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    C programming with files and directories
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    OnePlus 5’s Display Is Inverted, Causes “Jelly Scrolling”

    Did you just make this up? this is bullshit.
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    Good Automated Testing Software(Sikuli, AutoHotkey/AutoIt, etc)??

    I think you left out all information that would be helpful in answering your question. Are you unit testing? Are you integration testing? Are you testing user interfaces? Is this for a website? an application? What language is the application written in?
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    Hackers Leak 32 Terabytes of Secret Windows 10 Code

    This has to be exaggerated, I don't believe that all of Windows source code is anywhere near 32 TB. This article claims their newer git DBs are 300 GB. That's two...
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    VB6 to .NET extremely slow

    Without seeing the code, it is impossible to have any meaningful insight. Suggestions of threading APIs and such are not going to be useful. You can write perfectly good multi-threaded code in standard .NET even without using a lot of fancy .NET features. It is likely a symptom of poorly written...
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    Best forum for C++ beginner?

    As long as you search for your problem first and post what you've tried to do, stackoverflow is a great resource. If you post duplicates or "I need code that does ___" questions, they will probably get closed.
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    Teen Catches Math Error At Boston Museum

    Oops bad copy pasta.. fixed sign in reciprocal and step after
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    Teen Catches Math Error At Boston Museum

    To clarify.. both were correct depending on your definition of the golden ratio. Short to long side, or long to short side. It's as if you are arguing if the ratio is 2:1 or 1:2. Except that with the golden ratio the reciprocal looks very similar but with different sign making it appear as a...
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    Setups/systems for programmers

    Don't cheap out and buy $400 machines, your developers will definitely notice and talk shit about it. 6-8 developers cost quite a bit of money, buying good machines for them is not a lot money and will make your devs happy. Desktop or laptop development depends on the culture of the company. My...
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    Nanodegree from Udacity

    Nope, never heard of it. I doubt anyone here has taken courses there. On the other hand, I have heard of MIT before.. and they have free courses:
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    good git prompt for OSX?

    Mike, I use a combination of: ohmyzsh! (customized shell prompt, gives git branch, working directory on the right side) scm_breeze (git shortcuts.. 'ga' for git add 'gl' for git log etc.) a better git log (much better looking git log in the shell) in linux at work. I haven't tried it on OS X...
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    I need a program that will automate web activity

    I don't know how to use Selenium.. but I know it can do what you want. It may require some programming though.
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    Introducing Amazon Dash Button

    Not a joke got an e-mail about the release few days ago.
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    Learning threading

    Keep it simple, there seems to be a lot of confusion and over complication about threading in this thread. Here's what I might suggest. Come up with an algorithm and implement it using a single thread, such as a divide and conquer algorithm. (merge-sort, matrix multiplication, etc.). Time...
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    Learning threading

    Wiseguy, no offense, but your information about locks is completely incorrect. I'm only calling you out on it because I wouldn't want the OP to be confused. Locks or mutexes do not, in any way, turn off multi-threading and force code to run in one thread. In fact, the opposite is usually the...
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    Which qualities and skills should have a programmer?

    Persistence is a great quality to have as a programmer.
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    What is proper way to deal with a function that has multiple return paths?

    I once saw code where a developer used do... while (false) loops haha.. I wouldn't suggest this: do { int error = doSomething(); if(error) break; error = doSomethingElse(); if(error) break; // do some work } while(false) // Clean up I think at this...
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    From Full-Time to Contract Developer?

    Why do you want a contract job? If you want more diversity of experience why not get another full-time position somewhere where you can diversify your experience? You know, one that is non-temporary and includes benefits?
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    Decommissioning a phpBB forum

    You didn't really state what problem you were having getting rid of the forum.
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    Job market getting worse?

