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    ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I am not sure if this has been mentioned but BIOS 1002 for the M7H has been posted. Maximus VII Hero BIOS 1002
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    ASUS Z97 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    I just upgraded from the EVGA X58 SLI with the i7 950 to the Maximus VII Hero with the 4790k and it has been rocking so far. I will be torture testing it over a 24 hour period but in games it's been running fine. The DIMMs are Corsar 1866 Vengeance C9.
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    March 2013 = Killin' it.

    SimCity & Metro.
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    Server 2012 Essentials on Asus P8C

    Found the issue: After trying a different PSU the computer would boot successfully. I re-seated all the MB power connectors & the machine is booting fine now with the original PSU.
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    Crysis 3 alpha invites...?

    Installing it through Origin right now
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    8 a good operating system for HTPCs?

    I really like the Metro UI and my flat-screen LCD. I think W8 and HTPCs are a great fit, even more so with XBMC.
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    Server 2012 Essentials on Asus P8C

    Has anyone else gotten this combo to work? Whenever I try to install WSE2012 through UEFI/BIOS it fails. The computer reboots before I even get into the setup GUI. So far, I have only been able to boot into DOS. I've removed all PCIE cards, unplugged hard drives, and updated the BIOS to...
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    X-COM Enemy Unknown

    Has anyone else noticed that the elevation bonus seems to be bugged? When I go into the more info screen the bonus is actually counting against me. Am I reading it right?
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    This weekend's gaming goodness?

    My playlist: Borderlands 2 Darksiders 2 Alan Wake Eagerly awaiting XCOM & Dishonored.
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC gameplay demo and Multiplayer footage

    A mod for the demo is out. The mod allows you to modify difficulty, weapons, enemies, and armor. A big plus is that it lets you skip the tutorial mission. I really believe that the mod will give you a fair idea of what the full game will be like...
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Nice! The Borderlands 2 tweak guide is up at Geforce(dot)com
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    Anyone else having problems with Borderlands 2?

    Installing the latest PhysX drivers fixed my issue with framerate dropping into the teens. Also, I set power management mode in the Borderlands 2 profile to maximum performance.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I had a game going with 4 buddies, all of us chatting on TeamSpeak. This was the game at it's best, a highlight in my gaming experiences.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Omg, I finally have a smooth running game. My fix was to install the latest PhysX drivers. Make sure download these! After I did, my game ran like a champ!
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Yea, that's just an example.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I found that setting "Power Management Mode" in the Borderlands 2 profile page to "Prefer Maximum Performance" helped a ton but the clocks on my 680s stayed at 700mhz instead of the normal 1158. GPU utilization still stayed low, but gameplay was smoother. I don't want to disable or lower PhysX...
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I think something is screwy with Physx, Im going to try it tonight on low.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    IIRC, Evga's tool showed the clocks on the GPU set to full speed but utilization only rose to 60% at the highest.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I will try this. The frame rate drop into the teens is bothersome. There is no reason that frame rate should be that low on my rig
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Is anyone else seeing low GPU utilization? I have everything to set to their highest, with Physx on High, but my GPUs rarely go over 60%. In complex Physx scenes, my FPS will drop to 18FPS but the GPUs are still not hitting 100%.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Amazon's product page says that you can pre-load it. Anyone have success with that? I cannot find it anywhere.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    I'm jonesing already.....
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    Haswell: Don't expect significant performance gains

    "01:56PM - 4x the peak FP throughput of Nehalem" - Four times the FP performance of Nehalem? I'll take it! Keep in mind I am running an i7-950.
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    The Official Borderlands 2 Thread

    Borderlands 2 Skill Tree
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    Do I need an Amp?

    Computer Audio forum a better fit for this?
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    PC Gaming Misconceptions?

    User mods are a big WIN for PC gaming.
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    Steam's Big Picture goes beta today...

    I am looking forward to this. My laptop is already connected up to the TV
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    PC Gaming Misconceptions?

    Not quite true. All you need to do is hook up your PC to the TV. The Microsoft Wireless receiver for Xbox controllers will let you use up to 4 controllers on the PC. However, and this is big a big "however", PC games tend to eschew split-screen gaming whereas on consoles the feature is included...
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    I am surprised these have not shown up sooner. For those living under a rock, these are from Nvidia's Tech Demo, A New Dawn. Download it at
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    "Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

    I just installed 8 over the weekend. In my mind, the Metro interface is just a flashier start menu. I still use the Windows key and start typing for the application I need. I added the "Computer" and Control Panel tiles to the main screen just like on the W7 start menu. This is nearly the exact...
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Darksiders II FYI, these SS were made with the recommended tweaks for the game in the Nvidia Control Panel
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    Can you remember your cheat codes?

    IDDQD IDKFA IMPULSE 7 I will let you guess the game's name
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    Darksiders 2!

    30% discount code available here:
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    Sleeping Dogs

    30% off code available here:
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    Pre-order through GMG and get 20% off with the code available at this link:
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    What's your choice of gaming goodness this weekend?

    lol, I am in the same boat. I have over 100 hours into BF3 and I need to give it a break.
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    What's your choice of gaming goodness this weekend?

    Mine is Darksiders II, Max Payne 3, and some Mechwarrior Online mixed in.
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    Spec Ops: The Line - Opinions/Thoughts?

    Agreed with most of the input here. The gameplay is standard, but if you let yourself be taken in by the story you will most definitely leave impressed.