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    Google Wants to Rank Websites Based on Facts Not Links

    Maybe google should also rank sites based on if the mods delete posts from the forum for no reason...
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    Cable Speeds Up TV Shows To Show More Ads

    When you'll be able to pick and choose your channels, each channel is gonna cost $5. So in the end you'll be paying the same but getting less... less is more.
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    Snapchat Seeking Up To $19B Value In Funding Round

    To think that a company that is worth 19 billion would all of a sudden disappear the next day... no one would really care. How can you put such a high value on something so useless?
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    Unlocking Your Phone Is Legal Again

    Since when was it illegal in the first place? Were cops stopping and frisking people for unlocked phones?
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    No More Man-Eating Snakes, Fake Sharks on the Discovery Channel

    Now if only tlc would do the same, not much learning going on there.
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    Hackers Release Tool to Exploit iCloud Accounts

    #thefappening2 coming soon
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    Credit Card Breach at Chic-Fil-A

    Its God's fault!
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    Apple Sued For iOS 8's Use Of Storage

    Why not just state actual storage available? Do you see car manufacturers saying a car has 500hp with small fine print saying "on race fuel"? Or runs 10's... with slicks? I remember the first galaxy s phone and perhaps the gs2 had 16gb of storage + 2gb for the os. So you had all 16gb(14.7...
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    Apple Is Killing Off The Tablet Market

    Apple's tablet sales have been shrinking for a while now, its not because of the new iphones.
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    Crazy Phone Case Concept Is Puzzling

    This is the trendy new way of introducing products.
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    Kodak is Coming Out with an Android Smartphone at CES

    You mean like the camera/gallery and share feature in every android phone? So you send a picture to an app that sends it to some printing service and mails you out a photo? I hope kodak isn't betting its future on some app that sends a picture somewhere, lets at least hope it has a decent camera.
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    MythBusters Returns with New Vibe, Casting Changes

    The average tvtuber prefers explosions over science.
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    Judge Concerned Google Antitrust Lawsuit Too Vague

    Europe is guilty of stupidity, its like suing ford because they use ford branded brake pads rather than giving you a choice of napa ones.
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    Judge Concerned Google Antitrust Lawsuit Too Vague

    Kind of like microsoft making bing the default search engine on windows phones? Every default app on android can be changed, even the launcher unlike on ios/windows phones.
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    Amazon Sellers Threatening Customers With Collections Over Pricing Error

    Owner of PremiumBrands4Less: Good news everybody, we got 100k worth of orders out of the blue for some reason, im not even going to double check them so lets ship them all out!
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    European Parliament Votes in Favor of Breaking Up Google

    This is gonna affect microsoft and yahoo too not just google.
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    Qualcomm Inside: Mobile Dominance No Matter the Manufacturer

    Im sorry i'll shut up, go play your angry birds kiddo.
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    Qualcomm Inside: Mobile Dominance No Matter the Manufacturer

    Lol gaming phone, what are you 10?
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    Amazon Introduces Amazon Echo

    200 dollars for google voice search in a box? Bravo amazon...
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    Court Says Fingerprint-Locked Smartphones Are Fair Game

    "Sorry judge, i accidentally lit my finger on fire."
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    Portable Cardboard Standing Desk

    Cheaper alternative...
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    IND Doubles Down on Customer Service with Double® Robot

    Walk? Fat people can't walk, its a safety issue...
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    Woman Removed From Flight For Tweeting About Delays?

    Idiots using real names...
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    Shadow of Mordor Graphics Compared: Xbox One, PS4 and PC

    Again the pc looks washed out...
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    Latest Fad: Bending iPhones At The Apple Store

    Every new iphone is gonna get a bend test now, can't wait for the new ipad bend test...
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    The Oculus Rift Beta Could Go Public by April

    Smells like vaporware...
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    Mortal Kombat X Release Date Confirmed

    Who pre-orders games 8 months in advance? This basically gives them 8 months to collect interest on your money.
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    Porn Sites Join The Internet Slowdown Campaign

    Competition isn't healthy... for shareholders.
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    Porn Sites Join The Internet Slowdown Campaign

    You mess with porn, you mess with 150% of the internet!
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    iPhone 6 Launch Could Be Delayed Due to Supply Chain Woes

    Every iphone launch seems to have these delays and parts shortages yet when it comes out it ships more than before.
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    Must Have App of the Day

    If they can use google they can remove this app.
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    Xbox Head: Not Every Game Should Be 1080P

    That's too complicated for a console gamer to understand, if the head of xbox says 900p is better than 1080p than it must be true.
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    Xbox Head: Not Every Game Should Be 1080P

    At this rate it wont be until 2030 that a new xbox will be running 4k on every game.
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    Tegra K1 “Denver” Will Be First 64-bit ARM Processor for Android

    Since it doesn't have a built in lte modem it simply won't sell, tablets sure, but not for phones so its a dud right out of the gates. The tegra 4 was supposed to have an lte modem, but only the tegra 4i a9 has it, who wants a 3 year old soc anyways?