    Software engineering is probably the hottest job market around. If you haven't found many jobs being advertised I don't know what to say.. where are you maybe? If you aren't getting much interest in your resume, then that's different but it sounded like you were not finding jobs you were...
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    Portland Sues Uber For Operating Illegal, Unregulated Service

    I'm for free market, but there are times when regulation makes sense. To be fair, there are times when the average person IS too stupid. If it is cheaper not to be safe and the average person doesn't care, all companies must disregard safety to keep competitive prices. In England...
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    How to write PNG pixels

    hey I'm going to admit that I didn't really read this whole thread but.. typically you write an image out and then later save it using the proper encorder to PNG format. You don't "write png pixels". You write pixels in standard RGB/bitmap format and then the encoder saves it compressed etc.
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    Amazon Starts Shipping the Fire TV Stick

    Roku is better compared to a Amazon Fire TV isn't it? This is more comparable to a chrome cast I mean if it compares to your Roku then it's pretty awesome for $19
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    Feeling lost in what to do and where to go.

    As far as hardware design and FPGAs... I worked for a small company that would have been interested in someone like you. They worked with software defined radio (making spectrum analyzer and similar products). So... I think there exists the possibility to find someone looking for that.
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    C# and making a Windows Forms Application is easy enough for a beginner. Python is a probably good choice as well. Why would you want to be "Lost In Stupid Parenthesis" ? ;-)
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    This doesn't quite answer his question. No, not everything is free, completely. Visual Studio has "Express" versions which may not have some super fancy features for software development teams. Also, the license agreement states you should only use it for non-commercial programs or commercial...
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    A better question would be: What language requires money to develop with it?
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    There's a free version of Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows (not web)
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    My suggestion is C#. Visual studio is a great IDE and you can make GUI's easily, it should run on any windows box (because they all come with .NET now). It's a great language, with a great framework, and it really has a ton of language features that will expose you to most programming concepts...
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    What is a current easy programming language?

    They are mostly talking about whether or not the code is compiled completely into machine instructions x86, x64, etc. Or, whether the code is run through an interpreter. Python uses an interpreter. To run the program, you have to download and install the python interpreter.
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    Use A Cat To Hack Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

    So it is a cat that just logs GPS coordinates of Wifi access points. They then just look for ones that are unsecured or use WEP or some bad encryption... Was anyone under the impression that it would be hard to find an unsecured or poorly router in a well populated area?
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    Got a job working at a big, well known company.

    I've heard this depends a lot on which team you work for... but yeah it is a concern of mine. I will just have to see how it goes. I start on Sept. 22. I have been doing a ton of work getting ready to move. Eulogy do you work there?
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    Got a job working at a big, well known company.

    Yep, that's all it was except there was one design question regarding component diagrams and such.
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    Got a job working at a big, well known company.

    LOL.. SLUT what's that? South lake union train?
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    Gah.. I sort of feel dirty

    To me it looks like you should refactor that into separate methods. Disconnect() etc.. in fact your psuedo-code / comments is basically sorta how you need create your methods. Too lazy? I mean I'm VERY lazy.. but all you do is highlight the code, right click -> refactor extract method.. Type in...
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    Got a job working at a big, well known company.

    Do the busses take much longer than driving?
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    Gah.. I sort of feel dirty

    Do they throw different types of exceptions by chance? If so you can just have multiple catch blocks one for each type. You may be able to combine 2-3 this way. You can also refactor your code and make it call a function which has the try/catch in it to reduce nesting. But it isn't necessarily...
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    Got a job working at a big, well known company.

    Thanks for the info... The commute is going to be foreign to me. We don't even have public transportation here! I was looking at the Mountlake, Edmonds, Everett, Lynnwood areas. It appears I don't want to be East of Lake Washington or else have to go across toll bridges or congested bridges...
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    Schools Giving Laptops To Students Is A Terrible Idea

    i wouldn't take it too far, I was told by a korean girl who had an even worse schedule that she though americans were more creative because all they do is go to school and come home do hw and sleep.
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    Schools Giving Laptops To Students Is A Terrible Idea

    They don't need ipads or tablets. Tablets are more of a information consuming device, not creation. In business someday those students will need to learn to create reports, documents, spreadsheets, or whatever. Those are tasks that involve creating things. A computer lab with desktop computers...