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    Google Lets Anyone Email You Without An E-mail Address

    I just don't see how this makes G+ any more or less mandatory. I have no one in my circles so I should be able to leave this option enabled and have it never effect me.
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    Google Lets Anyone Email You Without An E-mail Address

    You can easily turn it off. I hate G+ but I am kinda failing to really see a reason to be outraged.
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    Keyboard And Mouse Support For New Consoles

    You are free to do it, but I don't really consider it the same thing. Hooking a controller up to a PC, it works as different type of device and can use whatever drivers work. Hooking a keyboard+mouse to a console, you still need to hack or otherwise fool the console into still thinking it's a...
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    Inside the Box: Field of View

    A low FOV doesn't actually make the hitboxes larger but it does give a zoomed in perspective - when targeting an enemy far away they could take up a larger portion of your screen. Decrease your fov and adjust your mouse sensitivity and you've just replicated how a scope works in many games.
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    Inside the Box: Field of View

    I know in Counter-Strike Global Offensive the only setting to change the FOV is locked with sv_cheats (cheats have to be enabled for it to be changed.) By default it changes with the aspect ratio - something like 94 for 4:3, 100 for 16:10, and 106 for 16:9. I figure a lower FOV can make...
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    Intel’s TV Set Top Box Includes A Built-In Camera

    I can already imagine some truly ridiculous setups
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    The Xbox One Won’t Play 360 Games – Even Digitally

    Could it not be $60 for some games and $10 for others? I wouldn't assume that the fee would be the same for every game or that it has to remain the same over time.
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    Firefox to Play Console-Quality 3D Games

    Bring Firefox OS into the picture and I think their motivation and point is actually almost clear.
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    Hilarious 'Star Trek: The Video Game' Trailer

    Star Trek Elite Force 1 and 2. The first was done by Raven Software and the second by Ritual Entertainment - both were Quake 3 engine. The singleplayer was cliche but passable and the multiplayer was basically a quake 3 mod. The new game is by Digital Extremes (co-developed Unreal, UT...
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    Sony Wants To Ship 16 Million PS4 In 2013

    The required PS3 firmware actually varies from game to game. The only good table I can find is in the context of "backups." Sometimes you have the choice to update from the disc or quit, without any way to continue.
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    EA Building Microtransactions Into All Its Games

    Dark ages of the console video game industry. They can offer these micro-transactions on the PC but I can't imagine them being real moneymakers. If it's over-priced gouging, we can always get it for free - if it's too hard or monotonous, we can cheat. Why pay $3 to gain some levels when you...
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    Better Hurry! Nexus 4 is Free from T-Mobile

    Why do companies call it unlimited internet when it becomes dial-up after you've blown through your allotment? Because semantically, they can get away with it.
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    Sued For Making A Counter Strike Map

    :rolleyes: These people still really do not understand the idea of user-created content.
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    Bungie: 'Nobody Plays Shooters With A Mouse And Keyboard'

    That's essentially just joystick + mouse - not a common combo but not new. Not the greatest study ever done but here's one comparing a mouse, xbox360 controller, and wiimote. Bottom line is that mice are both fast and accurate, game controllers...
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    Gates: Bing Is A Better Product Than Google

    I just use duckduckgo - it's a sorta meta search engine. You just add the code for wherever you want to search into your query. Sorta like old keyword functionality in your browser except already populated with a couple thousand search engines. So I'm constantly switching between bing and...