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    Macbooks come with DRM?

    This article was such a sensational piece. No actual content just a fancy title for some traffic.
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    review my forum

    Some sort of focus perhaps? You have so many freaking topics that there is no way for your userbase to grow. Everyone is going to be so spread out that no one is going to form any real ties to your community. Communities should grow. So start small with just a couple core topics. Make...
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    Small validation problem (vs. I'm learning xhtml/javascript/css)

    Please do not use capital letters in your html tags IE <IMG SRC="" HEIGHT="" WIDTH="" ALT="" /> as with XHTML these should all be lowercase. Generally accepted way of doing ids and class names is using camel case. thisIsACamelCaseString
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    Biggest .NET open source project?

    Number of servers/computers/processors/etc.. required to run the code? ;)
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    mysql on mac

    you could run a dictionary attack or something against your own server.
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    Hot/Warm Vizio 47" LCD 1080P $1649

    I also have the 37" 1080p vizio ... I love it to death. Works great with my wii at 480p (hd component) and my digital cable (hdmi not idea on the rez, I assume 1080p). If I get an HD dvd player that can do 1080p I'll know for sure, but that wont be for a while now.
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    Is this site secure? SSL claimed...

    Yeah it doesn't sound too secure. I don't enter any super sensitive information such as my CC number w/o having a valid certificate from a CA i trust.
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    Is this site secure? SSL claimed...

    i'd throw https in front of the url before I entered any credit card numbers. See if it loads the same page.
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    Want to learn a new scripting language...

    you obviously haven't ever tried it have you? Support for forms is next to zilch. Sure some apps can run on either. But not consistently.
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    Want to learn a new scripting language...

    I never asked you to stop. Get off your horse. Secondly c# apps don't run on linux or osx, or any other operating system except windows. So everyone would have to include other operating systems. While I admit that java doesn't alawys run everywhere, it does an ok job.
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    AJAX compatibility with older browsers?

    I did read your post and I gave you feedback on your problem and potential solution. I'm apologize to you if you didn't like the feedback I gave. I'm sure as you progress you will realize what I said holds water and I wasn't as off base as you think I am.
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    Want to learn a new scripting language...

    While this last post was uncalled for and the previous one while relevant came across a bit harsh. It still made me laugh to think people post in here just for their post count. Didn't realize this was genmay. Anyway, back to the OP's question. Learning a language really is about problem...
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    Feedback on our site for Business Professionals of America

    The flash intro almost killed me. I strongly dislike menus with sound. In fact I dislike all sounds that play w/o me telling them to do so. As mentioned above there are a lot of issues with the html. NOTE: Since you are missing your doctype the following errors are only a small set of what...
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    AJAX compatibility with older browsers?

    While I don't know exactly what problem you are trying to solve. I am gathering that you do not understand enough about javascript to safely implement such a feature. That being said, from my point of view, with as little as i know about your current problem, I would not be using ajax to...
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    Integrating mile radius into location search

    Or you can do some math :) Since the census data gives you lat and long of each zipcode you can approximate the distance between those two zip codes. R = 3956 miles dlon = lon2 - lon1 dlat = lat2 - lat1 a = (sin(dlat/2))^2 + cos(lat1) * cos(lat2) * (sin(dlon/2))^2 c = 2 * atan2(sqrt(a)...
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    New [H] Site

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    Grand scheme of things... how hard is learning BASIC?

    you are actually at a great advantage going into the class with no prior experience because you'll be less likely to pretend you are smarter than your professor and more willing to actually learn from what he or she is teaching you. I spent two years as a TA while in college and it was a...
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    venting about bad web apps

    Because there are more bad UI designers than good ones.
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    How much is C++ used in web development?

    You've already said you don't like OO so we know you don't follow MVC or any other popular design pattern. So what happens when you want to upgrade that code base? How do you grow with your client? How do you change presentation tiers? How do you change data tiers? Do you force them to...
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    How much is C++ used in web development?

    If you are a web designer or webmaster sure. But I think we are talking about the programming/engineering side of things.
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    How much is C++ used in web development?

    My apologies for that misunderstanding. What I meant by that was it sounds like you are passionate enough about the topic that work will never feel like work. Work will be fun.
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    How much is C++ used in web development?

