tI couldn't play correctly. Now, the pack has not been updated for years and I was wondering is there anyything you guys reccomend? Thanks.
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    How to turn of "clicking the user" in Windows XP?

    I do not want to have to click onthe user when I turn on the computer. Also when the computer comes back from the screensaver, I have to click the user again. Is there an option to get rid of this?
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    Any way to reinstall IE? I am having Temporary Internet files problems.

    Here are some more details I could get. It tells me to choose a vaule between 1 and 0 for the disc size when I try to choose any number. I can't mov ethe foler because it says tehre won't be anough spac einteh new location for the currently downloaded content. It says that when I choose a drive...
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    Any way to reinstall IE? I am having Temporary Internet files problems.

    The temporary interenet files will not save anymore. It won't allow me to set a value of how much disc space to use or mov eht folder. I don't think there even is a location because the current location is blank. I was on Myspace with a couple Windows open and all of them closed. When I view...
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    whats up with windows update

    Pizzowned :p
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    whats up with windows update

    Didn't read the whole thread :p . My bad. BTW, Any reason why we should only use the custom option?
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    whats up with windows update

    You can just disable the WGA add-on and continue using Windows Update. It does say a "add-on is disable, click here to turn it on" or something along those lines but you can still get the updates.
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    Very stiff audio port on Abit IS7-V2

    I am using onboard audio on this ccomputer I just built. The audio port is very hard to get a speaker or headphone in. It will go in like halfway and then have a friction point. I could force it is and everything works. It takes a lot of force to get it in and out. Anyone with a similar experience?
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    Best gaming keyboard?

    I find my Logitech pretty quiet. Although I haven't seen or heard a keyboard that I thought was "loud".
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    Whats the best online music store?

    I think iTunes is awesome. They are worth a shot.
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    Post Pics Of The Mouse Pad You Game On

    Same set-up as me except I have an MX518 instead of the MX510. And the owning comes in Counter Strike :D You are in Deadzone? Very good team :cool:
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    will a zalman 7000 fit?

    I have that same heatsink and I think it is fairly large. From the picture of the motherboard, I don't think it will fit. If anything, you can cut a few fins off to make it fit. Losing a few fins won't hurt performance.
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    Mimicking mx518 paintjob

    I always thought it was just some layer or sticker they put on. i agree that it is a cool paintjob. Maybe some guys in the autobody/painting business will know how to get this type of finish.
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    That was it. I had a pretty much new Antec Smart 350W in the computer. That was giving the problem. I took the Antec Truepower 430W from my personal system and then it powered up. I gotta run and get a new PSU now. :(
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    I took the motherboard out of the computer. It still did the same thing. Could it be a bad powersupply?
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    The little studs that the motherboard stands on?
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    I have done that. What should I do? Take it all out of the case? I have everything screwed oneand hooked up in the case. Can I just take out the motherboard itself? It is an Abit IS7-V2 with a 2.8C Pentium 4.
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    Computer turns on for only one second! HELP!

    I just built a computer and when I went to power it up, the power will turn the computer on for like one second and then it shuts down. I could tell it turns on because of the fans. It won't turn on again afterwards unless I turn off the power supply and then turn the power supply back on. Then...
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    Is there a USB device that provide PS/2 ports?

    One of the many on eBay. A search for "USB to PS/2" gives you tons of results. I don't know if you wanna buy off of eBay but it justs gives you an idea that it exists. :p
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    How to get that diamond "shine" in Photoshop?

    Wow. Thanks for the quick reply. Thanks! I love the URL :p