    A lot of people "know" mysql and php. Very few people (in comparison) know php and mysql. As I have recently found out while interviewing new hires, it is very apparent that most of those who are self taught write more spaghetti code and those who have had some sort of training write less...
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    Alternatives to Creative?

    Are there any? I'm sick of a crappy product with even worse drivers. I mostly listen to music.... occasionally I'll play a game or two. but 90% of my time is spent listening to CDs or internet radio.
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    HOT: AquaMedic Nano Wave 9 $109.99

    Not to mention that it is for salt water.
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    MacBook Core Duo2 - Will it run WoW

    Yeah I read the title wrong. I'm sorry about that.
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    MacBook Core Duo2 - Will it run WoW

    Machine Name: Mac Machine Model: MacBookPro2,2 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB Memory: 1 GB Bus Speed: 667 MHz Chipset Model: ATY,RadeonX1600 Type...
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    Stupid Dot

    this line is your dot. <img border="0" src="grahpics/paypal.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="" /> this is the image you actually see (IE the paypal button) <input type="image" src="graphics/paypal.gif" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!" />
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    college concerns

    Well not for a Tier 1 school like Cal Tech, MIT, etc.. But for Middle ground schools like RPI, RIT, and Clarkson the method I outlined does work. I should clarify. By slacker I mean High C student. Obviously if you gave up all together in high school, perhaps education isn't quite your thing.
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    college concerns

    Well the thing is this. Lets say your high school didn't challenge you so you were an under achiever and slacked off. You suddenly can't get into the college you want to get into because you were a slacker. You get into that school on a less demanding degree, take core courses, pull As and...
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    college concerns

    I believe he is trying to figure out which degree is easier to get accepted under, and then transfer to the harder one after he has been accepted. (Very common practice for getting into a reach school)
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    WTB Mac Mini (Intel 1.8 core duo)

    I just need the mac mini ram/hd doesn't really matter as I'll replace them anyway. Lowest price wins. (You could sell me one w/o ram/hd long as you promise it will boot/run fine). I plan on using the mini as a web server and coloing it. So it MUST work.
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    Community feedback request -- Custom PC site

    good start to a website. The colors are very hard on the eyes, especially since I just woke up. I agree with the copy issues, and the lack of proofreading. I would also like to point out that the text is overall very small and not easy to read. The majority of the time I was squinting at...
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    My father demands we stop folding.

    I don't know how old you are but one thing you might consider doing is taking some certification classes. This will at the very least get you a help desk job. From there you can just start to climb the ladder as your skills increase. Again, not knowing how old you are, I might suggest college...
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    mac mini Core 2 Duo?

    With all the macbooks getting a small step up has anyone heard if apple plans on giving the mac mini a core 2 duo as well?
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    Who has the fastest net connection?

    My Comcast 8mb cable. ALSO this is on my wireless from the livingroom on my new macbook pro core 2. So this test might have slightly better results from a wired connection that isn't on my "public" network.
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    virtual dedicated server running PHP and ASP?

    to be quite honest php (ISAPI) on windows is just horrible and NOT good enough for production as it will crash your application pools from time to time. (The reason why most virtual and shared hosts make a new pool for each site.) The CGI (php.exe) extension does not crash your application...
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    Core Duo vs Pentium D

    I'm going to colo a box just to handle email and light web hosting. Now I can build a really cheap rack server with a pentium D or i could buy a used mac mini for about the same price. I'm really not sure which is better? or if it really matters. any input would be great. Thanks!
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    Want to develop for the mac is more of a framework for the GUI stuff and other functionality that interacts with OSX. I'm not an apple dev but I believe these are the languages you can use with cocoa are: Objective-C Objective-C++ Carbon C Java (via bindings) Now as far as...
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    help with javascript code.

    Ok this screams homework assignment. I'll tell you that a lot of the reason your current code doesn't work is because you have lots of finger trouble. You are missing a closing bracket at the end of your computer function. When you define your onclick function it has an opening single quote...
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    What Programs Do you use to Edit your Web Site?

    Windows Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Active State Komodo Linux/OSX/Unix Active State Komodo VI